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Suggestions on an upgrade...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Popollo, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. I've been riding a Kawa GPX250 on my P's for a bit now but have started to think about what I might get next. Any suggestions based on the following criteria? When the time comes I expect I will be testing riding quite a few but want to get a list going. Who knows...I might end up just getting a newer 250 or 300 but who knows. A 250 is sufficient but can't help but fee like I want something a bit more refined that doesn't been to go up 5 gears to get to 80...

    - 14k price max
    - I don't expect the 400km's before hitting reserve tank like my current bike but something reasonable would be nice
    - 90% used for commuting 50k's a day. Slow roads in the morning, highway home
    - No track days
    - Occasional ride out in the twisties or on a group ride
    - Able to easily take a rack bag / box and handle a tail seat bag
    - Upright seating position or at the very least not the extreme leaned forward position of some sports bikes
    - Something that I will be happy to keep for quite a few years as I have no plans to upgrade soon

    I'm thinking something in the 650-800 range. So far have been thinking of Kawasaki W800, Triumph Bonneville, Kawasaki Ninja 650, Triumph Street Triple. Just looking for a few ideas of what others have ridden and might match my criteria.
  2. Aprilla Shiver 750
    MV Augusta B3 just over your range at $14,990 ride away

    Are the 2 I would put on the list seeing you have the STriple on there.

    For a lot less why not also look at the ER6 while you are looking at the Ninja.

    Also have seen somewhere that there is a new Kawasaki 800 coming- cannot remember where sorry - Google would be your friend.
  3. I rode a Suzuki gsx750F for years.
    Plenty of power, I even took it to the island and did a track day and did some overtaking (in the beginners group)
    Comfortable, I used to ride from Newcastle to Canberra in one go and then get off and go out dancing.
    Reliable, they regularly go over 100 000km and keep on ticking.
    I probably see more with a rack than without.
    I think they have been discontinued but you should be able to get a good second hand one for 6000 or so.
    I can't recommend the 750F highly enough.
  4. Ninja 650 or ER6 would be a logical step up. It's also a P-2 with the same flat-plane firing sequence as the GPX - so it should feel familiar but at the same time give you the power/torque the 250 is lacking.

    Suzuki GSX650F would also be worth a look.
  5. Had never heard of MV Augusta until you just mentioned it. Originally I also wanted a bike that could take a pillion (wife) comfortably now and then but that is looking less and less like something important as we have 1st kid on the way.

    For what I am using it for...how important would you say fairings and windshields are? Honestly...I've ridden nothing but my GPX. I'm not sure how comprehensive test rides are at dealerships. Are you able to get the bikes on the highway and twisty roads?
  6. I have a '12 Street Triple R. It has the flyscreen thing on it from Triumph. At 100km/h+ it has no use, you are still getting flogged by the wind. It depends on how much highway riding you're planning on doing to justify a full-faired bike or not.

    But once you test ride a Street Triple/Daytona with arrows if possible, chances are you will be sold. The sound is intoxicating.
  7. I've also got a similar criteria.

    Bikes I'm looking at include
    Sprint GT
    Ducati ST3
    BMW F800st
    Ninja 1000
    Ninja 650r
    VFR 800
  8. Get the Ape...........

    But hey - I'm biased :demon:
  9. V star
    Although that may be too bigger jump
  10. Could get a V-Strom 650 (adventure tourer). It's a pretty big bike though. I suggest it because it has windshields for highway, seems decent to pillion, is very upright style, and has loads of room for top box and panniers. Also a decent range tank.

    I guess it is a reach from what you were looking at, but not so far as a v-star... (wtf cruiser?)
  11. Yeah not keen on a cruiser but I will probably test drive one just to see what it is like. The Bonneville / W800 was my way of looking at something not sports or cruiser.
  12. I actually have the F800S but highly recommend the Kwaka Ninja Z1000 and it will tick most of your boxes. Worth a ride to assess commuterability though
  13. I have very recently acquired a Honda hornet 900 after stepping up from a VTR250. apparently hornet 600/900s are quite comfortable for passengers. That was the deciding factor for me over the sv1000
  14. I had a Hornet once as a loaner while one of my bikes was being serviced.
    It was the most boring bland bike I have ever ridden.
    I couldnt reccomend it to anyone but the beigest of the beige.
  15. The Street Triple is a good bike. See if you can get a test ride. It can be ridden gently. ER6 is cheaper and a nice bike but not in the same class.
  16. by boring do mean smooth torque delivery in the low end, reliable engine, comfy ergos , and great handling around town?
    cool story bro=D>

    coming from a vtr250 I wouldn't know any better anyway :p

    back on topic
    @OP: also take a look at bandit 1250, vstrom, Honda cbr1100xx, zzr1100, gsx1400 etc if pillion comfort and tourig capability are priorities
  17. I have the BMW F800ST which does everything you say you want and has clean maintenance free belt drive.
    The only problems I've had were a dead battery at 2 years and a blown headlight globe.
    If you go for a test ride, try and find one with a few km on it as mine didn't start to give its best until 10 - 15,000 km.
  18. Looking at your criteria, a VFR would nicely fit the bill for you.

    He's a ducati fan (apparently he owns one too), you can't expect him to know anything about any of those traits that you have mentioned, now can you? :LOL:
  19. Hehehe,you might be right.
    Then again,nah at least your bike is an ok colour.
  20. You weren't kidding. I sat on one of these while I was over arguing at a dealership to get a noise in my motor looked at for a reasonable price. I really like the idea of this bike and it ticks all my boxes. I'm used to being able to flat foot both feet on the GPX but I was tip-toed on this one. I'm assuming this is something you get used to though and a showroom isn't exactly the best place to get a great idea of this. The shocks may not have been calibrated for me either. I'm about 5'8.5".