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Sucked in by tow truck cowboys

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kolaemcee, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Urgh, 3 days since my off and I've felt dumber by the day.

    Was commuting to uni on Monday at about 11am, I live in Dundas so I go down Victoria Road.

    Anyone who uses Vic Road would know the bend just after the Devlin St (Metroad 3) intersection. It had rained all weekend and the road was quite wet... I had a small fishtail earlier on after a fractionally late decision to stop for a yellow.

    For those who don't know the turn, you've got 3 lanes each way, and it's a slight, sweeping right coming into a tighter left hand turn.

    I was traveling int he right lane. As I was gently coming into the sweeping slight right, the rear tyre felt slippery the whole way through. It was about 3/4 through this turn I realised there were deposits of oil on the road.

    However, before I had a chance to think of anything else, I saw two cars stopped in the right lane about 50m ahead of me. At first I thought they must have been turning right but I remembered there's a median strip... wtf!

    I had plenty of time to gradually slow down, which is what I tried to do due to the slippery surface. However, the oil suddenly got worse. Trying to slow down ever so slowly failed miserably, as the rear wheel came out from under me and I hit the turf at about 40km/h, coming to a grinding halt about 10m from the back of the second stationary car.

    Quickly got up to ensure nobody was going to run me over from behind, then went over to the cars to see why they'd decided to stop in the middle of the road... no hazard lights. Noticed it was a prang, and was told the driver (a young female P plater) had spun out from the oil and came across the median strip, T-boning a 4WD on the other side.

    Luckily no injuries (but for a small graze on my elbow - lucky), young girl obviously bawling her eyes out. (for the record I'm a 21 yo P plater myself)

    Got the bike up, no serious external damage apart from a couple of fairing cracks. Was able to eventually fire it up and take it round to the side street.

    This is where I get sucked in.

    Cops and towies come around. I noticed oil was leaking when the bike was running. Towies assure me there's no way I can ride it away like that. In my state of not thining straight they suck me into getting it towed for $250.

    In hindsight, I should've left it on the side of the road, and got it picked up by a mate later. SO STUPID. And in even more recent hindsight, I wonder if there was any real damage, as I looked under the bike and couldn't find any cracks or loose bolts from where the oil could be leaking. Could it have come through the carbies or drain hose when the bike was tipped over?

    Either way, picking it up tomorrow no matter what, before those stupid holding fees come in. I feel jipped, but my lesson is learned. If it's still leaking oil, I'll just take it over to a bike shop myself.
  2. i read the thread title as "sucked in tow truck cowboys" and was expecting to hear a story about how they got screwed over..

    i am disappoint.
  3. man, not cool :(

    two accidents from serious oil on the road...

    what do they do in circumstances like that??
  4. I suspect the average towie is well-versed in taking advantage of situations like this - don't beat yourself up too much over it...
    Interested to hear just how it was "towed" though, since I've not seen that before?
  5. Oil will be from the crankcase breather.

    A lesson learned then.
  6. never leave your bike on the side of the road, push it if you have to

    i know 2 dickheads who did

    they are 2 dickheads without motorcycles now as the were both taken before they went back with a trailer to collect them

    insurance did not cover one of them, got royally screwed by them and the other was not insured LOL

    i recently paid $138 for a tow job, cos im a ********, i remembered i was conned into the tyre and rim insurance later.... so next time i need a tow im going to just let my tyres down :)
  7. Why did you let them tow it to a yard and not your home?

    A word of warning for everyone that reads this. If you have an accident the tow truck driver must take it where you want it to go, if they don't do so call towing allocations which is on the back of your Vic rego sticker and report them, they'll soon do as you ask.
    Couple things to remeber, if you ask it to go to your home you'll have to pay for the tow to a repirer, if it's a write off just let them take it to the depo.
  8. bad luck :(

    I had my own off along Vic road too. Coming over the crest near the 2 shell stations before iron cove bridge and the cars in front of me braked suddenly. Took me by surprise and I went right into the back of one.

    lucky to come away unhurt with some fairing damage. The car driver was a rider too, so he was sympathetic and let me off.

    Yay for gs500's being rock solid!
  9. Sounds like it's time for another "how not to use the rear brake" thread.
  10. Not much evidently. Not until it's too late anyway... fire truck finally came like half an hour later to clean the road up.

    They definitely know how to play their cards and they got me. And it wasn't technically towed as such, they wheeled it on the back of the truck and tied it down.

    Indeed what i've been thinking now, and makes sense since it wanted to leak only when I tried firing her up. Obviously if it's still leaking when I grab it tomorrow we've got a problem, but I'm optimistic.

    Didn't have the money to pay on the spot either way. But yes, in hindsight, wish I could've got that organised somehow.

    Amen! Second off on the bike, nothing more than slightly cracked fairing. Also got rear-ended once, she came away with a mere dented numberplate while the car said goodbye to its bumper 8-[

    Also, I should mention my rear is pretty low on tread which I'm sure wouldn't have helped (but if a car span out from the oil then I would have surely been a goner either way).

    Definitely going to replace it, can anyone recommend a cheap but reliable place to get a new tyre?
  11. Not really, in this case OIL on the road was the problem and it may be a case off, no matter what was done the bike still would have gone down for a little sleep.

    More a case of stopping to check out why the rear wheel had skipped a few times before the incident.
    A rear wheel skip could also be a flat tyre developing.

    As for the Towies ? yeah they took advantage of you in the condition, lesson to be learn t
  12. On the plus side (related to your other thread) the fall might have shaken some crap out of the carb jets, maybe it'll idle better now. Good time to drain the carbs!
  13. Ripped off, that's way too much, they must have seen you coming.

  14. shhhh quick hide this thread from the missus, she doesnt know ;)
  15. Wait, why would you be worried if she knows she's over-charging?
  16. I get my tyres from balmain motorcycles - usually well priced and they'll get it done within the hour.
  17. Picked it up on Friday, as suspected there was nothing wrong with it. Feel pretty stupid at the moment, just gotta remember to keep the head screwed on properly next time this happens.

    Re: Lilley, I didn't stomp on the rear or anything stupid, as VTRBob pointed out it was a pretty unavoidable scenario. The firies came later on to clean it up off the road.

    I'm getting a new rear tomorrow from Budget Bikes in Yagoona (aka Helmet Warehouse) for $175. Seems pretty reasonable.

    PS. re: the mole, I suspect the carbs indeed get a bit of a shake in the off because it does indeed run a lot better now funny enough! Though I'll still give them a drain tomorrow and see if there's any gunk in there.
  18. Forget about the tow cost, you'll soon get over this. Lucy that no one was following too closely.
  19. Don't take it too personally dude. I have been in your situation before. There's a horrible mix of embarrassment, shock and disappointment and you're not thinking normally. Towies spend their entire time dealing with people in that state, they know how to use it.

    I caused a rear ender a few decades ago. Yadda, yadda..

    Cop: "I reckon you could drive that car around the corner, easy"
    Me: "Look at that front end, it's screwed.. ill die in a fire"
    Cop: "nah, mate, you could eaaasily drive it around the corner"
    Me: "the car's farked, no way im gonna risk it"
    Cop (looking at me incredulously): "Sure you don't wanna give it a try?"
    Me (me looking at cop with total misunderstanding): "errr, no thanks"
    Cop: "*siiiigh*.. [pause for a second to give me another chance]... gonna have to write you up for neg driving"

    Found out later from my cop brother that the dude was trying to let me off and that if the car is 'drivable' they won't book you.

    He was as subtle as a brick to the head.. I was oblivious to it because i was so shocked at the time.

    It happens....
  20. Mate, I think you're being hard on yourself. You'd just fallen off, were probably shaken up and you saw oil coming from your bike. Natural reaction to get the thing towed. Well, I think so anyway.