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Suggestions on a daily commuter.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Makaveli, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Well as the title suggests I'm looking at getting a daily ride to get to and from work. I'm not to keen on putting 300 clicks on my Daytona every week. I guess I'm after suggestions on what would make for a comfortable commuter? I would like something naked and upright, EFI is preferable as is a clutch so no scooter suggestions please! I'm thinking a vtr250?

  2. My 2013 street triple :/ Ninja 300 was ok for a for a while (as would be other lams bikes) but the lack of power gets tiring. Id lean toward something bigger like er6n or sv650.
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  4. I'm looking at a communter as well with a similar daily ride as you. I'm thinking a V-Strom 650 or Versys 650.

    -wind/ rain protection
    -luggage compatible
    -serve as a 'touring' bike for those longer trips where the triumph is 90% wrong for the highway time and 10% correct when we finally reach the twisty bits.
    -V-Strom maybe do a bit of simple dirt expoloring and to a lesser degree the versys as well.
  5. I had similar thoughts but I want something small to filter with. ABS would be nice for those rainy days.
  6. DRZ400SM
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  7. Probably not what you're after but the Suzuki Across is pretty good as a commuter, not so much on windy days on the freeway, but it does the job. I have been riding mine daily for 3 years now doing about 500km/week, 80% freeway. Some what upright seating with a big boot, makes it a comfortable ride and practical...add a Ventura rack like I have and you have a good transporter as well. It is easy to ride and flickable, but definitely not great through the twisties with woeful suspension. Fuel eco is about 5.5L/100km which isn't so bad for a fat 250cc with carburetors. It is surprisingly reliable, 118000km and still going with minimal service.

    Something to think about :).
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  8. Just wondering whether it is actually economical getting a 4k commuter? vs clocking up 300km per wk on the daytona?

    will the depreciation + rego/insurance on the 4k bike be about the same as the depreciation on the 675? Although those other bikes maybe more comfortable commuting & filtering then the 675.
  9. Hornet600
  10. DR650 or older KLR650 - put 17" rims and road rubber on, enjoy.
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  11. You will square supersport tyres off in a month.
  12. Yeah exactly what I'm worried about. I think a 4k vtr250 would be awesome. I'd just change oil/filters myself and run it into the ground until I leave this traffic mess that is Sydney. It's either that or drive my car every day. Soul crushing :(
  13. Definitely consider a super motard, they were built for commuting.
    Narrow, high up seat aids forward visibility, just the right amount of power and lovely long suspension to suck up the bumps on shitty roads.

    Also - cool as fcuk.
  14. I would probably avoid 250cc 4's for commuting... You want instant torque for when you are leap frogging traffic and 250cc 4's tend to 'wind up' before getting moving. Also 5.5L is quite high for that bike, my Hornet got well below that and so does my GS :\ Neither was/is ridden softly..

    As said above, get a DRZ400SM. Screw fcuking around converting some DR/KLR to a motard, they're not even that great to start with (comparatively to the DRZ) and you don't have the hassle of changing hubs/brakes/rubber etc. Just buy a factory 'tard.

    DRZ with clipons? (Has anyone done this?) Ultimate filtering tool...
  15. I haven't had any issues with the Across commuting daily...highway and city riding. You just have to know the ability of the bike and ride to within it's limits. 5.5L is a lot, however you have to remember, it weighs in at around 180kg wet which is close to some to some of the 600-1000cc bikes. The heaviest of the 250cc of it's time.

    I will agree, a V-twin or anything with low down torque will be much easier to ride and will probably be lighter to flick around during commuting.
  16. I'd consider an Sv650s if that fits the budget.
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  17. 5.5L is a lot you should get under 4 with most 250s. It is probably just running rich or the choke might be stuck on one of the cylinders. My cruiser had that and was using 8 instead of 6.5 now.
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  18. I had a 2012 Versys 650 ABS for a year, commuting from Concord to Sydney CBD daily. Extremely comfortable, powerful enough. Perhaps just a tad top heavy in slow moving congest traffic. Also at 850 mm the bars are a bit wider than a regular bike.

    I now ride a 2013 BMW R1200GS and despite it being 30Kg heavier and 12cm longer it is more nimble and easier to handle in low speed CBD traffic. 950mm bar width does not inspire confidence in tight filtering though, lol.

    I am also interested in a second bike for commuting and would probably look pretty close at a speed triple or Ninja 650.