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Suggestions for a vented & breathable waterproof riding pant

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Skinn, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,
    I'm on the hunt for a new set of pants (textile) and I'm asking a lot of them. I tend to get pretty hot when I ride so I need something with good venting/airflow to keep the legs cool. I also ride in all weather so something waterproof with perhaps a removable membrane would be ideal.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on gear they own?

    I've been looking at a pair of Dririder Air Ride pants but that's about all I've found that are slim and long enough for a tall slender guy.
  2. No one has any comments on this?
    Tough crowd.
  3. vented usually isn't waterproof. zips and stuff let the water in.
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  4. Breathable and waterproof usually don't play well.....

    That said - I've had good performance with the MUCH older version of these:

    Albeit - mine, now having seen 3 winters are done...........when they worked well, they never let me down.
  5. BMW comfort shell trousers (textile), waterproof and breathable no liners needed. 100% waterproof over two years for me in a variety of heavy downpours and bearable in 40c days. They come with full armour. Not cheap but very good at what they do. Zips into the matching fully waterproof, armoured and vented jacket.
    No obvious BMW branding on them and they don't look like Dakar wannabe kit. I researched before I bought and couldn't find a bad review.
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    should add I've got tiger angel element pants that are breathable and waterproof (goretex). but not vented. also got the dririder air-ride pants to wear when its hot. never tried the liners so I don't know if they work. big problem with them is the legs are narrow and they are hard to zip up over my boots.
  7. I've got the Olympia Airglide 3 Mesh Tech Overpant.

    I can vouch for them in the heat as I wore them to Penola and back during the labour day holiday weekend in 35+ deg temps. I can vouch for them in moderate rain. Heavy rain? Not as yet.
  8. Pulled the trigger (finally) on an aerostich roadcrafter lite today.

    Dont have anywhere to change at work anymore, so need an oversuit.

    Took me two yrs to bypass my 'cheap gene' and spend the coin.

    Had many types of supposed waterproof gear, havent found anything that is both durable and waterproof, without beingna sauna suit.
    Will let you know the result
  9. Ah I knew there were some of you out there.
    Thanks for the response guys, I was about to jump in and buy the Dririder air-ride pants, at $130 I could just give them a go anyway and keep them for summer if they leak.

    109er I'll check out that BMW gear. I'm happy to spend the coin if it's good, problem is it's hard to get good info and the range of gear we have in Aus seems so damn limited. It's all the same wherever you go.

    peter-reebok keep me updated.
  10. The Tiger Angel gear is the equal of anything in the world and you get it custom made so worth a look if you can afford it.
  11. 2nd that on Tiger Angels.

    I've had mine for the past year, using it all winter and its been great keeping me dry. only down side is that it doesn't have thermal linings. but i find only my thigh gets cold. other then that big +
  12. I ended up getting Dririder Air-Ride pants and they've been great. Exactly what I was after.
    I haven't had them in torrential rain yet but I'm sure that's not far off. They should be fine for all but the heights of summer.
  13. I have Triumph Acton textile pants, they were dirt cheap and came with armour. I just spray them every few weeks with Scotchguard.