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Suggestions for a good vaccum cleaner

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Captn Spock, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. We have a 5 year old Hoover, which is now coming towards the end of its life. It was a basic bagless one.

    I am now looking to buy a new vac with some reasonably good power and one that doesn't lose suction after 3 uses. Budget is around $500. Hoping to keep it under $500 if possible.

    Suggestions please? My wife quite likes the Numatic Henry.

  2. I have a Dyson DC29. Got it from the Good Guys for $440. Bagless and doesn't lost suction. Has a height adjustable head for varying floor conditions. Has the standard various attachments and overall I am very happy.

    From what I've read the DC29 is a popular model, as it is one of the cheapest Dyson's on the market, yet comes from the reputable brand. Would recommend.
  3. definately dyson - well worth the money
  4. +3 on the Dyson..they cost an arm and a leg for the higher models but man do they clean the floors great.

    We thought out old vacum did a good job .....well that was until we got a Dyson...You should have seen the crap it got out of the carpet staright after cleaning it with the old vacum
  5. Another for a Dyson.

    I'm on my second one in 15ish years, and to be honest I broke the first one when I pulled it apart...

    Don't tell the wife.
  6. Dyson +5.

    One of my pilots thought it a good idea to use the office Dyson to vacuum the hangar floor once. It survived and is still going strong =D>
  7. Do Hyosung make vacuum cleaners? Down on power but they do suck!
  8. Lol MT, i have one of them. Great things, but dont replace a vacuum cleaner, especially when you have a dog! I spend more time pulling the thing out from under furniture or from cupboards when we forget to close them. Roomba is also good at locking himself into bedrooms!

    We have a dyson, good for around the house, but they are a bit big and clumsy. They work really really good though.
  9. yeah, mine got out the front door once.
    he's not the brightest robot. maybe i got a retarded one, but the newer ones are smarter.
    true though they don't do hardcore spring cleaning. but they do keep on top daily crumbs and mess.
  10. This thread reminds me of a forum signature I used to have...

    "The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is the day they start making vacuum cleaners"
  11. Throw yourself unto the feet of the nearest appliance vendor and beg to accept Dyson into your life.
  12. I bought the blue Miele for either $299 or $399 five years ago. I got the guy to throw in a couple of boxes of bags too. We still haven't bought bags for it and the other half has an obsession with vacuuming every day too.
    One benefit over a dyson is not having to empty the container every time you use it and being exposed to crud every time you do.

    But thet're both great brands.
  13. We got a Vax. Same tech as the Dyson, but 1/2 the price. Cyclonic, bagless etc etc
  14. I have a Dyson. Thing works a treat. Had to replace the head, other then that, no issues in 5-6 years. Still sucking as hard as it did when i first got it - unusual for a model to keep doing that after 5+ years.
  15. Dyson here too. Apart from expensive replacement turbine heads they are the ducks guts!
  16. I wonder what goes wrong in them. I have one that isnt rotating as fast as it used to. Theres some harmonic vibration that is slowing it down.
  17. Maybe that's an expensive turbine replacement calling.
  18. FWIW, Dyson warranty is brilliant. I've had a couple of damaged heads replaced free even when I pointed out the damage was caused by misuse (bloody pilots can't drive vacuums!) and I was happy to pay.

    There are oddities such as filters needing to be set for the rotating head to rotate, occasional proper clean of the unit, removing three months accumulation of No 1 son's dreadlocks shedding, etc, but when all is said and done.....they just work :beer:
  19. Wertheim, bagless, works fine. 1/2 price godfrey sale.