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Suggestions for New Rider + New Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Gustav, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am looking to purchase my first Road Bike and want some suggestions on a suitable first bike to learn on/master and not get bored of it too fast.,
    Was suggested a Ninja250 or a CBRR250, and just wondering what your opinions are.

    I plan to use it to commute to work and have some fun on weekends and will be on my provisionals (qld)
  2. Welcome to the forum.

    The Ninja 250 and CBR250rr are nice bikes but you're be paying a fair bit for it. And seeing that you're just starting out, you'll probably drop the bike so it's not worth it. I would look into ZZR250 or GPX. Cheap, fun, and easy for beginners.
  3. cool~

    Thanks for the advice, i might go with on eof the bikes you mentioned :)

    I live out in the middle of nowhere and our only store is a honda, are there any good places to look for bikes besdies

    bikepoint and bikesales there doesnt seem much to buy and i also heard to stay the hell away from sumoto lol
  4. whatever it is, start with something, older & cheaper.

    imho, dont buy new unless you are getting comprehensive insurance!
  5. Oh ok, I was thinking of buying brand new cause i hear that its pretty easy to get a dodgy bike?? I didnt want to have any problems cause iv had that problem with my car in the passed.
  6. Just have the bike inspected... I have a ZZR250 and only paid $2500 for it... Had 1 month rego, minor scratches and 39000kms... Runs really well and while it's not as quick as the CBR250RR, it can certainly keep up with it... I'm confident you'll out grow the 250 within a few months, so you're best to save the money for your next bike when you're off your restriction...
  7. Ok thanks for the advice, I Think I will do exactly that and buy a used bike to save for the upgrade after restrictions :)

    Great help and much appreciated. :)
  8. Good luck mate!
    Happy bike hunting :grin:
  9. CBR RRs are solid little bikes. Not much goes wrong with them.

    Don't, however, get caught into thinking that an 08 cbr250 rr is actually built in 08. they stopped making them about ten years ago.

    08 is the compliance date not the year it was built.

    the new ninjas are v-twins, a far cry from the inline four of yesteryear which was one of the two 250s which are actually worth talking about, performance wise: cbr250 rr and the zxr2r.
  10. Shit, 08 complianced 250rr's exist? They are STILL importing them?
    I didn't realize japan still had any.

    But yeah an 08 compliance plate means its been sitting exposed to the elements in japan for (at the very least) 10 years. Probably closer to 15. They are all resprayed, which is why they look all nice and new. Check for rust. I wouldn't buy from a dealer, expensive and they tend to leave their bikes outside (exposed to rain etc).

    Oh and the cbr250rr's 1994 onwards were restricted to 40hp (down from 45hp). Not much more than a gpx.

    I wouldn't buy a new ninja 250r, you'll pay $7500 and be in tears when you drop it. See if you can find a cheap used cbr250rr or an even cheaper zzr/gpx. None of those bikes should give you much trouble if you service them. They've all got carburetors, so don't expect car levels of simplicity and consistency in starting (especially on a cold day). Always a bit of black magic involved.
  11. vtr250 !!!!

    :D Its great, it is a naked (cheap to insure) and it runs like a champ, great torque curve, and is fairly low seat height (but compared to my dirtbike, 970mm seat height, anything is low to me :p).

    But are fairly popular bikes to pick them up.
  12. if youre going for a V twin you may as well make it a 500cc, youll grow tired of the lack of overtaking acceleration and torque of a 250cc. my $0.02
  13. go the cbr250rr mate.
    amazin fun
    as for dropping it. i actually think it would be hard to drop a bike. i havent yet and dont plan to, i have the tyga kit on my bike, even more incentive to not drop it?
    but id recomend the cbr250rr, grouse bike, handles really well, goes hard and very cheap on petrol.
  14. Hot looking bike there mate. Love the tyga front end. Post up some more pics! Did you get it from a dealer? What sorta mileage?
  15. +1 for the Honda VTR250. Yes it's true that after 100 they don't have much power to pass, but they are certainly fun to ride and have a reputation for being reliable.
  16. Welcome! :grin: I've just been through the same decision recently & after evaluating choices, (seat heights + naked style my pref) a VTR250 was the winner! I looked @ 2nd hand options, but given this model holds its value & is a popular learner bike, the price difference was marginal.

    After my first drop :oops: I purchased oggy knobs - best $140 I've ever spent. Insurance was cheap too via swan, you'll find that most major insurance co's have no idea how to insure riders, especially newbies & their pricing reflects this :!:

    Good Luck :wink:
  17. nah brought it from a bloke that just finished his full license. got 23,XXX, who no's if they r real tho haha.
    and was only $6,500 with rego, noting wrong with it and has been notin but best fun since i got it. will have to get the camera out soon, have been meaning to.