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Suburban commuting - 600cc vs 1000cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Monkey, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Howdy folks. Long time no post.

    Tossing up between getting a 600 and a 1000 (prolly 636 or GSXR1000) to use for commuting to work and back. From people's individual experiences, which is more suitable?

    I'm leaning towards getting the 1000, but obviously I won't know if its a good choice until I've been commuting for a while. And by then its probably too late to give the 600 a shot. As much as I want the power of a 1000, this is a bike I'll be using every day and obviously it being practical is more important.

    For what its worth, I'm certain I'll be getting a sports. So semi-sports and touring bikes aren't really an option.

  2. Depends on what sort of riding you do to get to work. Inner city rat race or Fwy or country town etc. A sportsbike as a commuter is likey to be a less than an ideal choice, but for torque value and lazy take offs, I'd go the 1000. If your going to working and playing on the weekends, you may appreciate the 600 flingability when you use the bike for fun.

    However I'd still recommend that if it's a bike for commuting the ultimate machine of choice is a CB250. However, if you plan some high speed twisties action it may be less desireable. :) Nonetheless, the pegs are very low, so you're bound to have the bragging rights of scaping them at every turn. :grin:
  3. They're both completely excessive and impracticle. Not that there's anything wrong with using them for commuting, and it can certainly be easily done, but it's like asking "which is the best 250 to drive across the country on?". Can be done easily, but there are far more suitable bikes for the task.

    In a commuter, you'd typically want cheap running costs, small and light weight for easy parking, narrow for lane splitting, and generally being comfortable and easy to use.

    Neither 600's nor 1000's offer any of these qualities as dominant characteristics. They sacrifice them all to offer ultimate power and handling.

    Buy the one that sets your heart racing. Personally I'd go the 1000 if you can afford it. They have greater low down power, which makes low speed commuting a bit easier.
  4. My last bike was a 80's 750cc sportsbike (gpx750), so reasonably akin to a modern 600, and my current bike is a rf900.

    Of the two i would say that the GPX was *MUCH* friendlier in traffic in that it was more flexible in terms of low speed maneouvers (think traffic jams). I put over 22kkm on the gpx, and 75% of that was commuting. I've had the RF for two months, and enjoy the lazy power it has down low (80km/h on freeways is top gear & just tickin over at 3k rpm, with plenty of grunt for most situations)

    Youve got less power on the smaller bike, but the most important thing is flexibility for dealing with variable traffic situations.

    That being said, i love my RF, and the only thing i really dislike about it is its crap in stop start traffic as the clutch is a bit too on/off, even after i bled the clutch yesterday (its still an improvement, but its still an annoyance). However i'll see if an oil change fixes that problem up, i might be lucky :).
    [edit} afterthought: Then again if the RF wasnt quite so built to a budget, it might have had 6 gears, and my issue might be totally irrelevant[/edit]
  5. Have you considered a Triumph Daytona675?

    Might be worth test riding one. If you're buying new.
  6. when in doubt get the bigger/faster/more expensive one. :wink:

    more torque = easier commuting ---> get the 1000.
  7. go the thou
  8. I'd go 600. The flickability ie lightness and easy of changing direction, would soon make up for any loss of power while commuting. Easier to wheel around in the car park too.
    Running costs of a 600 eg tyres would be a little less too.
    I have a choice of 1000GTR or ZZR600 to commute on.
    The only days I chose to take the GTR is when its raining, even then sometimes I don't.
  9. BMW F800S
  10. The 675 is so easy in traffic. Lots of torque when needed. A friend who rode mine said it just felt like his R1. So if you want a bike with a 1000cc feel and more style, check out daytona 675 :)
  11. I owned a 250 ... then bought a 750 ... now own a 1100.

    Frankly, I would prefer a 250 for just riding around town.

  12. ... if you can afford it, for sure. A nice twin that apparently goes hard enough. It's on my wish list, now if only I could find $17.5k (ABS + On roads).

    Otherwise maybe a SV650, again another twin so you have power when you need it. They're about $10k new, so it's a lot of bike for small dollars.
  13. I beg to differ on this, ever thought of the 1000 Vtwins ? narrow with plenty of low end torque, plus extremly fun and 'flickable' on w/end playdays :cool:

    But on the other hand when your used to the bike and traffic when I do take the FJR1300 for a run to work im almost as quick and still get smaller bikes slowing me down when splitting/filtering. ( monash carpark - Berwick to Fitzroy and return everyday ) * might have something to do with the higher mirror position on the FJR my mirrors are above 90% of cages mirrors :twisted: )

    So as for 600 or 1000's for commuting ? Get the bike that appeals to YOU the most....... everyone is different and so is their bike/riding style. What is good for the gander may not be good for the goose !

    :LOL: :p
  14. how about 2 bikes? small light one say a 250 for the commute and the fun bike


    how bout a gixer750
  15. Sportsbikes aren't nearly as much fun in traffic as a dirt bike or naked.
  16. Queh? Aussie RRP on the F800S is $14500 + ORC, according to the BMW Australia website. Am sure that you could get it on the road for <$15K.
  17. Having done the city commute thing for 4 years, I'd say the smaller bike, and just about anything that's not a Suzuki. For a commuter I'd be looking for fuel ecconomy for the ride without too much power loss and in my experience the Suzi's guzzel something awful.

    I disagreee with people that say 600's are too big for the commute, I'd much rather have the power of a 600 to get out of tight spots, than the flingability of a 250.

    My experience with fuel ecconomy (interested to get other peoples takes on this):
    brothers gsx250f gets 11k/L
    father in law's gsx750f gets 10k/L
    dads blackbird gets 18k/L
    my gpx250 got 22k/L
    my gpx600 got 19k/L
    my zzr1100 gets 18k/L.

    So if ecconomy is of ANY consequence, skip the Suzi and go the 636, should be fair economy for the commute, good handling, plenty of power to dodge the idiots and still plenty of fun for the weekends.

    well thats my 2 cents...
  18. BMW will not be doing any deals on the F800 and the fact the first shipment has already sold out and we are not sure if we are getting any demo bikes either.
    17.5 sounds about right for a ride away price. That is before you add any BMW genuine accessories though.
  19. Well, that's certainly a lot less attractive of a deal, in which case I perfectly understand port80's sentiment.
  20. That's an over the phone quote including ABS ($1250) to get the bike on the road. I'm sure there's room in there to haggle, although with a 3 month wait to get your grubby little hands on one, I'm not sure they'd move much.

    You are correct the RRP is $14.5K + ORC. Maybe that $17.5k was closer to $17k, I cannot remember the exact figure at the moment.

    Edit: Gah, didn't read Scumbag's post which makes mine redundant. Anyways I checked out the SV650s yesterday... mmmmm sex-a-licious in red with the black frame. Suzuki please give us the option of ABS in 2007. Only downside is the Beemer has a fair whallop more power than the Suzi and some long term cost saving features (belt, fuel efficiency). I don't know the actual power figures for the new SV's although I have read that the hyo's are even up on power compared to them, that seems odd to me. *crosses fingers for 2nd Div in Saturday lotto*