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Suggestions for developing iPhone app

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GJ384, May 28, 2013.

  1. Morning folks.

    I've been trying for a couple of months now to find an iPhone or iPad app which is useful either while I'm on the bike (via Bluetooth etc) or after a ride (in terms of mapping where I've been, analysing speeds etc). My search thus far has been largely fruitless - there are a lot of apps out there which do one or two pretty neat things, but either have massive flaws or bugs, or missing features which would add enormous benefit to the app.

    I have uni exams next week, and once they're out of the way, I've decided I'm going to try my hand at making my own all-in-one iOS app specifically for riders. I might add that I have had a fair amount of programming experience, so this isn't just a pipe dream that will never see the light of day.

    The first step of course is working out what the app needs to be able to do. At this stage I have a few rough ideas, some of which I've listed below:

    On the bike:
    - Weather forecast notifications via Bluetooth as you ride (eg if it's about to storm in the direction you're headed)
    - "Track day" mode, which automatically detects lap start/finish points and compares your performance lap by lap (updates via Bluetooth as you ride)
    - SOS mode - detection of possible accident based on sudden stops, unusual lean angle/compass readings etc, with "in trouble" notification sent to nearby app users, and text message/s sent to specified contacts

    Off the bike, before/after the ride:
    - Plan a ride, and view automatically-updating weather forecasts for different points along the route
    - Plot rides (based on GPS feedback) on a map which shows speed and lean angle
    - Share ride reports/stats to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc

    I'd like to know your thoughts on the above, and any other suggested features which would be useful. This should be considered a "brain dump" thread - no suggestion is too simple or too outrageous, too specific or too general.

    So who's first?
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    I've been considering a camera based app that detects lean angle. Basically the camera will take time lapse photos of a ride. However when a lean is detected it speeds up frame rate to video. This way if you can set the phone up on your chest with the lens showing or mount it and then get a really nice summary video of a good ride with all the boring bits taken out.

    Integrating between camera and video may be impossible, you could make the app just take video but have an option to summarise the ride video at the end based on leaning.

    If you want to get even more advanced, the latest POV cameras have wifi integration and you could set up your phone to manage the above task off your POV camera.

    Also record GPS recording and you could integrate a map into the video.
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  3. all of the above including all the features you get from acar app for tracking of expenses
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  4. It would be good if when gps mode is on, (there are now smartphone holders for bikes), if the vision and direction of your trip wasn't replaced by the picture of a call when it comes in. Since you can't take the call while riding its pointless and annoying to have your map replaced by the picture of the person calling. Also your app should either have the time diplayed in big numbers or even better have a warning for when school zones are in operation which takes into account weekdays, weekend and school/public holidays.

    And after you've finished with the ultimate iPhone app, please make it for android. :D
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  5. There's an Android app called Rain Alarm Pro that gives warnings. Be handy if that had audio output for when riding. Maybe you could hook into it. It's also available as an iPhone app.
    Although, could probably just install something that reads alerts.

    Added: queried the developer and Rain Alarm Pro will read out the alerts. I had never digged deep enough to see the settings.
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  6. Can't say I can see the usefulness of weather forecasts when you're on the bike. If the weather is turning to crap in the direction you're heading, your likely to see it before the notification confirms it.

    I like the track day mode and as someone who often rides by themselves in areas where traffic is almost none existent, the SOS mode would be good.

    Off bike stuff, I'm a bit old fashioned and prefer old fashioned paper maps. Sometimes google doesn't have the roads marked or 'refuses' to let you change the route to use them.

    Edit: Mind you I don't have an Iphone or and android. I have a mobile phone that can send and receive calls and text messages.
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  7. Something so you can link with other riders in a group up to however many (10 maybe?) to see where they are if you get separated.

    Maybe it could also alert to show if they were stopped ahead of you around a corner ...:bolt:
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  8. Servicing reminders?
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  9. Good luck detecting lean angles.

    All I want to be able to do is make a route in Google maps, and transfer that route to my phone which gives me turn by turn navigation to follow the route.

    Ah yes, in the mean time there is MotionX-GPS which with a some fiddling about, almost goives me what I want... just needs turn by turn navigation.

    If I want it enough, I'll just buy a Garmin Zumo which will give me exactly what I want.
  10. Pretty sure there are apps to do everything that he wants to do. The OP is just planning a one stop shop.

    Maybe he should just search motorcycle or automotive in the store and marketplace and just steal all the ideas and put them together in one app.
  11. I'd like alerts of relevant traffic incidents from RMS's RSS feed. Just the ones nearby or that will affect your route.
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  12. Why don't you make an app for police officers to find donuts.

    Then use that GPS data to alert riders where police are.

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  13. I was at a BBQ last weekend and I'd like an app that would turn off phones within a 100meter radius, maybe then people would be somewhat more sociable.
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  14. Make an Android version too,
    Would love dirt/gravel track/road maps too.
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  15. I thought the same thing, but then I realised they would still be distracted trying to work out why their phone wasn't working.
  16. I've got a few apps so check the features for these apps - and add them all together...

    Harry's Laptimer
    MotionX GPS
    Tom Tom

    Add in the ability to plot other riders on a map (a checkin function at the ride start to create an ad-hoc group of riders).

    Plus what others have already said.

    Some sort of voice communication ability between riders in the group)...

    I could also see a use for some audio functionality to alert riders in the group of traffic hazards (trees, gravel, radar).


    I'm riding along after plotting my route in Google Maps. I've got turn by turn directions through my headset/earphones. I can communicate with other riders in the group immediately by voice. I can let them know I just passed a kangaroo or a pig on the side of the road. I can let them know the next 5kms are clear. My route is being recorded (all the data you can get out of the GPS). The other riders are getting turn by turn directions to follow me - no more corner markers.

    I'm sure I'll come up with more.
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  17. Route planning?

    What ever happened to just packing a map and having the vague plan of 'we're going that way'.
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