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suggestions of LAMS bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by halifax, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. hey guys as the title says out of all the lams approved bikes which do u like most? i realise its a broad topic but want a broad range of choices thanks

  2. Price might help too. Also new or used?

    the Hyosung is a good idea, if you are looking at spending that much.

    As is the GS500.

    Alos a whole heap of trailies, if you are into that sort of thing.

    What type of riding? sports, commute, cruise, trail?
  3. well lets say round 6k, used and used for sports
  4. Honda RVF400 (biased, who me?)

    Awesome build quality, reliability, good performance for its capacity, and still look superb even amongst new bikes.

    Overpriced solely because they are LAM's, but do hold their value extremely well. They are an import but most parts are plentiful, although not cheap.
  5. Replied before your price was put up, I'm guessing it would be hard to find an RVF for under $8k.
  6. Some of the import 400s maybe.

    Yeah the RVF400's are bloody dear for their age and k's.

    Is anyone bringing in the 400 bandit. I'd be my pick, if I was going through the learner thing again.

    U'd get a gs 500 for that, but shop hard, as they hold their value. Go for lowest k's as age doesn't matter much, because they havn't changed much.
  7. GS500, can't kill em and they arn't that bad to ride, quite easy infact. I ride one every day. Just shop around as they do hold their value quite well. I picked up an '03 GS500 with under 12thous k's on it for a good price so it can be done.

    Anyone what to buy a well looked after GS???
  8. i'd be after one of the 400/4s they're much revvier than the 500 twins and therefore a lot more fun in my opinion. the RVF is about the only sports 400 thats covered by lams i think, but there are a few other nakeds out there like the Bandit 400 and the XJR400 that are covered.

    basically they feel like 250s with better brakes/suspension and much better power :D

    That'd be my pick anyways, i guess a GS/ER would be fine too but they're more of a commuter bike than a sporty bike so they dont really appeal to me (still have one over a 250 tho :LOL: )
  9. Yeah, as suggested above by ibast and coconuts the Bandit 400 would be a great thing. I used to own the 250, and was considering one of the 400's for a while, as they are a very similar bike simply with more power and better brakes.

    They have a semi-sports riding position, comfortable enough for the daily commute, but sporty enough for when the road gets twisty. In fact, I've nearly talked myself into getting one....

    They can be found frequently on bikepoint, and are rarely more expensive than their smaller sibling: a bargain.

    You didn't mention whether it will be your first bike, if so getting a naked is sound advice! :wink:
  10. I think the 250 and 400 bandits actually share the same frame, I know this is the case with the 250/400cc Katanas.
  11. yeh its my first bike and am looking at nakeds a lot more, its strange actually coz i looked at bandits (250) along with hornets and so on just thought id see thoughts on lams bikes lucky i did 400 bandit here i come... maybe
  12. dont count out the XJR either, same kinda thing in yamaha flavour :wink: got one in the garage, great fun :D have a look at my websitre for a pic 8)
  13. Yamaha SZR660. 50% more torque and 50% less money than an RVF400.

    (insert my usual comments about having to have rocks in your head to buy an RVF400 in the present market climate)
  15. Water-cooled 5-valve single from the XTZ660 Tenere adv-tourer in a TZR125 fabricated alloy frame and gullwing swingarm with Paioli suspension and Brembo brakes.

    Compared to grey 400's, it's newer (imported between 1997 and 2000), considerably lighter (an RVF400 weighs as much as a ZX10R, don't forget), torquier (as already mentioned), have higher-spec chassis parts, and, most importanly, instead of struggling to find one for less than $7000, you can throw a rock and dent the tank on one going for $4000.

    Only things to count against them is the odd-ish styling (those things had a weirdarse triangular exhaust eight years before the GSX-R1000K5), the single-cylinder vibes (which you'd have to be snub-nosed gronck not to get to love after a while) and the CBR250-cramped riding position.

    I'm hunting high and low for a cheap one because they're on my "bikes to own before I die" list.
  16. i'd also look at the ktm sm LCM640

    lotsa good reviews about em!

    or ducati monster? that's legal learner as well! m620IE lite/dark
  17. i pm'd the bloke seelign the szr it sounds pretty good definitely put in the "consider folder"
    and id love a monster but cant find one in my price range