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SUADE @ Manchester Lane Tomorrow!

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. [Cheng (Nous) on behalf of Loz]

    Hey guys,

    Our 5-man a cappella group SUADE is back at Manchester Lane, this time headlining our own mega gig!

    We doesn't do public gigs often, let alone with the whole venue to ourselves, so this is the chance for you to see what's been brewing in the Suade pot. We'll pull out some new and arguably controversial arrangements (Grease Megamix, anyone?) plus all the old regular favourites.

    Details below:

    8pm 28th June 2005
    Suade@ Manchester Lane
    234 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
    (between Swanston and Elizabeth Streets)

    Manchester Lane's also got a special dinner menu lined up for the night, so if you feel like making it a complete night out, call Manchester Lane on 9663 0630 to book a place for dinner, or just rock up for drinks.

    Entry costs $10, goes towards 5 hungry lads with a passion for music and an album to record and release.

    Don't miss out on this one! Look forward to seeing some of you there


    p.s. link to the poster here: http://www.got-words.com/suade/images/suade-gig-june-28th(email).jpg
  2. Loz, what are you doing behind the rest of those losers!? get out in front! :)
  3. Ahem yeah we put the good looking blokes in the front... You wanna see me out the front, come see the show, they are all my bitches.


    Check out some MP3s etc at www.suade.net - go to the Tunes page.
    I might even upload the video of the X Factor grand final show one of these days.

    Hope to see some Netriders tomorrow night!