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Suggestions needed!!! How to unbend a bent crash knob bolt?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Please consider these pictures:




    Any useful suggestions to getting the bolt undone?? For 9R's the crashknobs mount onto the engine mounting bolt.

    While you're at it, the main mid fairing screw, which is a sunken hex head screw bolt, has a fracking stripped head from the previous owners efforts and I can't remove it. Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey Rob not sure of the best or easy way to undo it but when u replace them best to replace them with fairing bolt mounted ones they did the trick for me :grin:
  3. OK, I'd get a hacksaw and carefully cut through the bolt just behind the knob. Then I'd drill into the bolt body and employ one of these http://snipurl.com/1cqel to extract the bolt. You can use the same tool and the same method to remove the fairing bolt too!
  4. Damn that looks like a tough one. Think hornets got a good idea there.

    Has the oggy knobb damaged the frame/engine in anyway? I'm about to put some on mine and i've been warned that in some cases they can do this.
  5. You could try all sorts of ways and probably fail, but as everyone else has said just suck it up and, assuming you can afford it, buy yourself an Ezyout. :)
  6. Saw it off and ezy-out. Pain in the bum. When did you do that?
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  8. It might be worth a try if you don't feel you're going to stress the mounting point anymore than necessary...it's already taken a fair ol' wack. :)
  9. 2" water pipe should only be used for carrying water!
  10. ...or crowd control...

    ...occasionally on the end of a spanner...
  11. Wot he said, but don't bother with the hacksaw, use an small angle grinder with a cutting disc.

    An alternative depending on how tight it is might be to cut/grind it off, then hacksaw a decent slot across the flat surface (at least 2mm deep, preferably deeper if possible), and use a large screwdriver to ease it out. But a screw extractor (Ezy-Out) is the go if you have one.
  12. And for really stubborn bolts you can just weld another bolt in the centre of the damaged one and then use a spanner. It has worked before on my car.

  13. I looked at the pics and to be honest

    DREMEL IS Your Friend Bunnings had some cheap set accessory sets for 7 bucks redline brand in the tool section and had heaps of grinding blades etc

    I would if i was you hacksaw away as much of the knob as i could and then get the dremel on to it i have cut bolts away on the week end also as you have a 4 inch angle grinder bunnings have 1 mm thick grinding wheels you may have trouble getting the flanges on the grinder to work properly though at least on my bosh the nut can be turned over to lock the disc properly looking at the pics i would suspect they may be some damage to the alloy mount if it took that fuch force to bend an m12 bolt be prepared

    Plus thats a crap design for a bump stop mate it sticks out way to far past the body work the slightest undulation in the road would have put that bend in it if i was replacing them reduce the length by half of get a better method of support ie brace it

    Better than that dont fall off

    To get that rounded out fairing bolt un done i would simply drill the head off it ie take out another bolt measure it say m6 and then drill it out 5.8 or 5.9 mm only the head using a battery drill nice and slow though at this stage to get the head off the should be some protrusion through the olher side just wind it through from the back using good old small vise grips

    Good luck mate
  14. Sorry Guys but i have read again some of the posts

    Easyouts hmm i have a brand new still in box set of them except the littest one of them the reason is as a youngster still learning to fix stuff i broke one in my bike

    It took 2 weeks to burn the sucker out via acid i didnt know about spark errosion or super high speed solid carbide drills (need about 20,000 rpm)to drill out High speed steel

    I tend to avoid them like the plague as the results of a busted one is more trouble then its worth
  15. I love Brucey's posts.

    Thanks for the suggestions/info mate.
  16. Brucey, great suggestion, but do you mind if I make one??

    On your keyboard, down the bottom, on the right hand side is a little button with a dot on it. This is called a full stop. See. Easy. :wink:
  17. Yep great idea mate i will try it out once .

    Yep it works fine so no need to fix it or infact use it as far as i can see

    Now back to making things and earning money
  18. You're a champ Brucey, love your work.

    Here's a few spares for ya...............................................................
  19. Easy there tiger with those wasteful punctuation marks

    We do not want to be seen arguing about how to fix up posts on a board when the original intent was to how to fix a motorcycle now do we mate

    Over to you Rob and my humble apologies for getting your post off track

    See now with all them spare full stops floating around from another kind and considerate member of this most esteemed forum I will never need to use them again
  20. hm, any reason you can't just whack the end around with a rubber mallet and loosen it that way? That's the first thing I'd try...