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suffering the dt's

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by countrycruiser V6, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. hey all havent done much riding for the last couple of weeks as I am getting ready to go into hospital to get my hearing fixed (fingers crossed). looking at spending 2 weeks not doing anything and off work for 6 weeks total. gonna be murder having the bike in the shed and not being able to ride.
    Epecting really really bad withdrawal here .
    Anyway will keep up a more regular apearance on this forum to find out how you guys are going. (probably next best thing to riding). there's also moto gp3 on the playstation if i get desperate!!
    SAFE RIDING ALL. see you soon. :grin:

  2. Get well soon Andrew. By the way, was it caused by your Virago's pipes?
  3. I'm just getting back on after 6 weeks and i can tell you IT SUCKS :(
    Sorry but there's no other way to put it, just don't go outside because every bike you see will make you feel depressed because you know you can't ride yours.
  4. Wow, bikes are more like girlfriends than I had realised!
  5. hey buddy, how long you going in for?in numurk? used to work there

    sorry to hear your going to be out of action, but when your better, im planning on organizing a trip, no details yet, so hopefully you'll be up for it..
  6. no it wasnt caused by the virago's pipes.
    wild violet, Im actually going into shepp private. overnight stay (hopefully).
    i have joined the numurkah riders (great bunch) you might like to join them too, no fee no obligation just ride when you like. they go out on the last sunday of every month. if you are interested pm me I i will let you know more details.
  7. no surgery!!! got canned at the last minute as doc is sick