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Suggestions for Newbie day trip from Nthn Beaches

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Christinek, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. I have no day plans for Good Friday so was thinking of going for a little solo day trip, probably not more than 1.5-2 hours in the one direction, to make a total round trip of 3-4 hours riding.

    I live on the Northern Beaches (Sydney) and wondering what route suggestions people might have? What's old pac hwy like for a newbie?? I don't want to be holding up loads of traffic...

    I've been riding 6 months and only just starting to enjoy curves and bends and definitely don't go hell for leather on them :D up to 4905km on the bike and looking forward to hitting 5k tomorrow!!!

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  2. ChristinekChristinek cant help you with route suggestions, but just wanted to say have fun, stay safe and congrats in advance on making the 5K mark! :)
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  3. McCarrs Creek Rd - Akuna Bay - West head Rd.
    Takes about 30 minutes per lap.
    The roads are a mix of twists, hairpins, long flowing high speed bends.
    Add in the time to and from your place and you've got a good ride.
    There's cafes at Akuna.
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  4. ooo good one, thanks WombleWomble
    Are there fees to get into the NP?!
  5. Yes but only one of the two entrances is manned and they switch which one it is randomly.
    It's only $11.
  6. ah right, cool, thanks!
  7. ..... But that's a full tank o' fuel!
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  8. My first day on the roads I did Dee Why to Palm Beach and McCarrs. Second day I went West Head Rd.

    Top rides.

    If you'd like a shadow rider give me a yell - happy to come along. Just need to sort my weekend out!
  9. Old pac hwy is fine for a newbie as well. I spent a lot of time out there trying to learn how to ride a road bike.
    If faster riders come up on you just move to the left of the lane and wave them through, they'll have no problem getting past.
    I never got any grief from any rider for being slower out there.
    Just get out and enjoy it's a good road! Plenty of good twisty fun to learn on.
    Just go easy on the long weekend. It's policed pretty heavily
  10. Pity about the weather :(
  11. thanks for the offer taymaishutaymaishu I'm a bit late on taking you up on it though!

    The weather was pretty average but I decided...
    f it I'm a flower.

    and hit the road after church. From manly up wakehurst parkway, forestway, mv road, akuna bay, west head, mccarrs creek rd, and pittwater road home, about 2hrs all up. I think the weather kept a lot of people at home so there wasn't many cars or bikes about, which was good as I was taking it easy in the wet!

    Got pretty wet but was worth it, hit 5000 on the way :D
    darren 5000km.

    hit the 5000 right at Salvation Loop, quite apt considering it's Good Friday and all ;)

    darren 5000km salvation loop.
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  12. ChristinekChristinek I hope you waved at Scotland Island when you went past!
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