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suffering withdrawals.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mischiefmaka, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. So i had my first OFF a few weeks ago, tight, unmarked, wet corner verses too much speed ( 3 bikes went down on the same corner at the same time ) i some how managed to save too much damage being done to myself or my bike but he has been off the road for 3 weeks waiting for parts and ive been off the road waiting for torn shoulder to mend ( had xray done in emergency, turns out i have an old incorrectly healed fracture in my shoulder that i didnt even know about lol was a hot topic amongst the doctors :-s)
    ANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYway, im suffering so much mental anguish at not being able to ride that ive actually taken to riding pillion on the back of the husbands Buell when ever he goes anywhere just so i can get some sort of " fix" on.8-[
    I didnt think it would be this bad, i have no idea how id ever cope if i was to lose my license for a few months, perish the thought.[-(

    Count down has begun, pretty sure my bike will be ready to ride b4 my shoulder is so thats going to be hard....another week im hoping ill be ready for a small ride, test the shoulder out a bit....sheesh its like someone cut my legs off.
  2. Very sorry to hear that. I hope your shoulder heals fast and that you can get back out there quicker than you expect. I can sympathise, although our situations are different, we wont be doing any more long Sunday rides for a considerable time due to hubbys bike suffering a major breakdown (maybe even not worth repairing), it wouldnt be fair if I were to go out and leave him sitting at home. Already I'm missing our favourite roads. I was also without a bike this time last year for 2 months, and I still remember how much I hated not riding. I rode pillion a couple of times during those months and it definately was better than sitting at home...........
  3. Ouchies

    Mend yourself first bikes are just machines.
  4. Im perfectly healthy and cant ride with a perfectly good bike, I know how your feeling,
    6.5 months to go, DUUUHHHH.
  5. Bad luck Sars.

    Still, this'll give you more time perfecting 'the pout' and risque pics on FB I should hope (and pray)

    Heal up and get back on the bike soon XX

  6. Thanks guys, was a learning curve that im grateful i managed to have without ending up in hospital or worse...I was very lucky nothing was coming around the corner at the time obviously....Will certainly take more care in the wet from now on ;)

    Lol Cam, that is my trade marked "Blue Steel" look...;)

    yeah Brian, thats just unthinkable....Dont envy you at all.
  7. heal well and heal fast and get your fix.

    at least you can sit on your bike and start her/him up.....and not have to go vrommmm vrommmm, or even just stare blankly at the spot where your bike used to be :(.

    Get well mischiefmaka, whats the ETA of recovery and back on the saddle?
  8. know how ya feel mate, know how you feel.

    I look at bike p0rn every day.... not as good as a ride, but it helps

  9. Damn Gal, not good, how did the airbags hold up? Heal well woman
  10. Damn, that sucks big time :(
  11. AznCruiser- I pick up some parts tomorrow and im lucky to have some great biker mates who will install them for me...=D> so im thinking i will be ready within a week or two...

    Goz- Your concern for my, ahem, " air bags " is noted and i thank you for the thought..Im happy to report that they remained unscathed by the accident as did my beaver and lips...I know right?, lucky huh??? :p
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    I know the pain.

    ACL reconstruction in November. Not back on the bike til June.

    I find buying go fast/blingy bits helps ease it somewhat...

  13. Who was on top?

    I'm picturing it something like this -


  14. :rofl::rofl::rofl: i can breathe better knowing that now (y) Thankyou for the update :butt:
  15. withdrawals, yeh been there done that. I reckon I'm almost used to them now, but just when you start to think you can do it easy it hits you again.
  16. i'm in that same boat (except the injury)
    8 weeks saturday just gone since i threw it into a car, 5 of those weeks it sat at teh insurers waiting for the assessor to get back from holiday, 2 more weeks waiting for money from insurance (and for the cheque to clear) and this last week just waiting impatiently for parts to arrive (they gave me money to do the work myself)

    heal up well. shoulder injuries are fkd
  17. Lol Wayne...I dont have "accidents" when i have someone on top....Im both well practiced and well prepared for such occasions.

    forgotten- Thats terrible and ive been in a similar situation with a car of mine that some silly women wrote off for me. I feel your pain :(

    With my bike, i knew the damage was minimal and my gear wasnt damaged so i didnt bother claiming, all up its cost me $200 so far to fix, just hoping they can plastic weld my headlight ( as Yamaha the thieving bitches, wanted $300 just for a replacement plastic back part that holds the light in place WTF??) so as long as my new bars arent bent and everything steers like it should, ill be apples.

    Goz-;) If anything changes ill get in touch with you ASAP :beer:
  18. Gee I know where the is a spare Buell!
  19. lol Not unless u mean your one Dave, Matt wouldnt let me ride his if the house was on fire and i needed to save it for him.