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Sue and Lou's Big Trip to Victoria

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by suzyq, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Day 1 Lawson to Junee - 432klms

    I met Lou and her hubby Tuhi at Lawson Servo as arranged at 8:30am so by the time we filled up and set off it was about 9:50am - onwards to first stop at Bathurst. Tuhi was riding with us to Bathurst before turning around to head home. The weather was perfect until we went down Victoria Pass, where it got a bit foggy. Yuk, I hate fog! :shock: Anyway onwards to Bathurst to my parents place for a quick hello, then to Maccas to meet with an e-bayer Lou had sold a leather jacket to, and a coffee, then up to Mt Panorama for the obligaratory lap. :grin: Since I was up there at Christmas they have painted over all the tributes to Peter Brock that were all over the walls up there. Sorta sad, but thats life! Pics at the top of course and Tuhi left us at the lights, he turned right and we went left!

    On to Cowra, pretty uneventful, just boring straight roads! Fill up both the bikes and us and onwards to Junee and Lou's Mum and Dad's place. We were hoping to get to Junee before 4pm so we could go and visit Monte Christo, supposedly Australia's most haunted house, but we arrived in Junee about 3:50pm and we decided it was too late. Oh well, next time! Thanks to Lou's Mum and Dad for their hospitality for the night, and the really comfy bed!


    all loaded up

    looking very fresh at Bathurst