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Stylmartin Indians

Discussion in 'Boots' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. People have been talking about casual biking boots quite a bit lately, so I figure I'd chime in with a few thoughts about my favourites - the Stylmartin Indians.

    I've had the brown pair for over three years now and commute on them virtually every day, and often just wear them around town. I've been out in them, been drinking, dancing, shooting and hiking in them as well. In the last few years I've run some polish over them two or three times but that's about it.





    I think they've held up really well. In standard trim they look very different, but the finish wears off quite quickly. They say they're supposed to and I bought them with the intention of looking more like the above than how they come out of the box...


    They come with two colours of laces standard. They are both crap quality and will break within the first month of use. And that's the only bad thing I can say about them.

    They're waterproof (and actually breathe relatively well) offer excellent grip, are incredibly comfortable and look pretty damn good to my eyes, if you're into the Timberland-ish kinda thing.

    Protection-wise they aren't amazing. They offer malleolus protection on both sides but that's about it.

    As such I don't wear them for dedicated day rides or touring, and wear my Elsinore 1000's instead. But for what I use them for, as a replacement for some of the more questionable footwear I was kicking around with on the bike, they're excellent.

    I liked them so much and wore them so often I picked up a second pair in greased black.




    And I'm just as happy with these as the first.

    They aren't cheap though - they run at around $295USD, or around $2,225AUD at the current exchange rate. But for me they're my go to boot for 90% of the time I'm on the bike and I think they're worth every cent.
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  2. They look good...

    You might want to edit the AUD price. :D
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  3. Is that dog shit stuck on the sole?
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  4. I'd have to buy a new bike to suit the boots though...................
  5. It didn't taste like it?
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