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suggestions for buying first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mark73, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    Just wanting to know where people suggest I could look for my first bike!!

  2. Jesus...

    Might know where you can find some bikes.

    Private sales (trading post, bikesales.com.au, bikepoint.com.au)


    Dealers (self explanatory).

    If you have a friend who knows about bikes just pick a learner bike and get them to go check it out with you. Until then, use the search function to answer questions which obviously would have been asked 10 gillion times.


    welcome :cool: :LOL:
  3. www.bikesales.com.au

    And most bikes you can pick up for at least $500 below the asking price! (but not when I'm selling mine :p )

    To preempt the "which bike should I buy?"
    get yrself a VTR-250!! Best first bike you'll find.

    And welcome to netrider .. have a look at intro'ing yr self in the Welcome Lounge so we can get to have some idea of who you are (as all new members should do)
  4. [​IMG]on the VTR.
  5. Mark73,

    As long as you stay away from Sumoto you should be fine...I would have a look at...



    also pick up a copy of the motorcycle trader from the supermarket and have a look through that...the trading post is also a pretty good place to have a look.

    The classisifeds section here also has quite a few decent bikes in it from people looking to upgrade.

    Pick out a few you like and post the links here and I'm sure some members would be happy to give you some feedback :)
  6. Trading Post is a great place to look.
  7. Praise you brother, thats the best call ever, they are in fact the best bike for learners yet still priced fantastically.
  8. don't know if I'd say fantastically.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't 4500 gets you an 01 vtr with an 'experienced' amount of kms, whilst 4500 also gets you an 05 gpx with lower kms. ish

    Not going to argue about which one is better, just that vtrs are pretty expensive in comparison to year/kms/condition of other bikes.

    I totally would have bought a vtr if I did it again though.
  9. The VTRs are a solid bike though, they can rack quite a few K's up and still go pretty well.
  10. Not sure where yr located .

    But this looks like a bargain VTR250!! http://tinyurl.com/23aow2

    just found it ... and its not mine or anyone I know either, just a good price for and 05 with under 10,000kms
  11. Have a look at bikes for sale section, there is an awesome GT250 for sale! :wink:
  12. vtr's and suzuki across's are great little 250's, if you do a search there are 1001 threads about the pro's and con's of most 250's on the site.
  13. If you're fairly tall like 5'10" and above then ZZRs are a good size.

    Beefy enough to propel my 90kg bulk along at a decent clip too.

    Good for commuting and also long distance stuff - i've done 3 250km+ day rides on mine now with no probs (apart from a numb barse but I would say thats true for most bikes until you HTFU to it.)

    Not as flickable as some smaller bikes as I think it's geared more to long distance stuff... but easy enough to learn on and reliable.

    Looks like a fair sized bike too and has decent underseat storage.

    I happen to have one for sale (if I pass tomorrow!) :)
  14. Mark if you're in Sydney.... buy mine.... Kawasaki 95' GPX 250 goes bloody good for a 250. Rego till late june 08.
    Time for an upgrade