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Suggest a ride south of sydney

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by AdzA, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Hey all, we just moved to Sydney and are looking for a nice half day ride.

    So far I have done a a couple of laps of the RNP and want to venture out a little further.

    One ride I have been thinking of is this one.

    I mostly ride 2up with one of the kids on the back, so a ride with a bit of scenery would help keeping them entertained.

    I am living in Liverpool area.

    Any other ride suggestions would be appreciated.

    Cheers, AdzA
  2. Welcome to to the bankruipt State, mate :LOL:

    That's a good loop, although both the Appin and Picton roads are over-populated with coal truck and tradies,and the scenery is about as good as in your back yard.
  3. Hey there Adza

    Welcome to the Forums.

    I too am from the Liverpool area (casula)

    I'd be up for a ride, I'm going interstate for the next 2ish weeks, but once i'm back I'll shoot you a PM.
  4. I have to agree with hornet re the appin+picton roads. I head down south ocasionally myself and would suggest you try the old princes hwy instead of the freeway and maybe go down bulli pass and turn left at the bottom head towards thirroul and follow the coast road alll the way to stanwell tops. You can stop along this stretch and check out the beaches or at stanwell tops for the view and possibly hanggliders that go from there when the conditions are right. This route also takes you over that new sea bridge which you may or may not want to stop and walk along. From stanwell tops you can head back to the freeway for quick trip back to sydney or carry on through the national park. This skips Macquarie Pass unfortunately...your call if you want to go down there and back.
  5. Cheers for the replies,

    Might give that bit a miss and just do a lap over Mt keira.

    I am on holidays for two more weeks but should have most weekends free after that.

    Cheers Rod, I did this ride on the weekend with my daughter and we had a ball, forgot to take the camera though.

    Keep the suggestions coming :D

    Cheers, AdzA
  6. Its been 20 years since I lived out Picton way, maybe someone more recently local could confirm whether the Camden Valley Way/Old Razorback Rd/Old Hume Hwy is still a good run.
  7. There are some great little loops rides, or longer loop rides down these parts if you want them.

    As a guide from Liverpool take the hum-drum of the highway to Casula and turn right at the Crossroads Hotel onto Camden Valley Way. Where it takes a sharpish left go straight ahead towards Bringelly on Bringelly Road.

    Where it crosses Northern Road go straigh ahead and follow it through to Wallacia where the road kind of ends and you turn left onto Silverdale Road. Follow it back past the golf course and all the way to the T-intersection at 'The Oaks' (just before The Oaks on the left there used to be a place where Circus Elephants were kept, not sure if still there).

    If you turn right here it leads to Burragorang lookout (slight right at end) which overlooks the back reaches of Warragamba Dam (you can get to the wall from Wallacia). But, if you go to Burragorang lookout you have to come back teh same way.

    Alternately go straight ahead and this road (Montpellier Road) will bring you out opposite the King George pub in Picton (by which the road is now Barker Lodge).

    From here the opportunities are relatively endless and can take you through to Mittagong and beyond by turning right and just riding. There are some great roads down that way in terms of scenery, challenge and experience as well as some good stop points for rest and relaxation.

    Alternately you could turn left at the King George along Argyle Street which becomes Rememberance Drive and head back towards Camden, but not reaching it.

    This way you go over Razorback mountain (the scene of the truck blockades decades ago) and once you drop of the hill there is a turn on the right towards Menangle (Finns Road), take it. The road forks again shortly after.

    Take the left fork and you head towards Menangle where I would suggest going straight ahead. You cross the Hume Freeway and just trundle along through farm country feeling as if you are in the middle of nowhere, never mind being a few short minutes from Campbelltown. Eventually you recross teh freeway (all on bridges) and come to a T-Intersection across a wooden bridge (take care at this corner). Now just to digress.

    Instead of taking the left fork on Finnns Road you can continue on the right fork with will come to a T-junction (this enters in teh middle), turn right. This is Menangle Road, follow it along the ridge and it drops into a 60 zone in which there are a couple of sharp but well surfaced corners on a descent.

    Once on the flat look for the road on the left to Douglas Park, take it and follow it to the level crossing. Go through the crossing and a few hundred metres later go left (there is a tennis court there) and follow it. This is narrow but spectaculr as it goes partially under rock ledges and it meets the road in the previous paragraph at the mentioned bridge.

    Ok, so back together, take a left or straight ahead (depends on which way you come) and follow it down across the causeway. The bridges to teh immediate left are the twin Douglas Park bridges of the Hume Freeway, high aren't they. Climb out through the hairpins and follow that road until the T-Intersection (some kms later).

    This is Wilton Road, the same Wilton Road mentioned in your google post. I would say turn left go down through the gorge and climb the other side to Appin. From tehre it is up to you, you could head towards Wollongong on Appin Road (not as heavily trafficked as Picton Road) or just head back towards Campbelltown and on home.

    The above route is likely only 150 or so kays (if that) but will kill a few hours and allow you to see what is in the immediate area. Aside from that I would suggest adventuring along the eastern cost through the National Park (personally, I feel over-rated) and onto other roads south (Keira, Macquaries Pass, Kangaroo Valley, Jamberoo and many others )

    The best bet, head out and use the 'turn here' philosophy as it has proved me well over the years.

  8. gco0307

    That sounds like a great ride, when I come back, i'm gonna map it out and probably do it sometime mid Feburary.

    When it gets closer to the end of January, I'll post it up and see if anyone is interested in gathering a group.
  9. Wow Garry thanks for that it is exactly what I was looking for.

    Just got back from a nice arvo cruise through Waterfall -> RNP -> Stanwell Park. I too feel that the RNP is somewhat overrated (but I have been spoiled by the Vic alpine roads) however it is still nice to go through at a slow pace.

    I will be interested if time permits.

    Cheers, AdzA

    edit: Google Map of Garry's route
  10. theres some good rides to be had from picton on the road through thirlmere through to colo vale hill top area, the old hume highway down around bargo and the dams is also in good condition still i ride these regurlarly, the old hume highway also links with old south road, take that to kangaloon rd and you can ride kangaloon road into the middle of robertson and go down the macquarie pass, or alternatively go onto sheepwash road which joins nowra road for a great ride down into kangaroo valley, if coming the other way from robertson, kangaloon road is actually listed as calong st after a set of lights in the middle of robertson, as someone else already said burrgorang road out to the lookout around picton is also very good for a ride up, but yep you gotta ride back the same way, barkers lodge road from it back to picton is also good, tonnes of good roads to explore have only touched the surface, theres also sutton forest down through bundanoon, penrose wingello,tallong, just explore them all at your leisure you wont be dissapointed edit, just working out how to use google maps and will try and show some of the roads on the map if anyone wants them
  11. Can recommend the Kangaroo Valley ride as beautifully twisty and very scenic...
  12. this is just a little loop i did this afternoon am thinking of expanding it and coming back up through kangaroo valley, but this is good for a quicker afternoon run for me, just like going back up the macquarie pass, except when volvos and 4wd's get in the way

  13. doh link stuffed up will fix it later, just copy and paste it in browser window works but
  14. tomorrow afternoon is going to be a lot less punishing than today, anyone interested in doing 'the loop'???
  15. can probably make it tomorrow for a loop down jamberoo and up the macquarrie pass, what time were you thinking?