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Sudden Stop

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Hi all,
    Just signed up as a Premium Member,
    Just off my Learners Licence,
    About 50 years ago, Hahahaha,
    So I think I know a little bit about riding a Motor Cycle, But Still Learning,
    I am Addicted to Riding, and Suffer Chronic PMS when I am not, (Parked Motor Cycle Syndrome,)

    I ride in all conditions, Have even been known to ride in a Snow Blizzard, Not Recommended, Dont try that at home, Hahahaha,
    Have ridden over a Million Miles on a bike in that time, Ridden thru a few Cyclones, The rear end of them, 10 Inches of rain an hour for 10 hours straight,
    Have done a circumnavigation of OZ, Mid 70's, Took 4 years to get around it, Left with one Kid, came back with two,
    Rode a 1968 650 Bonnieville for 17 years, Fully Chopped with 8 inch over front end, And it could handle,
    Now ride a Slow Blue Blackbird, The Silver one Laid down and Died after 70,000 kays, in 4.5 years, The Moped,
    Got scratches on the Fairings, So the insurance company wrote it off, What a Bloody Waste,

    I Have a Broken Bone in my shoulder currently, Healing fast, After it is healed again,

    I do take people on their first rides for company and to help them build confidence in them selves, and their riding ability,
    No, I dont yell and scream at you if you make mistakes, And you will, Lots of them, Hahahaha

    I will teach you to ride at your own pace, In all conditions and on all road types,
    Its the only way to become a rider of a motor cycle and have fun doing it,

    Its irrespective whether you are a Male or Female, You are a Rider First, End of Story,

    Try and keep the shiny side up and have fun,
    Thats what its all about, Having Fun and the Freedom to ride any where your nose points you,

    With Full Confidence in your own Ability, And to get home again Safely,

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  2. Welcome new guy, are you hot?

    More serious note, literally a million miles?
  3. Hot and Very Sexy, hahahahahaha Sexy Senior Citizen, hahahahaha
    I put my right glove on first. I nod even at Harleys,
    Well over a Million Miles in fifty years of riding, I had a 305 super sport Honda in 1968, The first day I had it, I put over 600 miles up on it and did not go out of the Suburbs of Melbourne,
    Which is 960 Kays, I always work in miles, I know what they mean,
    Then I bought my 1968 Bonnie when the Honda exploded in Flames, Then I started to put serious miles up on it, It was also my commute, only transport I had for about 6 years,
    I put up around 10,000 miles in my Old Ladys car by the time I was 16, 3 times to Sydney and back,
    3 times to Brisbane and back, Thats 9600 miles just for those trips, and any where else she wanted to go,
    I just love driving and riding, I have been driving cars since I was 12, Bikes since I was 15.5 years old,
    She was very dissapointed when I got my licence at 18, She had to drive herself a lot of places after that, I was always away some where on the bike, Not much of Victoria I havent seen,
    My old man found out I could drive the hard way, Saturday at the Vic Market, He went to the Pub a 12.30 PM, Left me to load the truck up with Plants as usual by myself, 8 ton of them and didnt come back till about 6.00 PM,
    So I sat in the truck in the empty market till The Rotten Bastard came back, I usually slept on the front seat
    I got pissed off one Saturday and drove the truck home to Fawkner, leaving him there, He rang the old lady and asked her If I was home, She told him I had driven it home, I got a severe belting for it, But he didnt leave me alone in the Market ever again, He parked the truck outside the Pub and fed me Red Rasberry Cordials,, The truth be known, It was probably his mates that bought the drinks for me, He was just an arshole, Kept his eye on me, Hahahahaha, But it was worth it,
    My 1976 253 V8 Monaro, Bought it Brand new for 7 grand, Did 750,000 Kays before I retired it, 30 years later, Rebuild the gear box every two years, still had the Original motor, I got tired of losing my licence with it, Bloody points, So I just drove my Effie then, Kept the points intact, I was a professional driver just going to work and back, Min 150 Kays a day 7 days a week, for twenty odd years, I worked on site,
    Some of the shit I have done even surprises me, some times,
    But I am still here in one peice, and Loving it, haaahahahahaha,
    Slid down the road plenty of times, thats why it dont bother me, I know what to expect, Gravel rash heals in 3 weeks, Hahaha,
  4. Welcome to Netrider! I'm sure you will be able to contribute a lot based on all your experience
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  5. Welcome mate:]
  6. So now you have to go through the Welcome Lounge thing if you already have signed up, but pay to be a premium member later? What the hell is this place coming to?
    Welcome (again) Brian....
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  7. Hi Brian,
    Welcome to Netrider!
    I'm also a reasonably new member on here and when I finally get my bike on the road I may just take you up on your offer to come for a ride with you.
    I'm not new to bikes but I'm quite new to my 2009 CBR1000RR Fireblade and I enjoy going for rides with people with lots of experience so I can better my own skills after someone like yourself has picked my riding apart and tell me how bad my riding is, hahaha!
    Where are you roughly?
    Sounds like you're close to me, I'm in Wantirna South. Hopefully we can catch up for a ride at some stage if you don't mind. It would definately get my confidence up.
    Welcome again and hopefully meet you at some stage!
  8. Hi Again Paul, I last met you on the Netrider Jindy run,
    I dont usually talk about my self, But, Like you, I am getting long in the tooth, and a few people seem to wonder, how I seem to know quite a bit about riding bikes,
    Especially about crashes and sliding down the road, and the gear I ride in,
    So I thought I would say a few words in print about it,
    I have been a ordinary member on here for 6 years, Met a lot of good people, Been on inumerable runs with them, Helped a lot of new riders just starting out,
    Just by being there for them, A few words of advice, It goes a long way to help them get their confidence up and riding on their own,
    I have clocked up 70,000 kays in four and a half years just putting around for fun, I was very restricted because I had to work as well, On site Boilermaker/Welder, and driving a truck,
    But now retired and can enjoy my passions full time, Riding, Sailing, Dancing, Driving,
    The only thing old about me is the skin I stand up in, It needs a good Ironing, It all wrinkled, Hahahaha,

    Broke my shoulder bone, two weeks ago, Bingle at 30 Kays, Sudden stop, Just smacked straight into the ground, I near didnt walk away from it,
    I cant do any thing and being bored, Well here it is,

    I should have been rolling out for Tintaldra this morning, Friday, over 2000 kays this weekend, Excellent ride with top people, I love riding long distances on a bike,
    But I am stuck here till my shoulder heals, about 6 weeks or there abouts,
    Gravel rash is near gone, I am an expert in curing my gravel rashes, Hhahahaha,

    I just signed up to be a Premium member, So I thought I would do a new member thingy as such, Well its new for me, Hahahahaha,

    I hope you get a bit of a laugh out of it, And for others,
    They might get a bit of understanding of where I am coming from, On the mentoring side of things,
    We were all learners once, We all learnt from other people who put the time in to teach us, Its the right thing to do, To pass that knowledge on, to the new people just starting out, There is a lot to learn, I try to condence it to a quick learning format,
    With out confusing the hell out of them,

    Cheers, Mate,
  9. Just up the road a bit in Lilydale, Its more Montrose, In the sticks, The twistys start in my drive way, hahahaha
    You have it wrong there, I dont pick people apart, That gets their back up, and then they wont learn, Being aggressive is counter productive, and dont work,

    Your bike is similar to mine, So its easy to exchange views on riding styles,
    Be good to catch up for a few rides soon,
  10. I remember well talking to you at some length on the Jindy run, Brian, and I of all people on this forum am NOT in a position to chide OTHER people for talking about themselves :LOL: Always like reading your posts and the wisdom you bring to your contributions.
    My comment was more about why a person who's been here for ages has to re-introduce himself when all he's done is pay $10 to be a Premium Member.... I guess it's something about the software, but is seems both unnecessary and a bit demeaning to me.......
    (I passed my 9th year anniversary on Netrider last week, incidentally)
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  11. Maybe it's like being a "born again virgin": the virgin you are when you're pretending to repent of passed sins to get the hot looking bible-bashing chick...

    Welcome to premium membership Brian.
  12. #12 deadman, Jul 31, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2014
    Just an update on my sudden stop at 30 kays, in early March,

    I broke my shoulder after my new birds front wheel stepped out on the E-J road doing 30 kays,
    Slamming me straight into the bitumen, No slide, no Bounce, Just Smacko, Landing on my shoulder and the side of my head, Smashing the Helmet visa and putting big gouges in it,
    It took the top off both knees to the bone and on top of the shoulder to the bone as well,

    Five Kays faster and I wouldnt be here, its the worst Bingle I have had in fifty years of riding,
    My new bike came with crap tyres on it, It slid all over the place, thats why I was going so slow, I was actually scared to ride the bloody thing, and I have ridden some crap bikes in my time, Broken and bent after accidents, as the riders couldnt,

    It was a nice day, Crap tyres or not, I am going for a ride, I will go slowly and take some piccys of the roads I travel on, Get some good shots between the bends and twistys, on the few straight bits,

    another week and my new Z8's would be fitted, They have never slipped in 70,000 kays on some atrocious roads and in all kinds of crap weather, Torrential Rain and including a snow blizzard we got caught in,
    Any way, My shoulder is still broken, it wont be fixed for another 6 to 8 weeks, The surgeon says he will put a camera inside my shoulder as it now has nerve damage as well, From not being used,
    He is going to cut the bone off and reattach the tendons to the remaining bone,

    I have been sitting here like a cripple for the last five months. TAC have been doing nothing except giving me stress and trauma about their stupid $600-00 excess,
    I even offered to pay the the money direct, But thats not how they work so they tell me,
    I currently have $1100-00 worth of medical bills that I have to pay, they still wont look at it untill their excess is reached,
    They have explained it to me a couple of times, But I still dont understand it,

    No, I dont understand it in the slightest, Its over my head, But my broken shoulder is still there,
    I even complained to the Ombudsman about it,
    Which made the TAC ring back in an hour, Very sympathetic, she was supposed to ring back Monday, still waiting,
    I glow from the amount of Xrays, MRI and TC Scans I have had, couple of specialists, the Emergency room at Maroondah Hospital for an overnight stay, and a couple of doctors and a Physiotherapist, which stopped my arm from seizing up completely, They wont pay her either now,

    Its some sort of loophole that I wasnt in the hospital long enough,
    Police report was given,
    I rode the bike home from the accident, 140 Kays after I sat there for an hour or so till the pain subsided enough, Group of bikes stopped for me, turned the bike around as I was incapable of doing it myself, They donated a litre of oil as mine was all on the road, Thanks Blokes, Much appreciated, I dont know who they were,
    Went from my place to hospital after ringing the Ambo's to take me,
    Bought a new lot of oil in Healesville, Fairings are stuffed,

    Moral of the story, You get injured on a bike, Say you fell of a ladder or your roof, Medicare will fix you up at no cost and no stress,

    Where the TAC wont, They are a straight out Rort, and just give you stress and Trauma, with their Crap, Its very debilitating with a broken shoulder and I cant do anything about it,
    I did send them a complaint in writing, No Duty of care, But they dont give a shit,

    I am very depressed over it all, It has got to me in a big way, and I still cant do anything about it,
    Just sit here and watch my body deteriate.
    They have turned me into a crippled old man, Instead of the very fit person I was before the accident.

    So Thats where I am, If you have been wondering why I havent been riding,

    And dont start on your Atgatt crap, I dont wear leather except for the extreme cold,
  13. at least you arent a deadman
  14. Truly sorry to hear Deadman. That's a biatch. Maybe time to get lawyers involved? I know it's not your style but don't let the bastards win.
  15. Sorry to hear all that, what a pisser. Doesn't sound like you're getting much help so it's a case of me looks after me, have you got a plan you can work on and a goal you can aim for ? Can you rally family and or friends to help ?
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  17. Sorry to hear @deadman@deadman , I was only recently thinking i hadn't seen any of your posts for a while . I hope you can get it resolved and get yourself fixed up so you can get back out on the road.
  18. Sorry to hear about your accident and being unable to do the usual things will make even the strongest waver.. sounds like you have a bit of a struggle ahead both physical and financial. Keep friends and family close and accept help from others, don't be afraid to ask for help. I really hope you feel better soon, physically and emotionally.. cheers..
  19. Geez, mate, you don't do things by half do you?

    Rest up and get better!
  20. Highly unlikely I will be there Chris, Even if they do operate, I wont be good for 3 months after it, He reckons a chance of full recovery, well 85% He never gives 100%,