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suggestions for a 7 day trip

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by FogCityRider, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm traveling to Melbourne next week from San Francisco and I want to rent a motorbike and do a 7 day trip starting in Melbourne and ending back in Melbourne. With all the fires and the heat, can anyone suggest a 7 day route? I will have some camping gear and would like to camp most of the nights. I'm an experienced rider and I've done similar rides in the US before. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


  2. Depends on what you're looking for.

    If you want good roads then head East of Melbourne and do the Great Alpine Road.
    Lots of good windy roads (a few of which are unfortunately ridiculously over-policed), and there's plenty of camping areas around the likes of Lake Eildon, Bright, etc. which tend to be fairly quite during the non-ski season.

    If you want to see the touristy stuff then West is the best way to go. A loop taking in the full length of the Great Ocean Road to Warnambool, then up into the Grampians (near Stawell), and back through the old gold mining district of Ballarat/Bendigo will take in most of the things listed in any tourist guide.

    Ride fast enough and you should be able to do both in 7 days ;)

    Of course there's plenty of things you can do that aren't covered in either of those guides. And if you want a good guide of which roads are worth checking out for riding then grab yourself a copy of this:
  3. Sydney.
    For a 7 daylight trip you could even head to Brisbane.
  4. Most rental companies don't allow vehicles to leave the state (it's usually buried in the fine print somewhere).
  5. Haven't heard of that before but it is worth checking.
    I know there can be interstate drop-off issues depending on whether they need the vehicle at an interstate depot.
    Have heard of plenty of campers being driven interstate and even dropped off interstate.
  6. Those are really great suggestions, thanks guys! I'm definitely doing the Great Ocean Road, it looks really fun. And I'll check with the rental about letting bikes out of the state. I could also take the overnight Ferry to Tasmania, has anyone done much riding there? It would be a lot cooler so I don't bake in my leather.
  7. Tassie is a great place to ride, beautiful and wild. Lots of wildlife so watch out, don't ride at Dusk or dawn. Probably to much to do in 7 days though, 7 - 10 days for Tassie alone if you want to see the sites.
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  8. It's certainly been the case with all the "odd" vehicles I've rented (buses, trucks and 4wds). Can't say I've ever read the fine print for any of the cars I've rented though.

    Either way it'd probably be fine if you let them know that's what you want to do, though you might get stung with a hike in the cost to cover their increased insurance risk (like renting a 4WD which you actually intend on using as a 4WD).
  9. If that's the case then, depending on your tastes, I'd certainly recommend a slight detour to check out these places:
    There's also a place that makes good ice-cream in Timboon, and another in the main street of Apollo Bay (always good when riding in hot weather).
  10. That sounds awesome! I'll be sure to hit up these spots. Thanks all!
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  12. I live near the Great Ocean rd and its a must by bike :) I also used to live in the Grampians and its well worth the trip, beautiful views. If you get to the Grampians, make sure you take the back road (bitumen) from Halls Gap to Dunkeld. It's close by and some of the best scenery lve seen. It's full of twisties and if you ask any of the locals, they'll point you in the right direction. If you get to Dunkeld, make sure you have a meal at the Royal Mail Hotel, foods amazing :) Have fun, enjoy
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  13. Hi Fogcityrider
    a few of us are headed your way in late july
    any advice on must do rides would be appreciated