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Suggestions for a cover?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by skot_e, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Was looking at this:


    Anyone have one or something similar? Any thoughts?
    Want something lined so it doesn't mark the paint. My bro had a cheapo one once befroe and rubbing in the breeze scuffed the polish off the paint. Nothing too major, but it needed attention.

  2. My advice would be get a place with a garage.

    My bike cover wasn't totally waterproof so there'd be seepage if it rained overnight and I'd get a wet arse in the morning. What's more, when I rode the bike in the rain and went to put it away, the heat from the engine would make steam of the water under the cover and I feel certain it accelerated the rusting process.

    Maybe it was just the brand I had, but it wasn't a cheap one, and it was rubbish.
  3. well, what bike you got that needs covering?
  4. Thanks Loz. It's housed in a carport with a roller door, closed off on 3 sides, but as it's not my daily drive, was looking to cover it from the dirt that blows in the carport while not being used. Might just make something up with an old sheet.

    Bike's a '97 ZX7R
  5. if its undercover... go and grab one of you old bed sheets and cover it up... cotton is best, egyptian, preferably 400 thread count... :wink:
  6. i have an rjays lined waterproof cover.
    it (usually) goes on the bike every day to keep the dust off.
    i don't ride in the rain so rust is kept away.
    my bike is kept in a carport too, the bike cover is to keep off dust & the little rain that comes in the side of the car port.

    I don't put the cover on as soon as I get the bike home. I let it cool down for a couple of hours then put it on.
  7. I also park in a carport and dirt and dust are a huge problem for me. I use an Oxford Rainex cover which is excellent. It's fully lined and doesn't scratch the bike. Looks like this:

    Oxford Rainex

    Don't know where you are located, but I bought it locally in Melbourne at Stafford Yamaha for about $70
  8. I have a Kelpro cover.
    Does a great job, about $80.
  9. Aha, yeah, sounds like in your situation you could use pretty mch any cover and it'd do the trick. Just don't put the cover on while the bike's hot or wet, like Edgie says.
  10. TARP! $8 from $2 shop.
    Fits over whole bike and with a little fold, bulldog clip the loose ends together.
    Sometimes I put an old bed sheet over the bike before putting the tarp on too.

    Tarp: $8-10
    Bulldog clips (the biggest ones): $2-3
    Old sheet: free or few bucks I guess from Salvo shop
    Result: Same as $30+ cover.
  11. Or Bunnings have clear plastic drop-sheets for painters that cost whatever you can find down the back of the couch.
  12. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Ripped off by $6 :p
  13. Yeah the only issue I've had with tarps and plastic drop sheets is that they are a pain in the butt to secure to the bike if it is in a place where there is any sort of a breeze (like a carport), they rub and scratch the paint, and there is a greater risk of them trapping condensation. The benefit of a bike specific cover is it is fitted to the shape and doesn't require you to tie it down (mine is elasticised at the bottom and also has a strap that goes underneath you can clip together if you really want to), they are lined so you don't need to bother with a sheet as well as a tarp, and they will generally be breathable to some extent to allow any moisture to escape. But a plastic tarp or whatever is a cheap alternative if you can't afford the extra $$$ for a fitted bike cover.
  14. You should probably cover 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' - everyone else has
  15. I spent about $70 to get a decent cover. Needed to because I have to keep it outside most of the time. I tell you the thing is bulletproof.
  16. Thanx all for your input.

    Sadly my guitar skills would leave that piece totally unrecognisable.