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Successor to BMW R850R?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by CrazyCam, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Hi folks.

    With my current BMW coming up for 150 thousand Kms, I've been looking at possible replacements.

    The new BMW R1200R seems to me to be over complicated and over priced, so I've been looking at non-BMW options.

    Two have come up, a Yamaha Tracer and a Triumph 1050 Tiger. Both appear to fit the requirements of carrying wife, carrying a fair amount of luggage, going quite....err..... briskly, and sensible prices.

    Both options are a poofteenth too tall for me, but <shrug> there are lower seats and lowering options.

    Anyone have any thoughts which might sway me one way or the other?
  2. Look at the V-strom 1000.
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  3. I'm trying to decide between the Tracer and the Tiger 800 XRX.
  4. When the Tiger 800 first came out, I tried it on a test ride.... might have been the XRC (?) model.

    Now, maybe it was because I was riding a fairly well fettled Street Triple at the time, but the 800 motor was, to me, very underwhelming, and the bike itself felt sooo heavy.
  5. Kawasaki Ninja 1000 with optional factory panniers?

    Not as high in the seat as the fake off road style alternatives like the Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 or the Kawasaki Versys 1000 and arguably more comfortable.

    Or you could go old school and buy a Honda VFR800 (with panniers).
  6. I like the Tiger 800 XRX (low seat, 'cause I'm short).

    But, owning a R1200R, I've found it (for me) to be the best all round bike I've ever owned. Absolutely rapt with it. Maybe test ride it and see for yourself? As far as being over complicated, it does have a tonne of rider aids and features, but I find most of them just enhance my experience on the bike and none to be intrusive. For example the ESA (electronic suspension) is awesome, can be changed for damping and preload on the go and adjusts damping to changing road conditions as you ride, handles better than my Ducati did.. My other favourites are cruise control, use this on my commute even. Heated grips, luxury riding all year round. The only shit thing on the bike is the stock screen it comes with, reflects light from high beam up the screen, really crappy if you ride in night time hours. Can be blocked with something to stop the reflection (I have used a rag behind the screen for example), but have just removed it entirely as I prefer the look without it.
  7. Really? Because to me the 1050 feels (and is) WAY heavier than the 800.
    Liking the sound of the Tracer though.
  8. Yeah I'd say have a look at a VStrom thou (I have one, I like it) but it is pretty tall and I have the lowered seat option as well. I have no trouble two-upping my wife with panniers and top box on. Lots of low end torque and cruises well.
  9. The strom is pretty tall though isn't it?
  10. Little shorter than the tiger, and I think it's got a narrower seat, not sure though.
  11. Triumph now have low seat versions of the XRX (760mm, I think) & XCX (790mm, I think.)..
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  12. Thanks folks for you input.

    Today, I managed to get out for a short ride up to Pie, on the BM, and I remembered just how nice it is to ride.

    I think I might well just keep it and take the challenge to see who lasts the longest, me or the Bemmer.
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    I'm about the replace my R850R with aTiger 800 XR, took a 100k spin on one last week and liked it as lot, 24 more horses, very flat torque curve, and oh so smooth,or for more grunt the Tiger Sport 1050, which I haven't ridden, but if the 800 is anything to go by it"s a great bike, and I liked the way Triumph are doing things. book a test ride.
    Have to say though one the way home on the boxer compared very well, although lacking mod cons like ABS, traction control. The triumphs come with seat height options. good luck, let us know what you decide,