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Suggestion on where to buy GS500 engine parts please

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Peco, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I need to replace the left side engine cover on my GS500 (2010). I've searched Google, which returns a lot of ebay links but none for year model. Is there another place I should be sarching. I'm willing to buy abroad if anyone is able to share any information.

    Also, is there a more drect place to go for things like gaskets. I could buy from a dealer but i know they put markup on the products, can I go more direct

    Thanks for any help.

  2. first post and you want our contacts for cheap parts?
    try not crashing. it's far cheaper
  3. I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond. Everyone has got to start some where haven't they ?

    If I didn't need help and advise from experienced riders I wouldn't have sought out this forum in the first place. I came here looking for help, looking to try and learn a bit and carry out this repair on my own to try and save some money. I have had an accident, yes, have you not, ever ? I need the use of my bike and cant really afford the marked up prices charged by some repair centres. I just had a major service thats left me tight for cash and need help. Thanks. Hopefully there are other member that might sympathise with my situation and offer some "advise". Even if its referring me to a cheaper service centre (I am in Eatern Melbourne subburbs) or pointing me in the right direction. I am a first time motorcycle owner and am now looking at an earlier rise in the morning and standing up for an entire 45 minutes on bus to get to work tomorrow and untill I get this repaired.

    Re-reading my post, yes I should have elaborated a bit more but I'm in a panic and a rush. I have been up since 6.30am on a Sunday looking for to see how I can fix this. I didnt want to be long winded I just wanted to be to the point.

    Ive posted a bit about myself in the welcome area
  4. Have to agree, it is very poor form to join and ask for help in your 1st post.
    Perhaps drop over to the welcome pages and introduce yourself first at the very least.

    Is it just a gasket you need or the cover as well ? Is the cover cracked / leaking or just cosmetic ?

    Are you just tinkering ( to save money ) or do you know what your doing ?
    Have you just tried Ebay or rung around some local wreckers as well ?
    The more info you can give the better we can help.
  5. findapart.com.au is a great place to look for parts as a start.

    And yes it is rude to not introduce yourself then expect people to share their knowledge.
    Then you have the gall to report the fact you were chastised for being rude!!
  6. Go to Suzuki, Ebay - search international, ask a wrecker, find a GS500 forum.
    Get a workshop manual (hard or soft copy). Should be an easy fix
  7. Hi Ive introduced myself in Welcome section. I just thought the comment was upsetting, kicking a man when hes down, etc
  8. A lot of the major bike part sellers in the US have the bike microfiches online - which will allow you to get the specific Suzuki part number for what you're looking for.

    Knowing that should make finding a replacement a lot easier, and also allows you to locate parts that may have been listed for another Suzuki model (which shares the same component).
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  9. Folks be fair.

    People find netrider when they're doing google searches trying to solve a particular problem they're having. Is it the height of courtesy to jump on a forum and ask a question without introducing yourself first? No it is not. But it's pretty understandable when you're concerned about getting your bike back on the road to find a potential source of help and then ask for help.

    One time visitors in need of assistance might be more inclined to stick around and become constructive members if we earn their respect rather than demand it.

    I think your best bet would be looking for a wreckers who handles the jap bikes. As has been covered in other threads, the dealers & workshops who can provide you with a new one retail have to include their own markup on the parts in order to remain profitable. If that puts it out of your price range, a wrecker is probably your best choice.

    PS the oggy knobs on the GS500 look dicky, but they can save you from expensive repairs like this one. It's worth considering...
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  10. Oh one other thought - you would need to verify this, I certainly haven't - I believe that the GS500 engine hasn't changed since the 80s, and perhaps even earlier. A little research might reveal that the engine cover from an early model will fit your bike just fine, and that could save you some dough too.
  11. have I crashed personally? yes i have. more than once. it hurts. but blood cleans off, wounds heal, and chicks dig scars. or so they say
    i got reported? surprised it took this long...

    but to answer the question, i know a few guys who buy from vicwreck and have parts shipped up here in brisbane, you wouldn't go to that expense if they were dodgy.
    other than that, try the usual ebay/suzuki etc which have all been mentioned
  12. To be fair, Netrider is the only internet forum I've ever participated in which there is an expectation that new users post an introduction about themselves first, and in which other users would even care to read posts introducing new members. I can see why new users frequently get surprised.
  13. Up here in nanna land we have Brisbane motorcycle wreckers....
    I am sure Melbourne has the same. If you need it now and not at full retail it is your best hope.
    They stock 2nd hand and reco parts and well as gasket kits
  14. I see this requirement on a few forums and I generally agree with it. Some forums won't even let you post unless you first introduce yourself in a New Members section.

    If you aren't in a desperate hurry, PartShark in the US is pretty good for new GS500 stuff.
  15. any part from 2004+ will fit atm i got a 08 air box(don't ask why) on my 2011 model and i think the crabs are 06's not sure i got 2 set 1 being the 2011 and 1 being the 2006 and the only way i can tell the differnts is becasue i got differnt jet sizes
  16. Thansk for the replies, I dont know why I didnt thingk of a wreckers. The American ssite looks best for price. All up it looks like its going to cost me about 350 to get the parts. Took the cover off and found the flywheel to be damaged (the bit with the magnets) Gonna be off the road for a bit whilst a round up some funds :(

    Defo come along to Sat ride when I'm back on the road.
  17. VicWreck in Heidelberg have loads of second hand bits for Japanese bikes
  18. Second this. Got a few rare parts from them.
  19. Yep, covers are interchangeable, they just changed the colour of the motor between years. I've got a 96 pulse sender cover on an 08 motor, because the donor engine was out of a pretty well written off bike.

    You say you're replacing the left hand cover, which is the Stator side. If it's straight off a wreck it may or may not have the coils still in place. Easy enough to just reuse the donor coils, but you will find that while major engine parts don't vary from year to year, things like voltage regulator connectors do. If you're going to swap the Stator with one from an earlier model, you may need to change a few plugs to make it all work.

    I think some of the later model GS500s may have got a tin cup magnet design on the flywheel, rendering this next piece of advice obselete. However while you have the left side cover off, check the flywheel magnets for any damage or signs of the epoxy delaminating. The Achilles heal of the GS500 (and ER5) is flywheel magnets parting company and putting magnetised shrapnel through the motor and gearbox.

    You opened your account with an intelligent question about motorcycles. I don't know anything about you, except that you own a GS500 and it's borked. I own a GS500 that is often borked for one reason or another, so i like you already.