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Suggestions of places to go see in lakes entrance

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mikey213, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. So im here for a week, and went exploring today, found a couple of fishing spots , lake tyres being one... I havent been here before.. And the informatiOn Place wasnt helpful, im on the bike obviously.. What are some good rides near here.. I saw on the map, the snowy river national PArk... I've heard about it.

    Anyway whos been here and can suggest some other good fishing spots And scenic, touristy rides.


    Im on my iPhone So its a bit dodgy to write more

    Edit: i just googled snowy river, and parks victoria say its quite dangerous due to the wet weather the other week... Can someone tell me what the roads are like?

  2. Go to Omeo for a coffee...
    I am serious! :D
  3. Whats so good about their coffee!?

    Edit: omeo is a bit out of the way to go for a coffee isn't it?
  4. ride to Cann River and turn left... trust me
  5. Head down to Cape Conran, good pubs at Orbost and Marlo along the way for lunch or dinner, and this time of year you should be able to get a cabin 100m from the water no problems, some great surf fishing there if you've got the gear.

  6. If you're on your bike, the coffe isn't the reason to go to Omeo.... :D

  7. I think he means the ride up there, and it's not that far actually.
  8. Thanks for the ideas guys, i didn't bring my surf rod, just one of my two piece penn rods and my light gear. Im off to lake tyres tomorrow for some fishing.

    I wouldn't of though a 12 foot surf rod would fit on my bike hm

    Any other ideas feel free to post... Im here for a week.
    I'm staying in a caravan park just off the main street... Cheap accomidation so yeh.
  9. Might be a big day but head to Nowa Nowa and have a look at the old trestle bridge just before you hit town. Turn left for Bruthen then up to Omeo, Mt Hotham, Bright, Falls Creek then back to Omeo and home.

    Not sure what the roads are like up east but another good ride is to head out of town on the Princes Highway to Cann River the take the Cann Valley highway down to either north or south of Merimbula.

    Another good ride is back through Bairnsdale then head up to Dargo and back.

    As far as fishing goes I'd reckon it would be pretty slow after all the rain and fresh water running through the system.
  10. yep, I reckon you would have more fun staying on the bike, I mean, what are you gunna do if you catch "the big one?!" unless you're hungry of course!

    I grew up in Lakes and rode moutain bikes all through all the areas suggested and you can't go wrong with anything that's been mentioned so far.

    J .
  11. Snowy River: The road from Buchan to Suggan Buggan has some fun bits, then turns to (smooth but slippery) gravel. Unless you're on a dirt bike or a good rider on an adventure tourer you may struggle to ride down one of the turn offs for the snowy river though. Sandy Creek track is a great place to go for a swim, I don't think there are many fish to catch though (but not really my area of expertise).

    Omeo: If you don't feel like going the whole way you can stop at Swifts Creek, there is a nice bakery there (off to your right in the main intersection).

    Buchan to Marlo: There is a really fun road from Buchan to Orbost, the turn off's sort of opposite to the turn off for the caves. Stop at the Marlo pub for lunch and do some fishing at cape conran.

    Lakes Entrance-Bruthen: There is a turn off about 5km or so out of Lakes for "West Kalimna" (there is an antiques shop or somesuch place on the corner) follow that to Metung then follow the Metung rd-Tambo upper rd up to Bruthen. Lunch at the Bullant Brewery. Also a lot of people fish along the tambo upper rd.

    And of course you should ride to Dargo.

    Enjoy yourself.
  12. I bought a 12' extendable surf rod off Fleabay for around $20, sits in my backpack real easy, used it at Woodside last winter chasing salmon, for a light casting rod it was OK, wouldn't want to catch much over 5kg though.
  13. Well i'm back, thanks for the ideas guys... i didn't end up riding too many places cause i was having fun fishing, and i went on a 4 hour cruise on a boat around the lakes.. and it was breathtaking.

    ill definitely be going back, and ill be taking your suggestions and do more riding next time.. i didn't end up catching any fish, i should have hired a boat... but ill be going back in the near future, and ill take longer and do some of the rides suggested.

    fantastic weather up until yesterday when it pissed down.. but good trip overall.. definitely buying a screen and new grips for the next trip though.. wind was atrocious on the way home.