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Suggested routes between Great Alpine Rd and Great Ocean Rd

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Iron-Chef, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. I am riding from Brisbane to the GOR next month via alot of great roads but I am not so sure which route to take in Victoria.

    From Albury to the GOR and back only firm plans I have are to include the Great Alpine Rd, day visit to Melbourne and ride as many other good bike roads as I can include - route is completely open and I would be grateful for any advice.

    I basically dislike highways like most people so would like to ride more backroads and when I visit Melbourne I would like to stay in the outer suburbs and catch a train into the city for the day?


  2. albury to tawonga and then over the tawonga gap to germantown
    then up through harrietville over mt hotham
    from hotham to omeo and the omeo hwy to bairnsdale
    back roads through bengworden and then cut from stratford through maffra to Traralgon (the roads from bairnsdale to traralgon are not twistys but it keeps you off the hwy)
    i did tawonga to bairnsdale 2 weeks ago and these roads are awesome
    you can go from moe to yarra junction to melb but i havnt done these roads so maybe someone else can help
  3. Have to agree, Tawonga to Bright (or Germantown), which is only a short hop, but then definitely do Mt Hotham, at least to the top, which is the best road in Victoria these days. If you don't have enough time for the Omeo loop, then back down to Bright, do the relatively straight transport stage to Whitfield via Millawa. This gets you to the excellent Whitfield - Mansfield road, transport stage to Alexandra and Marysville (watch for radar on this stretch, esp. Mans. -Yarck) which gets you to the Reefton and Black spurs.
    From Healesville, Chum Creek Road to Kinglake, St Andrews (watch for pork and Really tight corners here ), and your almost in the outer suburbs.
    Getting to GOR involves either the deathly dull Geelong Freeway, or a complicated series of backroads to take in Bacchus Marsh, Glenmore, Anakie, Fyansford and so on. This option has it's moments, but it might be better to just get down to the coast as quickly as you can. Take the road inland from just east of Apollo bay to add some great twisties, too.
  4. Thanks very much - thats excellent!
  5. not sure where you will end up in melb but if you head down the Mornington Peninsula there is a Ferry across from Sorrento to Queenscliff $25 for bike and rider just another option to get away from geelong road
  6. Hey that would work well for one leg of the journey, thankyou.

    So do people say the Great Alpine road rides best from North to South or visa-versa?

    At this stage I was thinking ride down it and across to GOR (now via that ferry) then go back via the other suggested route Mansfield-Whitfield-Milawa.

    Coming across from Bairnsdale I thourght I would take the suggested backroads and then I might swing south and visit Wilsons Promontory which basically then locks me into riding the Gippsland H-way.

    I am going to pull up short of Melbourne and then take a rest day and take a train in to the city do some sightseeing (and laundry). Is there a train service in from the Mornington peninsular area or nearby?

    After the GOR I think I might ride the roads that run north and up into the hills which sound good and then try to avoid the city and freeways all the way north to the Mansfield area.

    thanks again for the assistance.
  7. erm i'm still learning the roads myself but if you check the vic events there's a ride on the 31st of march up around the alpine way. If timing is right maybe you could tag along.

    btw nice link in sig.
  8. Dunno about locking you in, but some of the South Gippsland roads (and especially the backroads through the Strzlecki Ranges) are some of the best around. Korumburra - Warragul is good, too. Bass Hwy leads to some good side roads.
    Lotsa trains to city from Mornington peninsula.
  9. From Bairnsdale I plan now to ride to Frankston and use that as a base for a day off riding and catch train into city. Route across really is open so I shall try take in some back roads - there always better than highways :)

    I shall not be leaving here until 2nd April - but thanks again.

  10. are u back yet if so how did u go