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Suggested Routes To Wilsons Promontory

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by ResmeN, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. I am riding from Broadmeadows to the prom (Yanakie) in the next few weeks but I am not so sure which route to take there.

    I basically dislike highways like most people so would like to ride more backroads, any route suggestions. I have no time frame and the route can be as windy and squiggly as possible.

    Would something like this route be okay?

  2. Hey ResmeN, the segment from points G to J is adding a massive detour, but if you're not in a hurry then the route you've picked looks ~really~ good. You're gonna love it mate.

    The riding in Gippsland is always scenic and fun. If you like what you see down there, the Grand Ridge Road might be worth a try if you haven't already done it.

  3. Noojee to Willow Grove is a good road (not familiar with Trafalgar to Mirboo North). But I do love Warragul to Korumburra. Unfortunately it's a bit busier and more enforced these days. Go one way, return the other?

    There's endless other good small roads in South Gippy. Keep an eye out for farm traffic, milk tankers and poo.
  4. Hi KLR Nirvana, coming to think it points G to J does look like a massive detour but will enable me to do both spurs at the same time and having never done the Reefton spur I'll do it as I will be leaving early in the morning and will make the most of it. I might give the Grand Ridge Road a crack on the way back thanks.

    Hi Holster, I like the change you have made and will do it that way. But I think I will still do a run on the squiggly road between points K to L on the original route. Thanks.
  5. Hi titus, the more I look at the maps the more I see better and better roads in that region. I intend to leave early so will hopefully reach the destination before the enforcers come out to play. Noojee to Willow Grove also looks nice and as you suggested will go one way come the other so will try and do as many of the good roads as possible. Thanks for the recommendations.
  6. Stop in Fish Creek and go to the Flying Cow cafe, they do the best vanilla slices washed down with great coffee!
  7. Thanks will do that and sample the vanilla slices. Not sure if this a Victorian thing but most bakeries in country areas in Victoria all claim to make the best vanilla slices in the state. Love it.
  8. ResmeN,

    I can vouch for Willow Grove to Noojee..a nice stretch of enjoyable road :) As titus mentioned, I did come across some trucks/farm vehicles forcing me to slow down at times..all good - it was my first time in those parts. Well worth it though !

    Just out of curiosity, you doing this ride alone ? Having returned from Lakes Entrance way some weeks ago (from a Sydney-Mudgee trip), I promised myself to return there soon. There are indeed some fabulous backroads out that way.

    I like your selected route and Holsters - don't think there'd be a lack of enjoyment on either.
    Keep us posted mate.
  9. Hi Nickers,

    Thanks for your suggestions and appreciated. Yes I'll be doing it alone. The plan is to leave
    Saturday morning. The forecast for this weekend is looking wet but I'll be doing it regardless however knowing Vic weather the only thing you know is that you don't know what the weather will be like. To tell the truth I thought about messaging you if you were interested to do it.

    If your in park you're bike at tulla and I'll meet you there 8 sat morning.

    Up to you bro :)
  10. So, let me confirm bud - you're leaving next Saturday, 18th Dec ? If so, I am free (in the middle of 8 days off, leading up to Xmas).
    I'll look into this mate & if you don't mind someone tagging along with you let me know. Definitely a nice place to go riding (y)
  11. Yes ride will be on Saturday 18th dec. Preferably would like to leave early 7-8am. I don't mind anyone tagging along and the more the merrier. If you don't mind more tagging along I'll run this past the saturday all day ride as they maybe interested too. I dont mind riding in any weather so long as you're cool to ride in the rain which judging on the recent rides you've done which I've followed here you are too then we should be right. I'd obviously prefer dry and perfect conditions but if it's not then well have to adjust our riding to suit the conditions.

    If it's just us 2 then we could meet at the big roundabout near gborough up the hill at the end of the ring rd that way neither of us will have to travel more than 20 minutes to meet.

    By the way return leg for me will be on Monday 20th December so if you're free we can do that together too.
  12. Excellent stuff - love your work ! Feel free to let as many know as you wish buddy - it's your ride :)
    I'd definitely be packing the wet weathers with me. Don't mind riding in wet conditions. albeit 'softening' the riding style, but getting drenched (recently) wasn't too fun...lol
    Re meetup point, no probs mate - let's see what eventuates.
    Keep me posted mate and I'll endeavour to let you know how things are looking my end etc.
  13. Well If you go through Mirboo North - the road out - few clicks down you'll see an advisory 40km/h sign on a left hander, think of me, thats where I flipped my bike :D
  14. Will do for sure :)
  15. Well the day came and we met up nice and early at 7:30 with a few netriders at Diamond Creek and started making our way thru the route. Headed thru Nutfield, Kinglake thru Toolangi, Chum Creek rd to Healsville for a hot cuppa. It was pissing down rain but made the experience all the more surreal and tough at the same time. Then we proceeded to head thru the Black Spur to Narbethong, thru Marysville, Cambarville did the Reefton Spur and took a fuel break at Warburton. From here went thru Powelltown, Noojee, Willow Grove & Trafalgar. Took a lengthy stop at Trafalgar for food, fuel & socialising. From here the other guys headed to home and Morningtan Peninsula to see family. As for myself I continued to push southwards thru Mirboo North, Meeniyan, Fish Creek before finally arriving at Yanakie. The wet weather gear got a good workout.

    Should have put plastic shopping bags over my feet to stop them from getting wet and will endeavour to do so for the next wet ride.

    On the return leg I did the same route except from Meeniyan this time I went thru Leongatha, Korumburra, Warragul, Neerim South/East before jumping on the C425 and heading home bound. On the way back it was also wet but this time somehow I managed to avoid most of the direct rain as the rain seemed to be ahead of me at most times which was good.

    Climbing thru the mountains seeing steam rise up from the roads, seeing the fog so down low at some places which jeapordises long vision and seeing the beautiful mountains with the clouds so low was an unreal experience.

    These are great roads which need to be ridden to be appreciated but lately seems to be a lot of policing around the spurs. However when I rode thru, it was wet both ways and the return was week day, there was no police presence, traffic was next to nonexistent and it was just me and the roads which was awesome. Thumbs up.


    Reefton Spur:

    Black Spur:
  16. After doing the ride I am glad for doing points G to J despite the massive detour it was the most fun part :)
    Would do this route in the future again with netriders.

    At a stop I mentioned to the others of the vanilla slices in Fish Creek but the rain rushed our thinking and it was skipped, hopefully another time. Though I did manage to get my vanilla slice fix on the return leg by stopping in to the bakery at Yarra Glen which I like.

    You were always in our minds Holly but there were no Kodak moments ):
    You'll have to take us on a ride thru there one day and walk us thru the events of the day.