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Sub 6k "hooligan" bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dnardy, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Well into my P's, looking at what I will get once I'm off restrictions. I'm currently riding a NX650, and the riding style I seem to have adopted makes me think I'm going to want to stick with something light, nimble and torquey in traffic and twisty bits, but with a bit more street cred, refinement and a better sounding exhaust than a beat up old Dominator.

    If I could afford it, I would be buying a 2nd hand Street Triple or waiting until Yamaha sort out the MT-09, but alas, I have a young family and am looking for a cheaper alternative. I am also considering keeping the Dommie a bit longer and saving for one of the above mentioned, but I'm also fond of switching bikes often.

    So what mid size naked, motard or smallish torque-sport bike would you recommend? I've got quite a list but haven't found anything that quite fits the bill just yet, so hoping for something I haven't thought of.

  2. Show em your list.........
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    5 year old mid-size nakeds, such as Er6n, Hornet, fz6n, Z750. The downside to these is from what I know, all thoroughly outclassed by striple.

    Considering any and all motard-style bikes.

    If I can find a bargain:
    Aprilia Dorsoduro SMV750
    Aprilia Mana 850
    KTM 690 Duke
    Monster 695/696
  4. Take the fairings off a cbr600 f4i ;-)
  5. So a Hornet 600 then.
  6. I just bought a xr650r with motard wheels. Its very quick compared to some of the ones above, and less that $5k once i do the improvements i need to get it where it needs to be. Though you need to have a second bike with any proper tard

    C'mon, monster 695? The ktm is the only one that i would consider. Isnt the mana a fcuking auto?
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  7. What about an older speed triple? You should pick up a good one in your budget.
    I know it's not a mid sized but still worth considering as it fits nearly all of your other criteria.
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    Like I said the striple doesn't have a lot of competition. To be honest knew nothin about Mana's, just saw one on bike sales for the righ price.
    I'll look closer at them cheers, although wouldn't insurance be high? That's another reason I want to stay mid size. They are cheaper though.
  9. I rode the KTM 690 for a bit the other day.

    The instant-kick-in-the-bum torque out of corners is awesome.

    I couldn't believe how quick it turned in. Effortless.

    Would buy.

    Oh and fcuk triumphs. :D
  10. Thats why the mana is the right price, because of the auto.

    Theres no value in naked bikes at that end of the market, its just that triumph with dreamers asking heaps for shit. Get a faired bike and you will get so much more bike for less. Pull the fairings if you need to. Hooligan is a state of mind not a type of bike.

    Dont assume a bigger cc is more insurance check the facts
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    Rsv Mille?

    Mmmm.... Mille or sp1 street fighter:)
  12. There was a rsv on bikesales with less than 40k at $6k that looked a good price.
  13. Opinions on Tuono Sports?
  14. Great bike if you can find a decent one in your budget.
  15. My friends got one with 70k on it that seems to be running fine
  16. Those are great engines. Rode my mates 04. Bottom end had me laughing like a launatic.