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Sue and Lou's Big Trip To Victoria..and on..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by suzyq, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Ok.. Lou (Chickibabe) has a leave pass for the school holidays so Sue (Suzyq) and Lou are heading south! :dance:

    We intend to leave on the 10th April from sunny (not so at the moment!
    :( ) Sydney and head to Melbourne, hopefully making our way to Adelaide (time permitting, we're not in any rush) and back again by the 18th April. Sooo.... party time in Melbourne.. :woot:

    We haven't planned our itinerary yet, but will let everyone know soon when we will be there..

    Hopefully we can meet up with a few of you Melbourne Netriders.. I believe Lou owes someone a drink or two! :wink:

    Woodsy: Get those beds ready!

    Rosie: Look forward to catching up!

  2. Ok so here we go sue, :grin: :grin: . \:D/
    I'm driving hubby nuts already, He'll be waving me good bye with a big smile, say thank god peace and quite, I can see it now. :LOL:.

    This will be a great adventure, my first trip away and only girls. :cool: \:D/ .
    I own a young gentleman a drink for his help with hubby, :grin: so i better not forget that one. Looking forward to meeting the netriders from melbourne. :cool: Maybe sue we could fit in a coffee night?

    So 40 DAYS and counting. :LOL: :cool:

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Cheers Lou
  3. Hehe, make sure you get some good pics. I'm sure there'll be lots of novelty moments :LOL: :LOL: :cool: :p
  4. rock on!
    if you DO come to adelaide, let me know.
    i'm sure we can work out some accomodation for you both.
  5. Now thats an invite i can't refuse :bannanabutt:
  6. Friday nights in the city get a good crowd, or Tuesdays in the East subs...:)

    Let us know, I'm sure there would be a few love to say hi!
  7. Welcome to Victoria ladies :)

    A one week round road trip that includes Adelaide as well sounds like tight timing (1600km round trip from Melb)... you will be well stuffed by the time you get back home!! It can be done if you don't mind dull boring roads all the way... but I'm sure Melbourne will keep you entertained for a week.

    Plenty of single day/overnight road trips you could take while here: GOR, Daylesford, Bright (and other similar places), Wilsons Prom, the whole of the yarra valley related roads, Gippsland...

    Another thing to keep on the list, is Monday night Wesside Williamstown NR coffees... You'll certainly be welcomed!
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  9. What do you mean?, we are two well manered ladies :p . But I'm sure we will have lots of laughes along the way :LOL: knowing us or me that is.
    There will be plenty of pics, :cool:
    sue and i only organised this yesturday and last night I could not sleep, thinking about what to take what not to take and boy oh boy it is a long way :cool: . I'm looking into those gel pants my the gs doesn't have that good of seat for comfort :eek: :( .

    As sue said we have not planned where or which way yet that is next week.
    But we will be planning on attending a coffee night. I love COFFEE!!!!!

    Cheers Lou
  10. you'll have to swing by a coffee night...williamstown is the best... go there :D
  11. Righto guys, especially those in Victoria.. :grin: Lou and I spent a couple of hours today planning our trip.. so here is our itinerary, subject to change of course!

    10th April (Tuesday) Leave Sydney, head out west through Bathurst, with obligaratory lap/s of Mt Panorama out through Young and Cowra to Junee and Lou's parents place for the night :).

    11th April (Wednesday) Investigate Monte Christo (haunted house in Junee! :shock: ) Then head for Gundagai, Tumut, Cooma and onto the Monaro Highway to Cann River for the night. (This is the part that might change depending on the weather! :? )

    12th April (Thursday) From Cann River to Drouin and Woodsy's place (get those beds ready baby! :woot: )

    13th April - 16th April (Friday - Monday) Open to suggestions, but on the to do list is the GOR, Black Spur, Reefton Spur, Coffee night/s :beer: and down to PI to visit Rosie. Now of course we expect guides! :biker:

    17th April (Tuesday) Head back north, stopping at Batemans Bay for the night and heading up through Kangaroo Valley and Picton etc..

    We've decided that we probably have plenty in Victoria to keep us occupied for the time we will be there so South Australia will have to be the next trip. Sorry Edgelett.. and i was so looking forward to seeing your Hornet in real life.. :( next time.

    Ok guys.. so whos up for some riding in those 4 days we will be in Victoria? :dance:
  12. it should be fun Riding, i'm assuming you won't be going down the newell highway ? perhaps the hume ?

    i have traveled from vic to qld and back.. than flown up and drove back down again... great drive on the newell highway, both times easy to do the one trip 18hrs... anyways syd to melb. is about 9-10hours.

    being on a bike i'd assume it'll be more demanding hehe :)

    ... i just might have my l's next week lol
  13. UMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Nice to meet you too woodsy. :grin: :oops:

    So booked in at cann river for the night,

    I started packing or getting everything ready today.
    Sue and I went out shopping for items on saturday, and they we waving us out the door as it was closing time by the time we got there. :( .

    Hubby is waiting for the ivite to come with us, I think it is only to try out his new bike :cool: .

    Looking forward to meeting you all in melbourne, but is there actual coffee at the coffee nights? :LOL: . I hope so.

    I hope some you are going to do the GOR with us. and the black spur.

    Cheers Lou
  14. You guys are more than welcome to stay down here (PI) . Hopefully the weather's a bit better for this meeting Suzy! I'll also come along on the Friday night coffee with yas...and the black / reefton spur. :grin:

    Keep us updated!

  15. Nice trip.
    Im doing the same thing except leaving on the 7th and heading to adelaide. Then the scenic route bak through melbourne.
    guna have to make some luggage mounts for my cbr.
  16. May I suggest Ladies that the GOR or the SPUR is enough for one day.
    You should do the spur and then coffee and the GOR on Sat.
  17. I think they were planning on doing all that over the weekend tramp. :)

  18. OOps me silly.......... stand corrected..... :p

    Anyway, ladies I'd be prepared to do the Spur and coffee. ( I live out east).
  19. Rosie: Yeah me too about the weather! :shock: We might well take you up on that offer too with the accomodation. Ta for that! Anyways, we'll let you know.

    Tramp: Hehe, definitely gunna split those rides over the 4 days we are in Vic. Sorta even thinking of splitting the GOR into 2 days and staying overnight somewheres... so what does everyone think?

    And coffee nights, we hope to make as many of these as we can. Both Lou and I are dedicated coffee drinkers!! LOL.. so does coffee actually get drunk at these meetings? I know the ones in Sydney that I have been to, I've never seen a cup of coffee yet! :LOL:

    And yeah I hope we have lots of guides to escort us around :)
  20. GOR - Definitely stop over, more relaxed ride that way. What's the budget like? The fun and twisty part is between Lorne and AB, but there is much to see and do all the way to Warnambool.

    Coffee. Yup, it's drunk with gusto. I can recommend Westside on the Monday, this is in Williamstown. Lovely surroundings, great people and nice food/coffee.

    Tuesday is Eastside. We're way cultured out here, so our coffee is at a Pizza place! There is much coffee drinking and even more talking, especially if Scumbag is in attendance! Eastside is Boronia.

    If you are in town for a Thursday, you have to the do the Mystery Ride. It's a hoot. A chance to ride around Melbourne city with no idea of where you are or where you're going. Start is in St Kilda, so an interesting place to be at any time!

    Friday is at Southgate. Usually an awesome turnout, lots of bikes, by the river in a restaurant/entertainment area.