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Sue's tool and the return of RedRacerGirl

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fj1100, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. A few of us got together on Saturday, SuzyQ wanted to learn how to handle her tool(s) and Chickbabe wanted to get some K's under her belt as she's a couple of months off the saddle and is itching to get on the shiny red GSX-R 750 sitting, alone, (well, as alone as it could be with 3 other GSX-R's sitting next to it...) in her garage...

    So we talk Jarred into comming (we needed a real tool after all :p Just kidding mate, honestly!!) and met up in the mountains, and headed back to Sue's (me with my breaky, a huge bag of potato chips - they have lots of carbohydrates!!... I think...)

    We changed her oil and filter, drunk too much coke, adjusted a chain, chatted a while. poked around with brake pads and clutch cabl;e adjustments, and had a coffee.. It was tiring I tell ya!!

    Ok so we sat around chatting for another hour or so (again, tiring...) then decided we better spend some time on the bikes.

    Down onto the megalong for lunch (and I took at least 5 wrong turns leading to dirt roads to get there... stupid mountains and their stupid dirt roads...) then back up, dodging fire trucks up the pass and headed west.

    We took jenolan caves road, a quick detour onto cox's river road (I think) which was amazing, then around the caves loop (which is also amazing, but everyone already knew that. a few photo and a toilet stop later we were having (yet another) drink at oberon, then back to Hartley via Hampton.

    Was a great day all up, although next time I think we should maybe think about drinking/chatting a bit less :p

    Some piccies!

    Doesn't Chickbabe just look the part in her red garb!


    Thanks for comming guys!!

    [Edit mod: images changed to links due to size]

    [Edit - ME!! WTF?!? geocities has data limits now?!?]
  2. Pics no work :(
  3. Pics work OK for me ..
  4. The thought of Tim being able to lead other impressionable riders astray on days like this is just too awful.....

    Just kidding, sounds and looks like a great day, mate.

    {Pics work for me, but they scroll off the page.}
  5. Pics no work for me, neither. :?
  6. They work for me, get a real browser :p

    Was a really good day, haven't ridden in the mountains before so quite an experience :D
  7. Well it was a great day, I had a blast, but next I'll plan a little better an wear a clear visor :cool: . The pics are great, thanks sue. But am I really thta short? :oops: I must be standing in a hole. :LOL: My suit is red isn't it :LOL: :LOL: .
    Oh tim you forgot about the part where you had to rescue me on the dirt :shock: . :LOL:
    Besides ending up with the sorest a$$ you could every imagine I had a great day with great company.

    Thanks again and when is the next one?
    Cheers Lou
  8. well, I was going to leave out the part where you tried a u-turn on a dirt road, hit some soft stuff and stood there on ur bike, honking your horn waiting for me to come push you out :p

    ... but sinced you mentioned it...

    As for the next one... I'm hopefully moving this weekend, but I can probably squeeze something in.

  9. It was a great day, thanks to Tim for all his technical help..woo hoo.. I can now do an oil change! Hehe.. and I know how to put some 'bling' on my bike..

    The ride afterwards was a blast too.. yeah 'cept for the dirt roads :( ... but regardless we had a lot of fun. :grin: Next time tho we'll make sure Chickibabe gets back home before we get in trouble! Sorry Tuhi!! :oops:

    Its all about what I love about riding, :grin: getting together with like minded people that I would never meet otherwise and just chatting/drinking and riding.. and talking about it all afterwards!
  10. :?: Soooo Miss Suzy what bling have we done or have Planned :wink:
  11. No bling yet. :) .. but I'm sure I need some of them fancy LED indicators, a blueish globe for the headlight and definitely some nice blue bar ends! That will do for starters.... open to ideas.. :grin:
  12. :?: Hmmmmmm i think maybe i best watch my bluey globe and my chrome bar ends and stainies n stuff lol .I think i will just haff ta come and bling that baby blue of yours :p