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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by murchy, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I'm about 30 mins from the subway place on my way home.

    I'm too afraid to break away from my 'usual' order.

    What do you netriders order? Do you experience anguish when choosing what to get for a few minutes before eventually going with the usual?
  2. Have you got some obsessive complusive thing on the go??? :)
  3. Six inch meat ball sub with sweet chili sauce and all the free salads. Italian bread, old english cheese.
  4. 2 hour, full fair, zone 1 mostly.
  5. Subway makes me shit like a big black alsation - might as well just flush it straight down the toilet and cut out the middle-man...
  6. Italian bmt on any bread cause it all tastes the same with some dirty sauce on it.

    And a cookie. Gotta have a cookie.
  7. Steak and old English cheese. Lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot and jalapeƱos. South west sauce. It's to the point that the girls at the local only ask bread type and size.
  8. I don't even get that far .... for some reason the smell of Subway stores makes me extremely nauseous, so consequently I have never bought or eaten anything from a Subway,
  9. 6 inch honey oat, ham, cheddar cheese, toasted, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, red onion, carrot, salt & pepper, ranch sauce, medium coke, choc chip cookie, macadamia chip cookie.

    And for the record, their breakfast subs SUCK!
  10. steak and cheese, southwest sauce. Wasn't a fan of the tuna, the diced chicken is good though. ham and turkey was ok.
  11. The subway diet really works. You will loose heaps of weight with the amount of food poisoning it has given me.
  12. i usually have something diff...

    pizza with a bit of salad, steak and cheese, parmas, all good!
  13. Salad Delight Wrap.

    Not a vego or anything, but with only as touch of dressing it is a genuinely healthy option. Plus, its dirt cheap.
  14. BMT with tomato, cucumber, lettuce and olives.

    mmm healthy.

    Mum used to work at KR Castlemaine (the bacon place) so she won't eat at Subway anymore as she knows what goes into their "meat".
  15. meatballs with double old english and extra bacon... on honey oat, with lettuce, cucumber, lots of onion, pickles and southwest sauce nicely toasted.... yummy!
    Or chicken parmagana thingy with the same basically :D
  16. I always find that the SMELL of Subway from outside the shop is not fulfilled by the TASTE once you've got it in your hand.....

    But I am a 'buy what I always buy' Subway buyer (and most other places too, I must confess :oops:)....
  17. Woohoo - fellow victim of what I've christened the 'Subway Stench'. I presume whatever they pump out is meant to be enticing, but it smells to me like the abandoned industrial wastelands they set post-apocalyptic action movies in.
  18. The preservative smell puts me off. I can't eat the stuff.
  19. I don't go to Subway. Whatever I've ordered has tasted of dough with a slight hint of petrochemicals.
  20. Once I made the mistake of sitting inside & eating my sub there. I think I smelled like a Subway shop for 5 hours. Could not even get the smell out of the clothes.

    Having said that - I do eat there ocassionally. These days, it's meatball sub.