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suburban wildlife

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Dan.adl, May 19, 2011.

  1. Had a wake up reminder this morning on the way to work.
    1,000 curses on the early shifts.
    Apparently some people see no need to leash their dogs at 6:45 am because that dog wil never run onto the road at the bright green buzzy thing.
    As i am overtaking a car on the right most lane on a three lane road, Goodwood road south of Cross road for those playing at home, a big happy yellow lab charged across from the left taking myself and the car by surprise.
    I am very happy that i was not late for work, a firm squeeze on the brakes and flick from the hips to jump the bike over to the left hand wheel track and a good squirt got me away like the pro I sometimes pretend to be.

    Just something to remember, the unexpected will happen at the worst possible time. At least it wasn't mid-corner.

    Stay safe.
  2. Flick of the hips huh?


    How do you mean?
  3. I seem to use my whole body on the bike, eg lean shoulders out then pull bike over with legs.
    At least that's how it feels.
    It also feels gracefull and majestic but I might be wrong.
  4. Some people shouldn't be allowed to own animals. Well done with the hip thing.
  5. We just had one of our riders taken out by a Labrador.
    He is one of the most capable and safest riders I know. It went for his front tyre and got wedged in between the rear of the front and the frame.
    Jim has a broken collar bone and arm. And will be out of the saddle for three months.
    The owners of the dog are trying to say he was speeding and suing for the death of their dog. No way did this guy speed. He was Mr instructor 24/7.
    They wont win and happily they will lose a heap of cash trying to.
    If you cant avoid a mut, get the weight off the front wheel and hit it dead center. Dead things, blood, guts and fur are very slippery. So if impact is imminent get off the brakes.
  6. @bretto: tell him to sue for the damage to his bike. Only way to go when things get nasty. Make it real ugly.
  7. Once hit a possum on my pushbike. It ran into me; i was going up a hill at like 15km/h and it friggin beelined it to me!! It rain into my front wheel, gave me a greasy and then pissed off. I was rather offended it didn't apologize.

    ma'farkin animals be crazy.

    Mind you i didn't stop at the scene of an accident... possum could've sued.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I came into this thread expecting to hear about drunk scanitlly clad hot chicks stumbling into the road in Kings X at 2am...
  9. i came in expecting pics. i'm disappointed.
  10. I'm hearin' ya mate!
  11. Incidentally, that was the night after.

    I must remember to get a less attractive bike in future.
  12. and a more attractive pic for an avatar ;)
  13. I used to have a dog stalk me on the way to work, it would run out and try to bite the front tyre every morning,
    After about a week of this I put my left foot out caught it with the sole of my boot and pushed it out of the way. Dog went for a roll down the road and I went happily to work. Next day dog was sitting in its yard as I went past. No more chasings..
  14. HAHA. Classic!