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Suggestions for 3rd bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Kuhlii, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Hello,

    New to the forums here and thought I would ask for some suggestions on a bike.

    I have previously owned a 2007 SV650 (Naked) and a 1994 Honda VFR750. Now looking at getting another bike after about 2 years absent.

    Will mainly be used for commuting to and from Brisbane city, however would be used for a weekend ride with friends and family every now and then.

    A few criteria:-
    - Around $6000-$6500
    - Reliable
    - Good on servicing and fuel

    I am not really sure what I want, however I do like the look of a Ducati Monster, however not sure what servicing costs are like?

  2. Ride everything, buy the one you like the most.
  3. Ducati's aren't the best on Fuel and servicing is a little more expensive. But they are a passionate bike and if the bike feels good, then you should get it. Some say never ride (or drive) your dream machine because you will be dissapointed. I say go for it, but rememeber that sometimes the dream machine does not live up to expectations. Still you would never forgive yourself if you didn't get one when you could.
  4. Thanks, I have been looking through bike sales for bikes around my price range and the ones that seem to be standing out without too many k's are:
    Honda Firestorm
    Yamaha FZ6
    Yamaha FZ8N
    Suzuki SV650/1000 (Happy to get another one)
    I also found a few Kawasaki Z750 on there as well which seem like good value, do not know much about them though?

    Unfortunately there are not many Ducati's on their that fit my criteria (firstly in QLD) and a later model Monster... there are a few 695's but they are interstate.
  5. Oh I don't know about that. A few years ago I was on a ride with a bloke on a 999. We did Tumut to Tarcutta via Cabramurra and Tumbarumba. About 260km. I used 17.5lt he use 16lt.

    As for service costs, a mate of mine had a ZRX1200S. The 24000km service cost him $2500 (with sprockets, chain and tyres).
  6. The Z750 is also a very good bike, good quality, reliable and straightforward to service. You should get out to some dealers and take test rides to see which you like best.
  7. I recently purchased a naked SV1000 and its a great all round bike. for 5-6K they are awesome bang for buck. Just remember its a buyers market at the moment and you will do well (i.e. some clowns are asking well over 7k for one - they are dreaming).

    If you dont mind a bit more weight, a suzuki bandit 1250 is another great option (and prob one of the most reliable bikes on the market) with heaps of accessories available for it.
  8. Thanks for the replies.

    GTS2734, seems there are a few SV's on bike sales and gumtree, going to check out a few on the weekend I think.

    My previous SV was a naked, but going to have a look at a couple of fairing models as well.
  9. I actually replaced a 2010 Z750 with a '07 SV1000N (which coincidentally is up for sale, but may be too far for you - VIC). They were both used as 2nd bikes, I've kept my trusty ol' 06 SV650N for daily commuting 5.5 yrsnow.

    I found the Z heavy, and was not as responsive low/mid-range as my SVs, understandable given the nature of a V-twin.

    Intend to stick to single bike for time being, since a 2nd bike would be a luxury & not get much use.

    But when the bug bites again, might consider the Yammie triple!

    Ps. There's a small SV community on ozsv.org which kinda took over from svdownunder (shut down since), check it out if you still like SVs!.