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suggestions for anniversary gift? :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. hello! i am struggling with ideas for a 2nd anniversary gift which is coming up in a little over a week, wondered if anyone had any good ideas.

    i got him a watch last anniversary... i don't really want to get jewellery, but still would like to get something special.... any good ideas??

    really appreciated :) thanks!
  2. A new helmet? New gloves? The list goes on. Good luck. :grin:
  3. oops! i should probably add that he's not a bike rider, but he does have a helmet and jacket already :p his boss takes him riding sometimes...
  4. Most blokes have simple tastes. cook him his fav and give him a back rub.

    (that's what would keep me happy at least...)
  5. Act really really happy andexcited when he gives you your anniversary gift. Thats the best present
  6. +1 :LOL:
  7. +
    = WIN.
  8. It's so true. We're such simple creatures, so easily pleased.

  9. Got a sister?
  10. Media usually work on me: novels, CDs, movies, games. Apart from anything else it shows you know him well enough to know what he'd like and care enough to put some thought into it. Something a little extravagant that he wouldn't necessarily buy himself, like a whole season of a favourite show or a box set or whatever goes well.
  11. :LOL: :LOL: I like it.

    But yeah, universal present for the win.
  12. carton of viagra, happy days for you both
  13. bit early for march 14th but it should be fine...


  14. For the visually challenged fellas ... :wink:
  15. Buy the Rjays helmet for yourself then. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :wink:

  16. *A weekend away, all expenses paid (with you of course. The gift that keeps giving ;))

    *Subscriptions to face magazines

    *Tickets to upcoming gigs he'd like

    *Cooking classes (if he'd dig it?) or other suitable classes - maybe photography?

    *Various different electronic gadget? New Ipod, Phone etc?
  17. Buy him a star

    Worked a treat for on my sister for xmas...
  18. i ended up getting prison break seasons 1-3 box set :D

    it'd be wicked if i could take him to wonderland for a day or something, he'd really dig that!

    a day out together would be awesome but where would we go?