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Suggested Routes Melbourne To Adelaide (Murray Bridge)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. I am riding from Broadmeadows to Murray Bridge tomorrow morning but I am not so sure which route to take there.

    I basically dislike highways like most people so would like to ride more backroads, any route suggestions. I have no time frame and the route can be as windy and squiggly as possible.

    I am intending of hitting the road early tomorrow morning probably around 5-6am.

    Would something like this route be okay?


    What about for the return? Should I stick to the coast or wander thru inner SA/VIC, if so please advise routes for the return leg too.

    By the way any folk from or around Adelaide want to hook up and ride for the hills I'll be there till Monday night.
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  3. Nothing to see inland through Western Vic., it's all just flat, straight, and regularly patrolled by unmarked Police cars.

    Only half decent road is to turn off the Western Highway just after Dadswell's Bridge and head through Roses Gap to Halls Gap, then through Pomonal and Moyston to Ararat.
  4. Stick to the coast if the weather's good.
  5. Couldn't agree more with a coastal run. Supposed weather change later in the evening tomorrow ( again, this is Melbourne ;) ) so hopefully none of that will interfere with your ride.
    Safe travels ResmeN and say G'day to Adelaide for me.
    PS - If you visit CrazyHorse on Hindley St, mention the name 'Leigh Haywood' for front row seats :D
    Enjoy !
  6. VTRAffair: Thanks for the route and I like it. Being a local can you give a nice twisty route around the famous Adelaide hills I could do as a venture out from MB.

    jd: Thanks and couldn't agree more.

    robsalvv: I think I'll do exactly that as you did on a previous thread of yours I read when you did the same run.

    Nickers330: By the time It's supposed to rain in Melbourne I'll be long in Murray Bridge kicking back with the family. I've given up on the weather and it is no longer a deterrent for me on any rides I do (as we both know). As long as it doesn't snow I gotta full tank of unleaded and I'm a gonna ride till my wheels fall off.

    Rain is due in Melbourne on Monday but I'll leave SA early Tuesday so should also have a dry run on the way back too.

    Forecast for Adelaide is typical hot, hot and hot

    Saturday Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 19 Max 34
    Sunday Fine. Partly cloudy. Min 15 Max 24
    Monday Fine. Partly cloudy. Min 14 Max 22
    Tuesday Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 13 Max 27

    The stable weather of Adelaide with the great roads of VIC would be an awesome combo. But I still love Melbourne too much..

    Haha lol CrazyHorse I thought it was a restaurant of sorts but it turned out to be a restaurant of other sorts. Nah I prefer RawHide in Shepparton lol. Is Leigh Haywood your alias name?
  7. Leigh was a very popular legendary Captain based in Adelaide who used to work with a former Airline where I was also employed. Most devious b*st*rd I've met to date ! For a 55yr old (back then), he was a real 'charmer' ;)

    Enjoy !
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  10. It's been an interesting week. At the beginning of the week I was thinking of doing the saturday all day ride to the gor with other netriders but then my brother told me he's going merimbula for a break. After reading posts from Nickers and others about how good the GAR was I decided I'd go Merimbula. Just as I was planning for that out of the blue a ride to Adelaide fell in my lap and I gladly accepted.

    The route I took was below which was suggested by our SA representative VTRAffair, thanks again by the way.

    ATD: 0615 (EDT)
    ATA: 1700 (EDT), 1630 (CDT)
    Distance: 900kms +
    Saddle time: 10 hours +
    Hairy moments: 1 (*)
    Police sightings: 2
    Infringements: $Nil
    Encounters with wildlife: 1 (**)
    No of puppies laid to the beast: Priceless, for everything else theres MasterCard. Accepted in over 100 countries. Ah crap back to the report.
    Shortcomings: Fuel & locust.

    I was doing some reading about te great ocean road and found out that the road was built by the veterans of wwI. That was a good scheme for it's time and could be repeated again now either by war veterans or better yet get prisoners to do it or something.

    To truly enjoy the gor I believe it needs to be done early 7-9am as there are hardly any cagers, tourists, peds, cyclists, mopf etc so you can offer the road good value and keep the change.

    Today (yesterday) must have been an Indian/Sri Lankan let's do the gor excursion as apart from myself at that time of the morning they seemed to be the only other road users. What was funny was most of the time I passed these guys they were pulled over and engaged in the act of no 1. The funny thing was they were doing this act right next to the car a few meters away from the road and looking me dead in the eye while doing. I found this a bit odd. I've been in this country my whole life and yes have pulled over and wringed water from the meat but would go into a bush or at least take a few steps away from where every t,d & h can see you.

    Valuable lesson no 1: Obtaining fuel on Xmas day is a difficult task
    Valuable lesson no 2: Wtf did the locust go to SA


    This was the part from home to Port Campbell. Easily was the best part. Had tight twisties, open corners, sweepers you name it. On previous GOR rides I'd only go as far as Lavers Hill then come back and play around the back streets of Lorne. Well the road from Lavers Hill to Port Campbell is gold. I'll be back. Speaking of Pt Campbell don't get petrol from the no name servo that has 2 smashed cars across the road. The fuel is crap.

    Views from Port Campbell & surrounds
    The steed is telling me to get a move on as we still had a bucket load of miles to cover
    Daft Punk says hi

    This was the part from Pt Campbell to Casterton. The 12 apostles is truly breathtaking and well worth a visit or two. There's literally somesort of viewing area every few 100 meters, made me laugh as I was riding past. The road from there to the next few towns isn't too shabby either. Warrnambool reminded a bit of Geelong for some reason but it looks like a nice town. Also they have some sort of motorbike club too. The bad batch of fuel I got from Pt Campbell showed its effects as I got shocking mileage from the tank. Normally from a 15 litre refill I'd get 280-350kms. With the bad batch I was lucky to get 200-250 which on a day like this really mattered.


    This was the part from Casterton to Naracoorte and to the ultimate destination of Murray Bridge. As I arrived to Casterton the fuel light was flashing and needed urgent fuel, I went up and down the town but all 3 local petrol stations were closed. I didn't want to risk pushing on to the next town as I knew I'd get stuck in the middle of nowhere. I remember a netrider saying once when they ran out of juice in a rural town they knocked on some farmers door who happily gave him some of his unleaded and was hoping for the same. Being xmas day people were hard to come by so after a bit of searching I bumped in to a local who gave directions to a milk bar that sold petrol tucked a few streets away which I found and filled up but turned out to be another bad batch of fuel. After this crossed over in to South Australia and despite not being empty as I was going past an open Shell in Naracoorte decided to top up as I still had 270kms of riding to do. I was on the home stretch and nothing could stop me. Yeah right. As luck would have it the fuel light was flashing but I was approaching a town called Tailem Bend which I know has 4 service stations and if worst came to worst I could call the family as Murray Bridge is only 20 kms away. Well me and the bike came to a complete halt 30m away from the petrol station.

    Well let me now talk a bit about the locusts. I thought this was only a Victorian plague and didn't least consider them being in SA. From Casterton onwards these critters made the last 400kms of the journey interesting to say the least. They made vision very poor by committing suicide by hitting me and the bike and after the weather got hot I took off the inner liners of my jacket and only wore the mesh jacket. Then each time I got hit it would hurt aswell.

    Now I had come to a complete stop 30m before the petrol station, that was all right, right? Wrong, infact very wrong. I was stopped right here and thought to myself how lucky I was as I could see bp. I pushed there but as luck would have it they were closed. But then I saw a sign saying the next servo was 300m away and then 1.3km. I thought what the heck I've come all this way and 300m is nothing so I pushed but that was also closed. Now it was 30 degrees heat, had been riding well over 900kms and been in the saddle for over 10 hours and to top it off the locust were everywhere and I mean everywhere. I thought of calling the family but thought fek it I'd push the extra km. So I did and finally got filled up & got going after downing a 500ml mother in one gulp as I was sweating all the while pushing the bike in full riding attire.

    While at the servo gave the helmet/visor and headlight/screen a good clean. By this stage the locusts had won the battle, I was tired of being hit with them and pushing the bike drained me after the epic trip. For the last 20 kms of the journey I tucked in behind a 4wd and let them take care of the locusts till I made it to Murray Bridge.

    I had washed the bike before embarking on the trip and by the time I got to Murray Bridge it was covered in locust filth. The father in law has a fireman style pressure hose so I gave the bike a quick wash and was good as new.

    On the way to Naracoorte saw this on a tree.

    Decided to pull over as it looked bizarre. Approached with caution in case something was going to attack. At first I thought it was a hornets or another insects nest of some sort but after some poking around couldn't make head or tail out of it. Maybe we have an entomologist or dendrologist who could shed light to the matter.

    Daft Punk says hi again
  12. * Was cruising along Mt Clay rd at it's given speed. At the end was going to turn right. On the map the road looked short but was in fact longer then I expected. As I approached here due to the poor raod markings completely over shot the intersection at a 100km/h upon realising thanked God there were no cars on the side of the road closest to me after counting my blessings and managed to pull up before colliding in to the car on the far side of the road. Blew a sigh of relief and carried on.

    ** Cruising along the GOR decided to ride on the pegs for a while stretching the legs just as 2 low flying birds took flight and crossed my path, kept on going and the things hit me but it wasn't head on more side on so impact wasn't bad. Don't know what happened to the bird.

    On the way back regardless of how long it's going to be I'm going to hit the coast right away as there are no locusts there.
  13. Sure does look like bliss. Thanks for the route VTRAffair. I'll do it either in the afternoon or early tomorrow morning. Don't have a gps but will plot the turns on a piece of paper and stick it on the tank for guidance and if stuck can use the iPhone maps app.
  14. Bloody hell!!! Sounds like nothing short of an epic adventure indeed, ResmeN !
    Good writeup/description of your specific 'events'. Funny thing is, having visited Port Campbell this time last year, was thinking of heading down that way for an overnighter with some family members. Excuse ? Fishing ! Though I'd be on 2 wheels, of course !
    Safe riding for the remainder of your journey dude.
  15. Thanks bro it was fun and worth it. Would do it all over again no issues.

    Let me know when youre planning of going Pt Campbell next, if it's on a weekend I'll be more than happy to provide company and ride in together with you.
  16. Good report Res.
    Doing a 900K GOR loop on Wed when I finally get a day to myself!
  17. Thanks Joe, you're going to have a ball. I have work on Wednesday and if I didn't I'd be more than happy to do it with you. The locusts will be waiting for you when you turn inland off the gor on you're way back. I hope you avoid them altogether.
  18. Route for the return journey is slightly different than coming here as I'm trying to stick more closer to the coast in hope of avoiding locusts based on the DPI website. I know they will be in Warrnambool as I encountered them there on the way in but the speed limits there are slow so they don't splatter and affect as much.

    Adelaide to Melbourne return route
  19. Get ready for a bumpy ride. That road thru the Coorong is as ruff as hell.

    ATD: 0458 (CDT), 0525 (EDT)
    ATA: 1730 (EDT), 1700 (CDT)
    Distance: 1000kms +
    Saddle time: 12 hours +
    Police sightings: 2
    Infringements: $Nil
    Encounters with wildlife: 2 (* & **)
    No of puppies laid to the beast: Too many
    Shortcomings: None

    After encountering the wrath and revenge of the locust from Warrnambool to Adelaide I decided an alteration was required to the route to keep me out of harms way for the return route and minimise my chances of meetings with insects. This meant adding distance to the overall route but I was prepared to add as much distance and time it took then to ride with a full frontal assault by the locusts. In the end I couldn't be happier with the route as should have also chosen to ride this route on the way into Adelaide too due to being more picturesque and scenic.

    Adelaide to Melbourne return route map link

    Did a few extra runs between Peterborough and Princetown as I saw a mate and his mrs in the car heading to Peterborough as I was heading to Princetown and gave chase and caught them later while he was pitching a tent.


    When I had arrived to Adelaide my clothing was covered in filth. Got absolutely everything washed and cleaned. On the ride back once I put all the clean clothes on it gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling and made me look forward to the ride even more than before due to feeling sleepy as I was hitting the road at 5am Adelaide time.

    This time I decided to stick to the coast the whole way hoping to avoid locusts of any sort and it worked.

    As I was riding past Tailem Bend very early in the morning truddling along the B1 Princes Hwy going thru towns such as Meningie, Coorong & Salt Creek it was a special feeling seeing salt lakes/beds besides the road, seeing the sun rise, the red colour of it and knowing it was going to be a clear hot day. I think SA mornings are even colder than VIC as my hands were cold. Lucky just before I left for the road I popped in to the fathers garage and got a few pairs of latex disposable gloves and wore 2 on top of eachother on each hand followed by the bike gloves.

    * The day couldn't have started more shockingly as maybe 5-10km into the journey still not wide awake I ran over a huge fresh kangaroo carcass. I braced & relaxed myself as I was anticipating it and expected the bike to jump or change course but nothing happened and it carried on straight. Perhaps standing on my pegs while lifting my bum off the seat also helped to stabilise the motorbike.

    I had to be extra alert during this part of the ride as there was wildlife continually popping its heads out from the sides of the road and could collide with the bike. This 200km stretch of road is highly picteresque as there are regular road signs with cameras on them where there are great looking salt lakes for people to take snaps and highly recommended. I found doing it so early in the day added to the experience.

    Motorbike is packed and all ready to go
    Salt lake and sunrise
    Larry the Big Lobster

    Valuable lesson no 1: Riding for economy and not speed pays off
    Valuable lesson no 2: Must ride GOR earlier to avoid cagers of any sort also need to be very alert for 4wds continually running wide on corners on the Great Ocean Road or other roads for that matter.

    It was bumpy at times but nothing compared to facing a locust onslaught :)