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Suggestions for Melbourne to Canberra

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nalasrob, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Folks, I'm looking at a road trip Melbourne to Canberra.

    For a bike, I'd like something away from the trucks and long straight bits (ie, not the Hume).
    I'm looking for route suggestions from anyone familiar with the routes.

    Time is still an issue so needs to be reasonably direct.

  2. Howdy, we did this trip last weekend...I think my buttocks are still recovering from the straighty-180, 8 hr ride back to Melbourne on the Hume Hwy :shock: :LOL:

    Here are the 2 options which Glitch _Oz kindly suggested for a Melbourne-Canberra ride with a bit more spice than just droning along the Hume.

    Option1 :
    Out of melbourne on the SE Fwy, and the Princess to Warragul/ Moe and on to and past Sale (you have to make tracks, no time for the nice stuff) About 20 north of Sale, just after Stratford, turn east to meerlieu/ Bengworden, follow through to T-junction (Princess Hwy again), turn right into Bairnsdale, follow signs to Bruthen/ Orbost.
    Get off the Princess at Orbost, through town and north/ north-east up the Bonang Hwy to Delegate/ Bombala. 115km of twisties, but also 20km good dirt over 2 sections.
    The Bonang is little known yet and a bit of a secret tip.
    Stay in Bombala (little motel on left)/ your bum will be mighty sore after about 550km or so. Drink plenty in between and also make time to eat...if you feel like it or not. Then about 200km easy the next morning from Bombala to Cooma and Canberra.

    Option 2
    About the same km/ but better accomodation along the way. Also all sealed and better mobile-coverage.
    Black Spur/ Alexandra/Mansfield/ north-east to Whitfield/ follow signs to Wangaratta/ then east towards oxley/myrtleford/ bright.
    In Markwood turn left to Everton, when hitting the main road, turn right, immediately left again, follow signs to Beechworth/ out the other end of town to Yackandandah/out of town towards Wodonga for about 20 km before turning right / then follow the aspalt to the main road,
    right again, 2 km later left to Kiewa and Tangambalanga/ Follow signs to first Wodonga, then IMMEDIATELY right to Tallangatta again, i't's a weird junction (after a crested hill).

    Through Tallangatta (fill up here), about 10km later left to Granya, right at the T-junction along the banks of the Murray River to Tintaldra.

    Follow the signs to Tooma/ Tumbarumba/ Tumut.
    Stay in Tumbarumba or Tumut
    Next day north to Gundagai (road is lumpy but scenic), hit the Hume for the rest of the way.
    There's a couple of other roads but not good for a sporty.
  3. My suggestion is like option 1 except travelling beyond Orbost to Cann River turn left towards Bombala via the Monaro Highway. That piece of road is one of my favourites. Lots of fast sweepers. :D
  4. reply

    Yes G, that is a beauty.

    Only other option is at Traralgon take the Maffra road. It brings you out just before the old railway bridge before Stratford. Goes past Glengarry, through Toongabbie, Cowwarr, Heyfield, Tinamba, Maffra to Stratford. Some sweeping bends but not as boring as Sale.

    If you want to avoid Sale but still go that way, go past the Fulham prison turn off and take the next left. Go along about 1 -2 k and turn right. Follow over the river to Myrtleford. Turn left at T intersect and right again about 100 metres. Go along until it meets the highway again. This saves about 5 minutes hard riding and about 12k. Turn left onto highway. You can go straight ahead to Meerliou but you can also get lost easy.

    You could also turn off at Gunns Gully (Just past Moe turn off) and go the back way to Yallourn North - Tyres - Glengarry Toongabbie etc.

    Anyway have a good safe trip through our area.

  5. Thanks all for the tips. Will let you know which way we choose. Probably 3rd June will be the run.