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Suade on the radio... Sort of now-ish!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. We're on 693AM 3AW, they'll be playing our christmas single and interviewing my brother at about 12.10pm.

    You can tune in live on the internet: www.mytalk.com.au, click on "listen live" and choose 3AW.

    Also, don't forget our Movember Madness show tonight at the Wesley Anne!

  2. waiting, waiting
  3. now, now it's on.
  4. WTF happened to the sound?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!



    I keel you! I keeel!

    F*cking duplicated CDs not replicated.... I keel. I KEEEL!

    Calm down fella.
  5. :shock: wow, where did the clarity go????? was that you Loz singing with cotton wool in your mouth ??
  6. Thanx for the sms warning Loz, I rushed home from work to listen to it.
    Sounded great I thought :grin:
    Although I would still prefer the diamonds :LOL:
  7. Hey Loz, what happening with carols at Jells park on the 17th? theres nothing on the netrider calender may be we could have a netrider carols ride???

    whos interested??
  8. hey, where was my SMS warning Loz?? :(
  9. sounds good, I'd be up for that :grin:
  10. OR we could stab ourselves in the face! :grin:
  11. Dave and I go to the Jells Park carols every year anyway.
    It's a good idea to take bikes tho cause parking is terrible, unless you enjoy a decent night walk ;)
  12. Damn...I missed it.

    I just had a look at your website - have a great time in Geelong this weekend! I was supposed to be there crewing on the ship (it's there for the weekend) but I had to cancel. I was there last year .. all the candles on the hill look pretty from the Bay. :)
  13. :oops: Sorry dude, lost your number. Can you text it to me? 0418 219 330.
  14. Grrrrrrr....

    Yeah I dunno... I'm hoping to hell it was the shitty AM radio that did it... Although maybe the disc we sent them was a dud - we had the first 60 copies for radio done up very quickly and using a potentially dodgy process. All the copies for sale will be properly replicated from a glass master so there'll be no chance of stuff-ups.

    If you want to hear the song with decent audio, hop along to www.myspace.com/suadevoices - the new mix is up there.
  15.  Top
  16. Get a Sony ;)

    Sounded great on my radio :?

    Stupid Ernie with his .au obsession :)
  17. :shock:
    Not all at once, I'd get too tired. :p