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Suggestions - First Big Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Millsylad, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Hi guys so the time is nearly up on my Rdate and I'm looking at my first big bike, I know what I would like in an ideal world but don't think I can afford it just yet(triumph street triple). I'm looking at a naked middle weight streetfighter but I'm torn by my options, I like the Suzuki gladius, Kawasaki er6n and the Yamaha xj6 which all seem to be fairly similar and its not helping my decision. The riding will be mainly commuting 30 mins twice a day 60 - 80 kph and hopefully a twice weekly ride in the Adelaide hills, also should my situation change in the next six months my commute could change to include freeway riding. Any suggestions?

  2. The street triple isn't much more money (in standard form) to it's Japanese competitors.

    Also have a look at the FZ8, Z800 and the M795 (?)

    Best thing I can suggest is to ride them all and buy the one you like the most. While they all look fairly simple you will find subtle (and not so subtle) differences once you are actually sitting on them while they are moving.
  3. From the bikes listed in the OP there are vast differences between all of them.

    The Gladius is a V-Twin
    The ER is a Parallel Twin
    The XJ6 is an inline four

    They will all ride very differently and handle their weight and balance differently......

    Are we talking new bikes here or second hand?

    As Mick pointed out - the Z800, FZ8n are also worth a look.

    If buying second hand I'd give the 1st Gen Suzuki GSR750 a miss.....the Gen 2 is better but you'll have to go for a new one....
  4. I'd forgotten about the GSR.

    If you have the available cash the Aprilia Shiver is also worth a look.
  5. How much do you want to spend? will make it easier for people to recommend something, also do you have a size limit, a mate has an FZ1, he has had various bikes over the years and loves it.
  6. What Mick said, ride them, then decide.
  7. Or.......
    Forget all of that kafaffell as have a look into getting a motard!! Greatest fun everrrrrrrrr :)
  8. Thanks for the advice, as the Mrs isn't 100% on side as yet and the fact it is going to be my first proper bike I wouldn't go bigger than 800cc 600 - 650 preferable. Second hand is definitely and option but I wouldn't want to spend more than $8000 for second hand $9000 - $9500 for new
  9. Wait - I've just seen you are a Scooterist?

    Not that there is anything wrong with that - not at all...

    However going from a restricted license on a stop'n'go to an open license on something with real power and a real gear box is not on...........

    If the above is true - please discount the middle-weight nakeds............get a GS500, VTR250 or something similar....(depending on your weight)
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  10. I had an er6n for about 5 years and they are a very good bike for what you want to do. I have a street triple now and its a better bike, as it should be for the extra cost. Suspect any of the 3 you mention will be good.