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Success for Healesville Sanctuary.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. The sanctuary today announced their most successfuly captive breeding programme for Tasmanian Devils. This is seen as critical since the native population is at present being decimated by a disease that causes disfigurement of the face and death. Having a population that is free of the disease released into the wild later could save the species from extinction.

    What is really interesting is that the breeding programme took place at the height of the Victorian bushfires. The Devil population as well as most of the other animals were evacuated to Melbourne as the fires threatened the sanctuary. Of the animals that were evacuated, almost 100% of them bred successfully despite the stress of being moved at a critical time.

    Sanctuary officials are at a loss to explain the sudden success rate but did add, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that, should they need to do so again, they might try the same trick!! :roll:
  2. Fair enough. If you were captive, thinking you were about to die in a bushfire, wouldn't you root everything in sight?
  3. I would.
  4. I root everything in sight even without a bushfire threat .... :grin:
  5. ;)

    i read the article in the paper today. good to hear :)
  6. It's not a disease as such but more like a cancer. Because they're so similar genetically due to decreases in diversity it can be 'carried' from one devil to another - accelerated because they like to bite each other on the face...

    It's going to take a bit to get diversity back into the wild populations. Otherwise we'll see similar threats continue to pop up.
  7. Dude, at 52ish you'd be lucky to function :p :p
  8. Mate, some of those koala babes can make any bloke fire up.. :grin: