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Subtle change of direction in Ford advertising ... ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. I don't know if it's just me, but it's been a while since I saw a Ford advert that featured the Falcon; the banner vehicle in recent adverts seems to be the Territory, followed by the rest of the range (Fiesta, small truck, etc).

    Another thing I have noticed in print ads is the dropping of the 'Falcon' name; F6 seems to be the preferred name these days :?

  2. i have a theory that all the imbeciles who used to own Pajeros,
    have upgraded to new Territories.
  3. you may be right; I don't have access to the figures but an 'eyeball' survey would indicate that there are a lot more Territories being sold than Falcons.....
  4. i still see plenty of new falcons prowling the tarmac, which goes against the conspiracy of ford ceasing production of it's signature inline6 engine (which is also shared with the territory)
    oh, and in case you don't know, an f6 is an upspec falcon, it's not just a new name
  5. 90% of late model falcons are fleet sales, driven by dipshit mid level managers>
    therefore dangerous,
    because they sucked a lot of dick to work their way up from the shop floor and be rewarded with their new elite status.
    they don't appreciate it when that status dose'nt carry over to driving in traffic and seeing someone on a motorbike getting pole position at the lights instead of them, simply infuriates them.
    dangerous = anticipate close shave hero pass.

    ford territory is the car said dipshit bought for his wife, because he knows she can't drive for shit;
    and he wants her to be in the bigger vehicle when she stacks into other vehicles on numerous occasions, to ensure that she dose'nt come of second best.> therefore dangerous.
    dangerous = should'nt really drive a car because she can't, however someone has to drop the kids at school and buy the groceries, because he has no time for his family now that he's taking it from both ends at work.
  6. i couldnt help but laugh a little at that ^
  7. haha you're a cynic monkeyman
  8. The Falcon wagon was popular with fleets, especially the LPG version which was cheaper to run and "more green".

    Fleets avoid the Territory because it costs more to run.

    Now that the Wagon is dead Ford is having to go to a diesel version of the Territory to try to get back the wagon sales it's losing.
  9. *cough* or realist ;)
  10. The ford f6, an upspecced falcon with sports suspension and spoiler kit is the most popular model of falcon sold.
  11. I'm a wee bit confused as to why there seems to be such negativity towards a larger car that is 1 -Australian made, 2 -cheap to service, 3 -has plenty of room and comfort for the average family, 4 -they last forever and 5 -is competitively priced. If you buy an E-gas, it's also cheaper to run than a Corolla or similar sized 4 cylinder car). A bit of snobbery perhaps?
  12. Pipped at the post for a promotion lately? :cheeky:

    Too funny =D>

  13. I'm not against the big Aussie six, just commenting on Ford's continuing lack of traction in selling their's in comparison with the gang-buster sales of Commodores :?

    I don't, and have never, owned or driven either, so I have no preference.
  14. I can assure you, thats not an upgrade.
  15. I'd love to know how many Commodores the government buys. We still get them at work but they don't get used as much as the Aurions we have.

    And if you gas converted the Corolla much much cheaper again would they be not really a like for like comparison.
  16. I don't know about that. As far as I know, most if not all 4 cylinder cars don't come with an option for gas from Factory. So an aftermarket system has to be installed which can be costly especially if noone has engineered one for that model brand. In the end the savings you make from using gas will not pay for the conversion before the car dies or is sold for a newer car. You will only save money if the car you bought already has a gas system (or government rebate pays for it).

    I drive an Ford EL Fairmont. It is big, heavy and drinks fuel quiet moderately (11L/100km 50/50 highway/metro driving). I do services and mechanical stuff myself, which cuts cost down considerably. However parts for the common Falcon is dime-a-dozen and are cheaper compared to overseas 4 cylinder cars. As a bonus...the inline 6 cylinder has good torque for towing the two wheeler to the race track ;).
  17. Probably because LPG is very much an AU centric system, but the 4 cylinders euro's come with diesels that I'm not sure lpg gets anywhere near...
  18. not in l/100 no, but you can't really beat lpg for c/100

    Falcon petrols come in about 10-11 l/100 and lpg is more like 14-15 l/100 but when you consider lpg is half the price at the pump it's still way cheaper overall. Diesel may get you 5-6 l/100 in a small car but yoou won't be much better than 8-9 l/100 in a large car so even that doesn't beat lpg.

    next gen lpg cars will massively improve the fuel economy with liquid phase injection so keep an eye on that if it's your thing.
  19. Falcon is now badged as G, G6 and G6E for the luxury models, XT for base and XR for sports. F6 is one of the FPV performance variants. The Fairmont name is in retirement for the moment as is the long wheelbase variant. Sadly the Wagon never got the latest update and is also dead.
  20. Thanks for that Simon, I know you know what Ford is doing, and you do bear out my contention that the advertising, AND the cars themselves, are coming in a different emphasis. Suspicion is that this is a small step towards the replacement of the car which is now not being named with another with a different heritage and name altogether....?

    As for wagons, well all the manufacturers have treated the market with contempt in that sector; a huge 4wd at $10,000 more than the price of a Falcon or Commodore full-sized wagon is a crappy choice for many motorists, whatever the bean-counters tell the factories. Toyota is no better; its biggest customer was Coca-Cola with Camry wagons, so they dropped it :?.