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Suggestion for waterproof luggage box?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kernel, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. I have a job interview with a courier company tomorrow, I'm trying to get a little bit of work while I look for an electrical apprenticeship.

    Obviously I'm going to need something to carry deliveries in. One of those large storage boxes with hinged lids would be ideal. But what happens when it starts raining? The packages are going to get wet. Bummer. So I need something waterproof.

    A nice big pelican case would be ideal, but they're way too expensive.
    Does anyone know some sort of waterproof box I could get to put on the back of my bike, for $70 or less? Ideally it would be about the same size as your average medium Starmaid storage container, and the lid needs to be able to be opened and closed quickly and easily. I've scoured ebay, and all the websites that sell this sort of thing seem to be in the US, which makes the shipping put it over my budget.
    Or can anyone suggest a way I can make a hinged storage container waterproof?
  2. With such a low budget its kinda hard. Milk crate and garbage bags?

    Otherwise... for the DR hmm.... why not look at a soft bag with a waterproof liner?
    Good liners from andystrapz: http://www.andystrapz.com/products.php?productCategoryId=35&Level=1
    Bag, cant help there with a real cheap suggestion im afraid (not that andy is cheap... but is good :) ).
  3. Kernel have seen a couple of guys riding round with just a sqaure plastice box with a lid that gets tied down, nuthin spesh in the box. I found on ebay a 48 ltr top box for $99 from sydney I think, also square top box [pizza box] seem a squarish set up, but again close to the $100 mark.
  4. Yeah I've seen them too, they don't look very water proof, water resistant maybe.
    Could you give me links to those boxes please? I'm willing to pay the extra cashola for something purpose built.
  5. the link below is for a 90 litre 'pizza case' / top box, they sell smaller ones as well Kerlnell, they are in Melbourne too.

  6. Bit too expensive, they also sell a 60l one for 149, still just a tad to expensive but could be tempted if it's waterproof, description doesn't say...
    How about a link to the $99 one?
  7. when you go to the page that sells 'any' of the boxes, click on 'other items' seeling by seller and you should find what you're looking for, or click on the 'ask a question' option at bottom of the page and ask what ever you want of them.
    Gathering you only want to have a 'sloid' box like item on a rack to keep external wall integrity, have you asked the company what the other guys use? I'm sore I have seen plain plastic square boxes with a lid on them tied at one end
  8. hmm no I haven't tried asking the company what the other guys use, I think I'll most likely go for that waterproof pet carrier crate but time will tell how it will hold up being out in the open.
  9. Well that's just what I needed! But I went for the cheap option instead, and bought a star maid large storage container, which was very cheap using my staff 50% discount at the factory's direct wholesale outlet (which I probably shouldn't've done considering I no longer work at star maid :D ).
    I will be drilling a couple of holes and adding ocky strap bolts to it shortly.
    Also, my interview with the courier company went well. He showed me what the motorcycle couriers usually use to carry goods in and it's pretty much the same thing I just bought. And I start my work trial on Thursday morning :) .