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Success! (Ride Tek Licence Course)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Slider, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. Well after 10 months of procrastination, I came to the conclusion that my P's were well overdue...Inspired by Ride Tek's generous $50 discount for netriders, I rang and booked in.
    Waking at 6am on a Saturday morning when it's pissing down, doesn't really do much for your motivation...but I had back up :wink: I had roped another friend into booking in for the test as well :D
    Out we went to Dandenong...Tony's enthusiasm upon arriving was about the only thing keeping me awake at this point...after the intros (and a strong coffee) we ventured out to the range...throughout the day we turned, we stopped, we skidded...all while riding in the constant rain looking for the nod from Tony. At the end of the day I got what I came for...after a flurry of calculations (not a word Tony! :LOL: )...first came the nod...then a handshake and a well done mate. So now the countdown begins...only 363 days to go!

    Thanks Tony for a great day...the course was well structured and the instructors friendly, helpful and professional. :D

  2. Congrats, slider and welcome to land of "P"
  3. Well done...you will get more respect from cages without the "l plate" now.
  4. Congrats slider :D :D
  5. I did my L's in pissing rain, and P's were just an encore!

    Do the testers give any leeway considering it's wet and naturally you are going to take it a bit slower? On my L's and P's out of 4 people 2 failed because of "rain induced error".

    I would say new riders would try keep out of the rain anyway - so the excuse of "it don't matter" I think does not count??
  6. Re: Success! (Ride Tek Liscence Course)

    Your most welcome. The day was raining constantly, and so it was a test of dedication!!! Congrats you did well on all counts!

    The testers here in Victoria follow the instructions as set down by Vicroads for the MLST licence test. The test is designed to be done in all weather conditions. To not allow for differing conditions would allow too much variation in testing. In my career as a professional instructor and tester I have never heard in Victoria of a "rain induced error". I have seen many other types of errors and lets face it they are errors. Better to do them on a closed range than in traffic.

  7. Congrats Ben, Just be careful cos bikes seem to go a lot faster without the drag of the yellow anchor and you've still only 5 demerit points between being a rider & a pedestrian!
  8. Congrats slider :)
  9. Well done!

    I hope it's not raining when I do mine. :/

    I hope you had some good gear to keep you dry too!
  10. Congrats and well done and all that Slider :D

  11. Congrats Slider
    And thanks Tones.

    Ride-Tek have some good wet weather gear if you need it
  12. Yes, I had all my gear with me which kept me dry for the most part...(it's hard to stay dry after 6-7 hrs in the rain though!) :?

    Ride Tek can provide you with some basic wet weather gear if needed...

    Doing the course in the rain didn't bother me at all... I ride in all conditions. It's also a good opportunity for those that don't ride in the wet to get out of their 'comfort zone' while receiving expert instruction (and using someone else's bike!) :LOL:
  13. Was a pleasure Junior, hope you have dried out by now :)

  14. FANTASTIC, isn't it amazing the psychological difference between riding TO the place on Ls and ridng home on Ps???? Well done, mate!
  15. Excellent stuff :biker:

    I think while people have a learners, and definately P's, they should try to take the oportunity to do a bit of rain riding, just so you have some experience if you ever get caught up in it.

    It requires a different technique and mentality than dry weather riding.

    Anyways, glad you got through the course/test.

  16. Don't think you have any choice here in Melbourne. With four seasons in one day, rain is par for the course at some point...:lol...
  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: so true nodz , so true.