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Style versus visibility for a helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Tiff, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Maybe one for the gear forum, but style is also a very general discussion topic!

    Getting a new lid and got it down to a couple of choices, both available in a variety of colours, graphics etc. So the question is, go for style - i.e. black with tinted visor - goes with everything, looks 'cool' or a version with graphics like an animated tokyo horror movie...

    ...or visibiity - plain white, perhaps silver? Do you think that the colour of your helmet adds a great deal to your visibility to other road users anyway?

    Personally, am tempted by blue with a nice graphic as it matches everything else, but also like the idea of being seen easier and, after all, I can't see it once it's on.

    Appreciate your thoughts.


  2. Helmets are not fashion accessories. Get the one with the best visibility, fits you best, has the respected approval stickers
  3. at night time id say it adds alot to visibility. Personally i see it as a shiny vs matte debate, for lights reflecting off your helmet.

    I have a red n while helmet that looks good, goes with my outfit, and the shiny white, i think, it visible. But i dont ride much at night time.
  4. I was discussing this with my old man the other day, he's not a fan of the new helmets with fancy graphics and dark colours.

    Apparantly back in the day almost everyone wore a light coloured helmet, mostly just plain white, purely for safety, to be seen on the road.

    Sure it looks cool if your on a jet black bike with full black leathers, black helmet with tinted visor, but seriously you just putting yourself at more risk IMO.
  5. People miss my bright yellow bike all the time, I dont think the helmet will help!
  6. Howdy Tiff.

    You could ride a fluoro Pink motorcycle naked, and there will still be people who won't see you, and I know cause I have the Yellowest motorbike in the whole universe.

    So go for the baddest arsed, coolest looking helmet you can get so you can check yourself out in shop windows. :grin:

    I know I did that's why my helmet has HOTROD FLAMES on it...
  7. Yeah I think picking a helmet colour for visibility is BS. People are saying that a bright colour will be more visible at night but you won't even see the helmet behind the headlight anyway.

    You have chosen a helmet that fits well so just get the colour that you like and looks good.
  8. I'm a bit of both.

    Though I don't like the helmuts with the graphics already on them - ie... 95%!!!

    I'd prefer to buy a plain helmut and style it myself. None of this ugly dog and flames and old man stuff on it... :S
  9. I've been riding since the '70's and wore black visor on a black helmet,as did many of my riding mates.
    The current style of brightly coloured/graphic coloured is better but the silly boxheads still cannot see you.
    Tiff, get the best, most comfortable helmet for you in which ever colour/style you like.
  10. if your helmet got style people will be more aware
  11. Thanks everyone - appreciate your comments.

    I ended up getting a Shark RS1 today. Wasn't on my original list, but after wearing Shoei XR1000 and VTR in the shop for 10 mins each, got real headache pressures = I don't have a Shoei shaped head :?

    Tried on the Shark - fits really well - good start, light weight. Two choices of colours at Brighton Bits shop in Port Melbourne - matt black or Ant West replica (blue with red/white flames and southern cross). Could have waited to get a 'more visible' colour, but being a bad impulse buyer, went with the West replica. Couldn't bring myself to do matt black, so I guess visibility did play a factor. :grin:

    Great service (and price) by Nathan in the shop. Would recommend popping in to see him if you need some gear. A few nice second hand bikes in the motorcycle brokers wharehouse next door too.


  12. don't mean to offend anyone here, but if you have the veiw that a white or other light cloloured gloss helmet helmet is going to make you more noticable, time for a wake up, if they can't see your tail light or brake light they plain are not going to see you at all til it is too late

    get the helmet that you like, that fits your head best, who really cares if its a solid colour or has graffics, that all comes up to your personal preference

    if they was going to be a debate on what would make you more visible, a bright colour one with graffics would win hands down, there are more colours available on helmets with graffics then solid colours
  13. Bright with graphics is best IMO. And I really think it does increase awareness to a certain extent - think about when you're sitting in traffic, you very often see a helmet in the sea of cars ahead. When its a fairly 'loud' helmet they have a good chance of realizing you are ahead and they could be more cautious because of it.

    There was a guy in the city who put one of those swiveling siren lights on his helmet, gued it on and had it linked with a battery in his pocket. I'm sure that was good for visibility :rofl:
  14. You didnt put an option for "Both" :cool: :grin:
    Most of the helmets with kewl graphics are visible as hell.
  15. Agreed! I just got one of these :grin:
    Love It!!!
  16. The only way any helmet will make you visible to other drivers is if it's white, worn above a black jacket or blue shirt, behind a big white fairing :grin: .