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Suggest a track bike for under 5k

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Grrila, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Hey All,

    Last week I had done my first track day and the bug has bitten! I had done the day on my 08 z750 and although it did the job no worries I am considering getting rid of it for something a little cheaper in case I bin it and a bit more track focused. I was in no way quick and I spent a lot of time screaming in my helmet. I havent ever experienced that sensation of speed on a bike so its something to get used to and build the confidence. I can confidently say I would not have harnessed the Z's full ability.

    So a little about me. I am a weekend rider doing rides like Nebo, Glorious and Tambourine. I commute on my current bike to work in the cbd 8km for s&%ts and giggles so not essential but would be nice to keep doing. 182cm tall 84kg.

    Can netrider suggest me a decent trackday bike for under 5k? Main key thing is will it be reliable and are parts readily available and cheap? Please also include year groups and the limit of km's you would consider acceptable.

  2. I recently paid $3500 for a 2005 r6 with 26000 klms on it. It was a rep write off but only had minor damage and rides great. Looking forward to my first track day
  3. From what I understand the R6's are the way to go if you're chasing a supersport trackie
  4. (unless you are lucky enough to find an old two stroke RS250 RG500 etc.)
    only consider these model fourstroke RR's : CBR, GSXR, YZFR, ZXR

    all these bikes in 600 and 1000cc have been constantly updated for race track performance in an arms-race over the last decade, and have been revolutionised in that time

    nowadays new race replicas have around the same performance as a three year old superbike, a stock ZX10 has over 200hp

    an old 600rr should be the ticket unless you really want a 1000
    no more than 10 years old, no more than 20,000ks
    you should be able to get for around $5000 onroad (tracked/raced bike should be less)

    1000cc's tend to run about $2000 more than the 600's
    so you will want about $7000 for a 1000cc
  5. Where do people look for bikes? I generally go searching through bikesales but I'm only coming up with late 90's early 2000's supersports with 40000 plus k's. Maybe the selection isn't that great, should I be looking interstate as well? Or maybe not worth it on that budget?

    Funnily enough I'm finding 2005 cbr600rr's in that budget while other brands are much older? Always thought Hondas held their value better?
  6. Search Gumtree or eBay for " track bike "
  7. I'd agree with what dgmeister said, 750's are also an option... check out this for track/race bikes: http://www.formula-xtreme.com.au/xtremema.nsf/Classifieds!openform

    If it didnt work, its the formula xtreme classifieds. Racebikes are normally more expensive, but come with a ton of spares - wheels, sprockets, tyres, fairings etc... If you dont plan on riding on the road much, check out http://www.adrenalinpb.com.au/ and speak to Michael - is located in VIC, but can transport bikes... sell a lot of repairable writeoffs, stat writeoffs which are good for track bikes if you have no intention to ride on the road.
  8. Trying to keep costs down I need to keep it to one bike so it does need to be registerable as I do like my weekend rides! If I do bin it it's not the end of the world as I do have a cage and work in the city so I'm not without transport if the bike was to be totalled or damaged.
  9. Thats a really good point! The mob that I would be going through do $99 hire per session, $495 full day or $295 for half day. It's just the $4k security deposit thats a difficult one. I'm not one for credit cards so I only have a $5k limit on mine. Maybe I need to up it a little haha.
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  11. Hmmm but reading into it the max you would pay ever is $4k if you bin it which makes a lot of financial sense (baring you don't injure yourself or somebody else). Say if I did bin my own $5k bike, If I include the cost of the bike, rego, non existent insurance that would do nothing for me on the track and then the wear and tear items and trackday costs ontop I'd probably be well ahead using the hire bike instead...

    I would have to do a full 10 days of track riding to have spent the same coin on a dodge old bike. Hopefully after 10 full days of track days I would be doing some reasonable lap times for a track day noob at that point which is all that I am aiming for at this moment of my baby steps...

    Ami I missing something here or has what I have said above makes sense to everybody else?
  12. Would be good but I'm in Brisbane. The one that I did recently was Champions Ride Day which was in my opinion really good. Was planning on going back to them as I thought their guys were really helpful.
  13. If the bug has indeed bitten, as it tends to do. a dedicated track bike is by far and away the best option. If this isn't an option then at least a second set of rims with some sticky tyres on them to chuck on for your track days.
    I'd be suggesting something 03 onwards, which will be fuel injected. the amount of road k's on it arent a huge issue so long as its been well serviced. Anything under 50k will do. Of course less is desireable. As others have mentioned before formula-xtreme.com.au is the best for track bikes. Ebay does have plenty for sale too and if you're patient they do go real cheap sometimes. Most would say a 600 is the best starting point. They're probably right. A dedicated tracky around 10 years old start at about $3.5k. The equivalent road registered will be more like $5k. All the Jap 600s from the last decade are going to make great track bikes to learn on. R6s and gsxrs are very popular and therefore second hand parts are more plentiful. CBRs slightly less so. Zx6s much less so.
    Another option, which i have used with my current 2 track bikes is to by them yourself at auction. Down here in victoria a 2003ish repairable write off will set you backaround $2k give or take with cosmetic only damage(newer 07+ around $3.5 and up) . If you're handy you can order and fit a set of race glass yourself for $500. Secondhand sets come up on formula xtreme and ebay as well if you're prepared to wait for them. I'm not sure what happens in QLD but i know NSW is putting all damaged bike through as statutory writeoffs so while unable to re-register them, they are cheaper again.
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  14. They don't turn you loose until after lunch and you are pretty much used to it by then. Only real danger is they don't break the free ride time up into sessions and you get pretty stuffed. So take a few drink breaks.
  15. This sounds great! Good find..
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