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suggested routes from south of sydney to armidale nsw?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by waedwe, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. any suggestions welcome, in late april the wife has to go to arimdale for a week of university, (UNE) so we will be riding to armidale from mittagong just south of sydney, any fun non boring routes would be welcome, we will be riding the trip in 1 day and returning in 1 day a week later due to kid and work comitments either side of her uni work, also any advice on good rides things to do at armidale would be good as i wont be sitting in a motel room for the 5 days she is stuck in class i plan to ride non stop if possible i see the oxley highway and thunderbolts way i was told about close by(thanks hornet), and 3rdly would anyone studying there or previously been to uni there know of good motorcycle parking spots at U.N.E for my wife during the day?
    Thanks in advice to any suggestions

  2. http://snipurl.com/egda2

    This is the route I suggested (and have ridden on a couple of occasions) when we were talking on Sunday.
  3. Your wife will have no trouble finding parking at U.N.E, there are heaps of motorbike spots... its just the lack of car parks :p She will have to get a parking permit though
  4. Thanks hornet that ride looks great i couldn't quite remember all the directions so thanks once again, thanks bunjumung will let her know of plenty of parking she will be stoked
  5. the link hornet posted was exactly the same route i was going to suggest.

    I used to live not far from dungog, and travel to armidale quite a lot to visit my other half's parents.
  6. looking at google maps, if you dont mind dirt roads there looks to be some fine form up there. Also, from memory the rd through dorrigo is quite fine.
  7. probably not on a 230kg ZZR-1200, though, eh?
  8. i wouldnt have any idea tbh :p

    I still recommend the dorrigo run
  9. yep will be sticking to the black top, so many good roads up around armidale and a week to ride them while the wife studies and learns :woot:
  10. hi I agree the route Hornet described is a good one.

    I grew up in Muswellbrook and used to drive around all that area. The roads are a lot better now too.

    This weekend I just rode to see my mum up there and back and went via Jerrys Plains, Broke and Wollombi which is a lovely ride. Today was very busy with lots of groups of bikes going north. My neck was getting sore nodding to them :)

    Bloody fantastic ride. I left about 8:30 as there was low cloud/fog. So spectacular going through the mist and coming out into sunshine with the cloud hanging over the valleys and back into it.
  11. I lived in Denman from '73 - 80 and learned to ride around those roads. I did the Jerry's Plains bit last year in Spirng, and couldn't believe how much better the road was. And there'd been lots of rain so the grass was as green as Engand, and growing right up to the verge of the road for miles on end... just fabulous.

    Hope you get a clear day when you hit the top of Thunderbolt's, mate, the view from the lookout is something out of the box!
  12. Hey hornet - SNAP!

    One thing I noticed on the ride was lots of crow meat on the side of the road - kangaroos, wallabies and even a efing enormous wombat with its feet in the air like a bugs bunny cartoon. I swear it had crosses for eyes!

    Point being ... watch yourself riding at dawn and dusk.