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Suggestions for a new bike...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Shori, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I was after some advise in order to help me make decision to buy a new bike.

    I currently have a Triumph Street Triple and love it. The reason I’m changing it is that I have noticed the roads in Sydney are terrible and also the back seat is not too comfortable for my partner. It’s a great bike for what its designed to do. I would have still kept it if the roads were better.

    Anyhow, I thought I’ll provide some details that might help decide the bike.

    Height – 6ft
    Weight – 80kgs

    The purpose of the bike will be:

    - 80% of the times commuting to work in the city currently (might change) and riding around in general.
    - Going for rides once in a while.


    - Budget of 10-14k. New or Ex demo – not more then 3000kms on the bike.
    - Decent mileage (currently get 13kpl from the triumph – around 15kpl on the highways).
    - Good power for a quick pick up to get out of tight situation (Trumpy is awesome in that regard).
    - Comfortable for the partner for rides (after all it’s a bike I do understand that).
    - Feels good on Sydney roads.
    - Decent looks.

    After a fair bit of reading, I short listed the following:

    - Triumph 800 – a bit over the budget – $15,100-15,800 Ride Away + Exhaust cost. Hard to find second hand.
    - Kawasaki Versys 1000 - $15,000-16,000 + Exhaust cost - A bit over the budget again.
    - Suzuki DL-1000 – $13,000 Ride Away + Exhaust cost. Looks like the best so far.

    I’ll be changing the exhaust. Like it loud. So considering that and the purchase price DL-1000 seems to be the best bet.

    Is there some thing that I haven’t considered?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated…

  2. *Bump*
  3. Had a similar issue. I've gone with a 2nd hand Triumph tiger 1050. I needed space for a pillion, I mostly commute, and I wanted a triple.
  4. I cannot see anything in your post that stipulates why you are looking at dual sport type bikes. There are a fair few mid range sports tourers you could look at, VFR800, bandit etc.

    Not sure why you have listed three dual sporters.
  5. If you liked the triple how about a Sprint ST? Excellent second hand models available well within your budget.
  6. Anyhow, I thought I’ll provide some details that might help decide the bike.
    your help will be greatly appreciated…
  7. Thanks for the input guys and sorry about the long post.

    @Spruce - I'm looking at 'dual sports', because I like it to have a good pick up and be able to absorb the shocks on ridiculous Sydney roads.

    I’m not a fan of bikes w/t flaring. I like the naked style. Also, looking at something that is 90-110hp and is comfortable for the pillion to ride.
  8. 1050 tiger. Simple.
    Lovely triple, pillion approved.
  9. The KTM seems to be idle for what I want a bike for...

    Good looks, power and I'm guessing comfortable for the pillion too. Is there any major difference between 2009 & 2010 model. Only asking as there is a bit of a prize difference on Bike sales...

    Thnaks again guys.
  10. KTM had a revision of tuning in 08, so the 09-10 models should be the same.
    I see a nice looking 2010 for $14900 in NSW with 7500km and KTM luggage. Looks like a good buy.

    It is an excellent motor, lots of fun to be had.
    You owe it to yourself to take one for a ride.
  11. Although height may be an issue for you.
  12. I have decided on the KTM for now. It's expensive though. I guess got to start saving. Not many second hand ones available either.

    @ REDZX the KTM you had mentioned was gone by the time I made up my mind. It was a good deal...

    Thanks again for all your inputs guys.