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Suck My C... Windows VISTA!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. And fondle my balls you fcuker... :grin:

    A month ago i purchased a new laptop from dell for the express purpose of Drafting at home for extra $. It arrived two days ago despite thier 2 week delivery promise... dont get mad think of your happy place and all those $ you missed.. The laptop arrived and with os10 er I mean windows vista business loaded i was wowed and amazed at how much graphical junk was loading... :roll: If i want junk and graphical nonsense i'll use a mac.

    Anyhow I installed my copy of Autocad 2006 to find lo and behold that "windows has compatability issues" aka hates the program and wont load the damn thing...


    So today its 6:11am I got to work at 5:45 :cry: I fixed the fcuker....

    What you have to do is dont run the compatability wizzard its usless and if teh program has "known" compatability issues it wont work.
    Right click on your shortcut, go to properties
    use the open file location button...
    right click on autocad.exe go to properties
    go to the compatability page
    Click run this desperatley required program under:- select XP sp2
    And select "run as administrator" IT WONT RUN UNLESS YOU DO... vista more like windows virus...

    If you arent the admin guy then they are going to have to do that last bit for you...

    ..... crap pm me if you have propblems as I have just realised i have spent 15 minutes typing instead of working...

  2. I have been solving problems for friends by reinstalling XP.

    It's eff'ing ridiculous. They're shipping Vista without choice on machines which can't handle its memory hogging... and that's before compatibility issues.
  3. Vista is so full of crap Dell took an unprecedented step of offering their systems with the PREVIOUS version of the OS, ie, XP... if you ask for it,

    Or at least, that's what they do in the US, Dell Australia seems to be a bit behind their parent in most things... Dell US now offers laptops with pre-installed Linux as well, but you wouldn't know about it from their Australian site.

    Personally I fix all Windows issues at once - the moment any computer arrives through my door, Windows gets wiped out and replaced by some flavour of Linux, or BSD. No worries!
  4. and you were expecting what exactly??

    It's not like it hasn't been known to be utter shite since before it's release.
  5. eggszachery.

    i will be waiting for service pack 239 before i even install for testing purposes on a seperate drive/partition.
  6. +1
    Vista is a pack of poo tickets
  7. I have thrown Vist on a secondary machine as a test box.
    Yep compatability is a major issue.

    But stop whinging. Apple users have had to deal with total faliur with backwards compatability every second OS that was put out.

    This is the First time Windows users have had to confront it this blatently.
    And as for linux...
    All my Unix experiance (In the enterprise space) has shown that version compatability is a NIGHTMARE for most software in UNIX environments.

    Yep Vista is a bloated Hog. Yep you should stick with XP if you want a properly functioning environment.
  8. funny falcon, on one forum I go to, the mac users there are going on and on and on about how vista users would never have any problems if they used a mac instead. according to the mac users, their OS NEVER has ANY problems. I however refuse to believe it.

    Now back to Vista: anyone who reads any PC/Gaming magazines will tell you that you NEVER buy a new version of windows until a minimum of 1 year after it's been released. let some other suckers work out all the bugs/compatibility issues. meanwhile, keep using the previous version. Then, when SP2 of Vista is released, THEN you buy it, it should work with around 90% of your gear by then.
  9. Yeah well Apple is a religion, Windows is an OS, and Microsoft are a bunch of Money Grubbing Corporate Pirates who happen to steal some prety good software, and actually build reletivly stable OSs.

    XP Was worth buying streight off the mark, but Vista can't claim the same. The interesting Irony, is that untill recently it was teh Apple hardware that rocked (motorolla went off the boil a couple of years back) but the OS has always been compleatly CRAP!

    The cult of LINUX is definately more robust than the Apple cult, but Untill a distinct market leader comes out, and the rest of them start building shells, it will always be a bit chopped up. The key problem with LINUX is that not All Linuxes are built the same. And because they are built from the multy tiered perspective of the UNIX world they are a bit of a bugger to administer.

    When more of them (And more to the point the software they host) move ofver to a centeral object repositry (Like the registry) then configuring a Linux environment will become more robust, and I think the OS will become a much more effective contender in the general market place.
  10. hmmm, someone who doesn't know much about anything was complaining about vista to me the other day, so i thought. hmmmmmm mustn't be that easy to use.

    my old man wants to upgrade comps soon, and i was thinking about a mac.

    basically, we both want something fast, for me i actually know when i've got too many programs open, for dad, he just o****s it as how long it takes until the hourglass goes away when you first open windows.

    i want to run progs like photoshop/illustrator, and open source stuff like firefox. i don't use my comp very much for games, but i think the old boy would be shattered if flight simulator x didn't work on his new comp.

    so for 2 people that don't know how to use computers, and 1 that thinks he does but isn't really a great microsoft fan, and has only fiddled around with other peoples macs would you recommend:

    linux (do they all have graphical interfaces? i'm scared of dos :) )
    vista (in 12 months lol)

    i'm not filling up the hard drive, i use a LOT of graphics and music programs, and want something that lots of programs will definately work on
  11. Neither.

    Get xp (download it if you must).

    Feel free to upgrade to vista in a year+ :D
  12. There might be some truth to that from the corporate point of view, but that is also the greatest strength of Linux because that's where innovation comes from. Besides as we know from Ecology 101, the more varied the environment, the more resistant to damage it is. Monoculture can be wiped out by a single bug, where multicuture will shrug it off and survive... and if that makes things more difficult for business to manage, I'm quite OK with that. Linux was created by geeks, for geeks, and if enterprise has problem with that, they can write their own OS... Oh wait - they did - it's called Windows!

    Yeah, because the registry is such a robust part of Windows, isn't it?
  13. ok now that its running... the mouse was too slow to be workable... so you have do do the old "adjust for best performance" trick.

    Lo and behold all the graphical shite disappears and your left with d
    un dun DAAA XP? :roll:

    yep vist setup for cad and graphics looks like xp feels like XP and certanly smells as fishy as windows ME...
  14. in two years time when this laptop owes me nothing bring on ubuntu....
  15. actually the mac Os is pretty awesome. (I have to use all three 'religions' in my day to day work) but as some have mentioned backwards compatability is a huge issue. while it may be a nice OS, as a company using mac, you could be looking at $30k worth of software upgrades just to move onto new OS & hardware. I know of companies still on os-9 because they can't afford to upgrade all their other software
  16. Linux for a home desktop baffles me.

    It's stable and fast if you dont do anything to the core installation. So is XP.
    You can customize the hell out of it, but doing so makes it less and less stable.
    The only way you can get support to install and setup the damn thing is by loading up your windows box and asking online.
  17. Never buy version 1 of ANYTHING.
  18. what about the spiderman comic?
  19. That wasn't version 1. The dodgy inperceptable sketches, prior to sale were the originals :p
  20. ah, ok that's a gotcha

    never buy version 1 of any software, maybe, or hardware too, perhaps :LOL:.