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Suggestions for a 4-5 tour from Adelaide along the Murray River?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 8Track, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm planning to take a week off from work in November and head out for a solo trip from Adelaide. I've heard the Murray River offers some great riding experiences. Can anyone provide any advice regarding the best scenic routes and places to go? I want to avoid heavily trafficked major transport routes and take the quieter B roads.


  2. You should go up through the Barossa Valley. The road over Mt Lofty, up from Crafers towards Cherryville, including Corkscrew road to Chain of Ponds, is absolutely gorgeous.
  3. East of Albury you have the Murray River Road, The Granya Gap road. Depends in how far you want to come across. There are the Alpine routes etc if you are happy to leave the Murray and head further south.
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  4. What have you decided for your route 8Track8Track ?
  5. I would be thinking of going south in November because it can get real hot inland along the river. So ride to Stirling to Strathalbyn to Wellington to Kingston.At about 20km out of Kingston take a left to Narracoorte. On the Narracoorte to Edenhope take a right (about 20km) towards Casterton. It is a very secondary road but was resurfaced not long ago. The road will be a bit busyier here but ride towards Hamilton to Ararat to Marybough to Yea. Then make your way to Lake Eildon-Jamieson. Now making your way home through Mansfield-Euroa-Murchison-Bendigo-Castlemain-Halls Gap-Dunkeld and pick your way back to Adelaide.
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