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Suggest route through NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by biker one, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Hello,
    I will be doing a ride from Brisbane and intend to go south through NSW country and coastal, both either or whatever??

    Can anyone suggest a good ride?
    I will be doing something like 2500 klms over about 14 days.
    But that is flexable...Want to enjoy the ride.

    Much appreicated for any help.

    biker one.
  2. Oxley, thunderbolts, waterfall way, putty, wisemans, old pac, freeway down to natio, kiama, kangaroo valley, macquarie pass, etc.

    Some/all of those + more would be fun :D
  3. I just bought the book titled biatch'N Bitumen. It would be very helpful to you. $45.00 delivered from www.biatch'nbitumen.com.au

    the fella that wrote it videod the twisty roads and they can be downloaded from the website.

    When is your trip, i will post again when i have read more.
  4. What bike have you got??

    Phizog's roads cover the northern part and just south of Sydney well, try and fit them all in if you can.

    Pretty much anywhere off the main highways are going to be fun - but the southern part of the Princes Hwy after Batemans Bay is worthwhile, but a bit of traffic sharing it with you.

    Of course the Snowys are going to be good out of winter

    Go to RACQ, get their free maps and spread them out and look for the wiggly lines :cool:

    Haven't ridden much down South, but the roads into Bombala are in good condition through wide open countryside.
  5. Hello,
    I will be picking up a new Suzuki C50 set up for touring later this week.

    I plan to do the trip in February 2008.

    Want to point the bike in some direction and just go from there.
    Was planning on going north, but that time of year it will be rather hot so changed the plans to go south instead.

    This will be my first long distance trip on a motorcycle.
  6. Spent time researching the roads Phizog mentioned in his post.
    They sure look to be interesting.
    Will plan to do some of those thats for sure.