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Suggestions for a naked road bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by browncow, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Hi, about to upgrade my bike and clueless as to what to get. If anyone out there can be bothered reading the below, and making some suggestions, thanks very much. Topline brief is big. Practical, hard wearing, naked motorbike.

    Usage would be 90% daily city work commute, 8% picking up milk from local corner store on weekend for kids, 2% opening it up on decent open road rides I manage to fluke time for (although more than likely this 2% will go back to picking up milk from local corner store on weekend for kids).

    Have been on a Ducati Monster 696 for past four years and liked it. Except for (1) brittle indicator lights and mirrors that constantly snapped (2) I’m a slightly biggish, fat bastard and because of the smallish compact frame of the 696 always felt like a gorilla on a mini-bike.

    No idea what to go for next. Don’t really give a stuff about a “brand name” buy unless it’s a practical, big, naked, no nonsense, hard wearing bike. Quick random things I’ve been toying with include Monster 1100, Triumph Street Triple, Honda CB1100?

    I garage the bike but live near beach so any that don’t rust up too quickly would help (yes, I’ll wash it weekly etc). And not that I’d let this drive the purchase decision of course, but black, and better still, matt black favourite colour.

    Think I paide $14000 on road for the Ducati 696. Hoping for trade in. No idea what I’ll need to spend to meet above expectations but hoping not to have to spend more than $18000 on road for whatever I go with. But if I can get away with spending less, brilliant.

    Any ideas? Thanks a lot.
  2. Drop the street triple out of your list then and get it's big brother the speed triple (it was released in matt black)
  3. As far as big, practical nakeds, I reckon ergonomically you won't find better than the Aprilia Shiver and the BMW F800R (which has 3 different seat height options to choose from), as both really suit taller riders.

    The speed triple is a bigger bike, but has more compact riding ergos, so I don't think you'll find it all that different from the Ducatis (when you're actually riding it, the seat height when your feet are down is taller).

    The other options I'd suggest are all a bit too mad for your intended uses. So I'd look into those two. Or perhaps something like the Suzuki Bandit or the CB1100.
  4. I think you nailed it with the CB1000R. There are a couple of others with slightly more thrills attached, but I can't think of anything that will cope with the wear and tear better than Honda. Cheap for what you get too, and look good in black.
  5. I think the best value in that league is the bandit but as grumply mentioned the shiver deserves at least a test ride.
  6. Im in a similar boat. 95% riding to work, and 5% spread between shops, and ride through the mountains (rare). I test rode a few and ended up on a new z1000. It handles the traffic brilliantly, clutch isnt heavy, gear change is smooth, oodles of low down torque, and doesn't cook its rider in stop start traffic. For its intended purpose however its top end power is a tad overkill.
  7. ktm superduke. not practical really but friggin bad ass and grunty as ****.
  8. Don't discount the Suzuki B-King either, magical engine!
  9. And much easier to handle in low speed commuting situations than people think. I was a little bit intimidated the first time I got on one but there is no need to be, it's a big baby really.
  10. Well if you're looking at a B-king, don't forget the GSX1400. Same low speed handling, smooth power delivery. You can pick up a good 2nd or 3rd hand one for less than 10k or much less depending on your luck.
  11. I reckon the b king feels better at low speed but i've only had a short ride on a gsx1400. I rode the gsx first and after a couple of minutes on the b king it just felt like a superior bike in every way.
  12. And then there is the MT-01
  13. You want a hard wearing, naked bike in the city. Get a motard, lots more fun a 1000 is too much around town. The motards will be heaps more fun for what you are using it for.

    At least test ride one. It will be cheaper as well.
  14. Interesting. Might have to have a ride on a b-king one day. I'm used to the weight of the 1400, very similar to my (fully clothed) bandit.
  15. with your mentioned criteria....... cant go wrong with a 14 (wink)
    or else a faired bandit, and drop some ST cams in it for 'grinfactor'
  16. near new B-kings can be had for 14-15 k
    not that many around though, freaking ugly bike. not that it matters, i want one.
    but considering the flexibilty you want from a bike, cb1000r fersure. built to last, plenty on the market that did'nt hold their value real well from new.
  17. Oh yeah, motards are long lasting and maintenance free...:rofl:
  18. I own a GSX1400 and reckon it's a perfect fit for my largish frame, however it's not the best machine out there for commuting through heavy traffic. I also own a street triple which I use 95% for commuting because I don't believe there is a better bike out there to handle the daily commute, and it is very good at doing everthing else as well. Just fit a gear rack or top box and the triple is the perfect solution for your needs.
  19. Duh its a no brainer, CB1100, just do it, how can you resist its charms :D? Plus hardly anyone has one :)
  20. I have a Yamaha XJR1300 which I ride to work and also for weekend rides. Effortless torque low down and plenty of stonk for me as the revs go up. Handles remarkably well for a big bike. I have no problem there and I'm new back into motorcycling after 30 years away. Also plentiful supply of good secondhand examples. Cheers.