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Subscribe to the Netrider Ride & Events Calendar

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Fancy an email sent to your inbox every Friday morning, with the next 7 days of events from the Ride & Events Calendar? This is just one of the new features now available from the calendar :)

    Other new features include:

    * A list of popular meet points in each state, complete with a map of it's exact location.
    * Ride classifications descriptions that users can, optionally, use when addding rides to the calendar.
    * A new date selection calendar applet to make things easier when adding your event - just pick the date from the mini calendar.
    * The ability to edit and/or delete your event, using the password supplied to you when you add an event.

    Ensure you visit the Ride & Events Calendar today, and subscribe yourself to receive the weekly email each Friday :)

    As usual, anyone and everyone is welcome to add motorcycling related events to the calendar for the benefit fo all.
  2. Great idea Jason :D ....
  3. Thx :) Any additional feature requests/suggesstions people have for the calendar is most welcome :)
  4. How about a rider of the week section? Each week pick a member, ask some set questions (the more absurd the better) like they do in some company newsletters.
  5. That is already a part of the newsletter.

    See the previous issues of Netwriter on the articles page.

    I think we need to lift our game a little, best we talk to the world and get 3-5 hours added to each day, so we can get a regular newsletter out.

    We'll get this one out in the next few days, but as of next year, we really want to see a monthly/bi-monthly newsletter being issued.
  6. :shock: :shock: We have a newsletter. I've been on here for well over 2 years and i've never got one .
  7. As far as I know the last one was sent out about a 9 months ago when the attempt at organising the Motorcycle Diaries movies session was happening. As vic said they have been sitting in the articles section for as long as I've been a member (you can really spot the members who don't venture past the forums at times like these :p :D )
  8. matt232 wrote

    :shock: :shock: We have an articals section :wink: :wink:

    :p :p :p to you to :p :p
  9. Make that 12 months ago, it came out 2 weeks before last years Xmas BBQ ;)
  10. Just a reminder for anyone that hasn't yet subscribed and want's to do so. The first email goes out this Friday, so don't miss out :)
  11. And a sexy looking email that wen't out today too :)
    If you didn't get it, make you you subscribe so you get next weeks! :)